Bréchignac, F.

Equidosimetry — Ecological Standardization and Equidosimetry for Radioecology and Environmental Ecology

Bréchignac, F. - Equidosimetry — Ecological Standardization and Equidosimetry for Radioecology and Environmental Ecology, ebook


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Table of contents

Part 1.. Approaches to Ecological Standardization

1. Problems of Ecological Standardization and Dosimetry of Action of Different Factors on Biota of Ecosystems
Yu. Kutlakhmedov, P. Balan, V. Kutlakhmedova-Vishnyakova

2. The Principal Approaches to Standardization of Technogenic Contamination of Environment
G. Perepelyatnikov

3. Estimation of Parameters of Radiocapacity of Biota in Ecosystems; Criteria of Their Well-Being
Yu. Kutlakhmedov, P. Balan

Part 2.. Approaches to Equidosimetry in Ecology

4. Equidosimetry: A Reflexion on Risk Assessment
H. Maubert

5. An Equi-Dosimetric Approach to the Comparison of Radiation and Chemical Effects on Natural Populations of Aquatic Organisms
V. Tsytsugina

6. Determination of Heterogeneity Biota as a Perspecve Parameter of Ecological Standardization
G. V. Talalaeva

7. Phytoviruses as Indicators of Environment
A. Boyko

8. Protein and Radioactivity Levels of Patella Coerulea Linnaeus Around Dardanelles
Mustafa Alparslan, Mehmet N. Kumru

9. Equidosimetric Comparison of Efficiency of Effects of Gamma-Irradiation and Chemical Toxic Agents (Copper and Phenol) on the Red Algae of the Black Sea
N. Terestchenko, V. Vladimirov

10. Macrophytes as Bioindicators of Radionuclide Contamination in Ecosystems of Different Aquatic Bodies in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
A. Kaglyan, V. Klenus, M. Kuz’menko, V. Belyaev, Yu. Nabyvanets, D. Gudkov

11. Effects of Radioactive and Chemical Pollution on Plant Virus Frequency Distribution
V. P. Polischuk, T. P. Shevchenko, I. G. Budzanivska, A. V. Shevchenko, F. P. Demyanenko, A. L. Boyko

12. Species Diversity as a Factor of Radiostability of Algal Cenosis
N. L. Shevtsova, L. I. Yablonskay

Part 3.. Radioecology and Ecotoxicology in General Ecology

13. Modern Problems of Ecotoxicology
G. Arapis

14. Ecosystem GIS-Modelling in Ecotoxicology
V. Davydchuk

15. Mapping Transfer Parameters of Radionuclides in Terrestrial Environments
S. Denys, G. Echevarria, J. L. Morel, E. Leclerc-Cessac

16. Radioecological Factors of the Geological Environment within Ukrainian Territory
Ye. Yakovlev

17. Behaviour of the Radionuclides in Peat Soils
G. Brovka, I. Dedulya, E. Rovdan

18. Evaluation of the Effect of Dnipro River Reservoirs on Coastal Landscapes
V. Starodubtsev, O. Fedorenko

19. Radiation Effects on the Populations of Soil Invertebrates in Belarus
S. Maksimova

Part 4.. Problems of Estimation of Risks from Different Factors

20. Generalized Ecosystem Indices: Ecological Scaling and Ecological Risk
V. Georgievsky

21. Ecological Risk Assessmenty as a Method for Integrating Risks from Multiple Stressors at Hazardous Waste Sites
R. Morris, R. Vanhom

22. Comparing Risks from Exposure to Radionuclides and other Carcinogens at Arctic Coal Mines
G. Shaw, K. Vicat, P. Delard, S. Clennel-Jones, I. Frearson

23. Risk Due to Joint Chemical and Radiation Contamination of Food
V. Georgievsky, A. Dvorzhak

Part 5.. Problems of Synergism of Different Pollutants

24. Synergetic Effects of Different Pollutants and Equidosimetry
V. G. Petin, G. P. Zhurakovskaya, Jin Kyu Kim

25. The Behaviour of Radionuclides and Chemical Contaminants in Terrestrial and Water Ecosystems of Urals Region
P. Yushkov, A. Trapeznikov, E. Vorobeichik, Ye. Karavaeva, I. Molchanova

