Bornman, Janet F.

Environmental UV Radiation: Impact on Ecosystems and Human Health and Predictive Models

Bornman, Janet F. - Environmental UV Radiation: Impact on Ecosystems and Human Health and Predictive Models, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Historical Overview of Ozone Trends and Future Scenarios
Janet F. Bornman

2. Basic Concepts of Radiation
David H. Sliney, Erin Chaney

3. Solar Radiation and Its Measurement
Harald K. Seidlitz, Andreas Krins

4. Medical and Environmental Effects of UV Radiation
B. M. Sutherland

5. Quantification of Biological Effectiveness of UV Radiation
G. Horneck, P. Rettberg, R. Facius, K. Scherer

6. Use and Evaluation of Biological Spectral UV Weighting Functions for the Ozone Reduction Issue
Martyn M. Caldwell, Stephan D. Flint

7. Response to UV-B Radiation: Weighting Functions and Action Spectra
Francesco Ghetti, Costanza Bagnoli, Giovanni Checcucci

8. Eldonet — European Light Dosimeter Network
Donat -P. HäDer, Michael Lebert

9. Genetic and Molecular Analysis of DNA Damage Repair and Tolerance Pathways
B. M. Sutherland

10. UV-B and UV-A Radiation Effects on Photosynthesis at the Molecular Level
Cosmin Sicora, AndráS Szilárd, László Sass, Eniko Turcsányi, Zoltán Máté, Imre Vass

11. Potential Effects of UV-B on Photosynthesis and Photosynthetic Productivity of Higher Plants
Salvador Nogués, Damian J. Allen, Neil R. Baker

12. Detecting Stress-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants Under UV Stress
Éva Hideg

13. Non-Damaging and Positive Effects of UV Radiation on Higher Plants
M. G. Holmes

14. Impact of UV Radiation on the Aquatic Environment
Donat -P. Häder

15. Underwater Radiation Measurements: Consequences of an Increased UV-B Radiation
Berit Kjeldstad

16. Influence of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Waters
R. Vecchio, N. V. Blough

17. Impact of UV Radiation on Rice-Field Cyanobacteria: Role of Photoprotective Compounds
Rajeshwar P. Sinha, Donat -P. Häder

18. Effect of UV-B Radiation on Ciliated Protozoa
Roberto Marangoni, Fabio Marroni, Francesco Ghetti, Domenico Gioffré, Giuliano Colomebtti

19. UV Radiation, DNA Damage, Mutations and Skin Cancer
Frank R. Gruijl

20. Ultraviolet Radiation and the Eye
David H. Sliney

21. Student Abstracts


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