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Macrocyclic Chemistry

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Table of contents

1. Contributions of the International Symposium on Macrocyclic Chemistry to the Development of Macrocyclic Chemistry
Reed M. Izatt, Krystyna Pawlak, Jerald S. Bradshaw

2. From Functionalised Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Knots to Higher Intertwined Assemblies
Oleg Lukin, Fritz VöGtle

3. Towards Functional Macrocycles: Self-Assembly and Template Strategies
C. A. Schalley, H. T. Baytekin, B. Baytekin

4. Recent Developments in the Synthesis and d-Block Chemistry of Linked Multi-Ring Macrocyclic Ligands
Leonard F. Lindoy

5. Binding and Structural Aspects of Nitrile- and Amino-Functionalised Pendant Arm Derivatives of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane ([9]aneN3)
Martin Schröder, Vito Lippolis

6. Azamacrocyclic Systems with Different Supramolecular Functions
Burkhard König, Jirí Svoboda

7. Sensing, Templation and Self-Assembly by Macrocyclic Ligand Systems
Paul D. Beer, Wallace W. H. Wong

8. Signalling Reversible Anion Binding in Aqueous Media
Rachel S. Dickins, David Parker

9. Ion-Pair Recognition by Ditopic Macrocyclic Receptors
Bradley D. Smith

10. Cyclic and Acyclic Amidopyrrole Containing Anion Receptors
S. J. Brooks, P. A. Gale

11. Structural Aspects of Halides with Cryptands
Alamgir Hossain, Sung Ok Kang, Kristin Bowman-James

12. Oxoanion Selectivity with Protonated Azacryptate Hosts: The Influence of Hydration on Structure and Stability
J. Nelson, V. McKee, R. M. Town

13. Cyclodextrin Combinations with Azocompounds
E. Luboch, Z. Poleska-Muchlado, M. Jamrógiewicz, J. F. Biernat

14. Ru(II) and Os(II) Complexes of a Shape-Persistent Macrocyclic Ligand: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and Electrochemical Characterization
Margherita Venturi, Vincenzo Balzani, Filippo Marchioni, Dorina M. Opris, Peter Franke, A.-Dieter Schlüter

15. Macrocyclic Systems with Photoswitchable Functions
O. A. Fedorova, E. N. Ushakov, Y. V. Fedorov, Y. P. Strokach, S. P. Gromov

16. Model Systems for Biological Processes
George W. Gokel, W. Matthew Leevy, Michelle E. Weber

17. Recognition of Cytochrome c by Tetraphenylporphyrin-Based Protein Surface Receptors
Rishi K. Jain, Lun K. Tsou, Andrew D. Hamilton

18. Supramolecular Complexes with Macrocycles: Surprises and Insights
Hans-Jörg Schneider

19. Calorimetry: An Indispensible Tool in the Design of Molecular Hosts
Franz P. Schmidtchen

20. Modeling of Macrocyclic Ligand Complexes
Peter Comba, Bodo Martin

21. Simulations of the Dynamics of 18-Crown-6 and its Complexes: From the Gas Phase to Aqueous Interfaces with SC-CO2 and a Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid
A. Chaumont, R. Schurhammer, P. Vayssière, G. Wipff

22. Application of Macrocyclic Ligands to Analytical Chromatography
John D. Lamb, Joseph S. Gardner

23. Ligand Design for Base Metal Recovery
P. A. Tasker, V. Gasperov

24. Use of Macrocycles in Nuclear-Waste Cleanup: A Realworld Application of a Calixcrown in Cesium Separation Technology
Bruce A. Moyer, Joseph F. Birdwell, Peter V. Bonnesen, Laetitia H. Delmau

25. Texaphyrin Conjugates. Progress Towards Second Generation Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents
Wen-Hao Wei, Mark E. Fountain, Jonathan L. Sessler, Darren J. Magda, Zhong Wang, Richard A. Miller


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