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Enterprise Information Systems VI

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Table of contents

1. Project Failures: Continuing Challenges for Sustainable Information Systems
P. Loucopoulos, K. Lyytinen, K. Liu, T. Gilb, L. A. Maciaszek

2. Large Scale Requirements Analysis as Heterogeneous Engineering
Kalle Lyytinen, Mark Bergman, John Leslie King

3. Evolutionary Project Management: Multiple Performance, Quality and Cost Metrics for Early and Continuous Stakeholder Value Delivery
Tom Gilb

4. Managing Complexity of Enterprise Information Systems
Leszek A. Maciaszek

5. Engaging Stakeholders in Defining Early Requirements
Pericles Loucopoulos

6. Organizational Patterns
James O. Coplien

Part 1. Databases and Information Systems Integration

7. Assessing Effort Prediction Models for Corrective Software Maintenance
Andrea Lucia, Eugenio Pompella, Silvio Stefanucci

8. Organizational and Technological Critical Success Factors Behavior along the ERP Implementation Phases
José Esteves, Joan A. Pastor

9. Acme-DB: An Adaptive Caching Mechanism Using Multiple Experts for Database Buffers
Faizal Riaz-ud-Din, Markus Kirchberg

10. Relational Sampling for Data Quality Auditing and Decision Support
Bruno Cortes, José Nuno Oliveira

11. Towards Design Rationales of Software Confederations
Jaroslav Král, Michal Žemlicka

12. Memory Management for Large Scale Data Stream Recorders
Kun Fu, Roger Zimmermann

Part 2. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems

13. Comprehensible Credit-Scoring Knowledge Visualization Using Decision Tables and Diagrams
Christophe Mues, Johan Huysmans, Jan Vanthienen, Bart Baesens

14. Dynamic Multi-Agent Based Variety Formation and Steering in Mass Customization
Thorsten Blecker, Nizar Abdelkafi, Gerold Kreutler, Gerhard Friedrich

15. Multiple Organ Failure Diagnosis Using Adverse Events and Neural Networks
Álvaro Silva, Paulo Cortez, Manuel Santos, Lopes Gomes, José Neves

16. Mining the Relationships in the form of the Predisposing Factors and Co-Incident Factors among Numerical Dynamic Attributes in Time Series Data Set by Using the Combination of Some Existing Techniques
Suwimon Kooptiwoot, M. Abdus Salam

17. Information Access via Topic Hierarchies and Thematic Annotations from Document Collections
Hermine Njike Fotzo, Patrick Gallinari

18. New Energetic Selection Principle in Differential Evolution
Vitaliy Feoktistov, Stefan Janaqi

19. An Experience in Management of Imprecise Soil Databases by Means of Fuzzy Association Rules and Fuzzy Approximate Dependencies
J. Calero, G. Delgado, M. Sánchez-Marañón, D. Sánchez, M. A. Vila, J. M. Serrano

Part 3. Information Systems Analysis and Specification

20. Analysis and Re-Engineering of Web Services
Axel Martens

21. Balancing Stakeholder’s Preferences on Measuring Cots Component Functional Suitability
Alejandra Cechich, Mario Piattini

22. A Polymorphic Context Frame to Support Scalability and Evolvability of Information System Development Processes
Isabelle Mirbel

23. Feature Matching in Model-Based Software Engineering
Alar Raabe

24. Towards a Meta Model for Describing Communication
Boriana Rukanova, Kees Slooten, Robert A. Stegwee

25. Intrusion Detection Systems Using Adaptive Regression Spines
Srinivas Mukkamala, Andrew H. Sung, Ajith Abraham, Vitorino Ramos

26. A User-Centered Methodology to Generate Visual Modeling Environments
Gennaro Costagliola, Vincenzo Deufemia, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino

Part 4. Software Agents and Internet Computing

27. Teambroker: Constraint Based Brokerage of Virtual Teams
Achim P. Karduck, Amadou Sienou

28. Semantic E-Learning Agents
Jürgen Dunkel, Ralf Bruns, Sascha Ossowski

29. Seamless Communication and Access to Information for Mobile Users in a Wireless Environment
Golha Sharifi, Julita Vassileva, Ralph Deters

30. Agent Programming Language with Incomplete Knowledge - Agentspeak(I)
Duc Vo, Aditya Ghose

31. Federated Mediators for Query Composite Answers
Dong Cheng, Nacer Boudjlida

32. A Wireless Application That Monitors ECG Signals On-Line: Architecture and Performance
Jimena Rodríguez, Lacramioara Dranca, Alfredo Goñi, Arantza Illarramendi

Part 5. Human-Computer Interaction

33. CABA2L a Bliss Predictive Composition Assistant for AAC Communication Software
Nicola Gatti, Matteo Matteucci

34. A Methodology for Interface Design for Older Adults
Mary Zajicek

35. A Contact Recommender System for a Mediated Social Media
Michel Plu, Layda Agosto, Laurence Vignollet, Jean-Charles Marty

36. Emotion Synthesis in Virtual Environments
Amaryllis Raouzaiou, Kostas Karpouzis, Stefanos Kollias

37. Accessibility and Visually Impaired Users
António Ramires Fernandes, Jorge Ribeiro Pereira, José Creissac Campos

38. Personalised Resource Discovery Searching over Multiple Repository Types
Boris Rousseau, Parisch Browne, Paul Malone, Mícheál ÓFoghlú, Paul Foster, Venura Mendis


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