26. Synergism of Low Dose Chronic Radiation and Biotic Stress for Plants
A. Dmitriev, N. Guscha, M. Krizanovska

27. Comparative Study of the Effects of Endocrine Disruptor and Ionizing Radiation with Plant Bioassay
Jin Kyu Kim, Hae Shick Shin, Jin-Hong Lee, Vladislav G. Petin

Part 6.. Genetic Factors, Environment and Toxicants

28. Cytogenetic Effects in Plants after Weak and Combined Exposures and a Problem of Ecological Standardization
S. A. Geras’kin, V. G. Dikarev, N. S. Dikareva, A. A. Oudalova, D. V. Vasiliyev, T. I. Evseeva

29. Role of Various Components of Ecosystems in Biogeochemical Migration of Pollutants of Antropogenic Origin in Forests
A. Orlov, V. Krasnov

30. Ecological Inspection of Military Objects
A. Lysenko, I. Checanova, O. Molozhanova

31. The Procedure of Military Sites Rehabilitation with Optimal Planning of Tender Orders
Y. Bodruyk, S. Chumachenko, A. Nevolnichenko, V. Shevchenko

32. Modeling and Simulation of 137Cs Migration in Boreal Forest Ecosystems
A. Klvalchuk, V. Levitsky, A. Orlov, V. Yanchuk

33. Behavior of Cs-137 and Sr-90 on Fish Ponds in Ukraine
E. Volkova, V. Belyaev, Z. Shirokaya, V. Karapysh

34. Genetic Effects of Chronic Gamma-Irradiation at a Low Dose Rate: Experimental Study on CBA/LAC Mice
A. N. Osipov, A. L. Elakov, P. V. Puchkov, V. D. Sypin, M. D. Pomerantseva, L. K. Ramaiya, V. A. Shevchenko

Part 7.. Applied Radioecology and Ecotoxicology

35. Methods and Tasks of Radiation Montioring of Forest Ecosystems
V. Krasnov, A. Orlov

36. Similarities and Differences in Behavior of 137Cs, 40K and 7Be in Natural Ecosystems
C. Papastefanou, M. Manolopoulou, S. Stoulos, A. Ioannidou, E. Gerasopoulos

37. Heavy Metals Accumulation by Agricultural Crops Grown on Various Types of Soil in Polessje Zone of Ukraine
L. Perepelyatnikova, T. Ivanova

38. The Brilliant Blue Method for Water Soluble Chernobyl 137Cs Behaviour Estimation in Soils of South Belarus
N. Goncharova, K. Kalinkevich, V. Putyrskaya, A. Albrecht

39. Aquatic Ecosystems Within the Chernobyl NPP Exclusion Zone: The Latest Data on Radionuclide Contamination and Absorbed Dose for Hydrobionts
D. I. Gudkov, M. I. Kuzmenko, V. V. Derevents, A. B. Nazarov

40. Role of Higher Plants in the Redidstribution of Radionuclides in Water Ecosystems
Z.O. Shyrokaya, Ye. Volkova, V. Beliayev, V. Karapish, I. Ivanova

41. Problems of the Radiation Safety on Military Objects of Ukraine
A. ?achinskiy, V. Kovalevskiy

42. Landscape Criticality Indexes for the Different Pollutants
N. Grytsyuk, V. Davydchuk

43. Ecosystems of 30-KM Zones of Khmelnytsky and Rivne NPP: Estimation of Migration Conditions of the Radionuclides and Other Technical Pollutants
L. Malysheva, L. Sorokina, A. Galagan, S. Gayday, A. Grachev, O. Godyna, S. Demyanenko, S. Karbovskaya, R. Malenkov, A. Noson

Part 8.. Possibility of Standardization of Radionuclides and Chemotoxicants

44. Radionuclides 137Cs and 60Co Uptake by Freshwater and Marine Microalgae Chlorella, Navicula, Phaeodactylum
M. Švadlenková, J. Lukavský, J. Kvíderová

45. Principal Component Analysis of Chronic Influence of Low-Doses of Ionizing Radiation and Cadmium on Organisms
V. Voitsitsky, S. Hizhnyak, O. Kysil, N. Kucherenko, A. Kurashov, L. Bezdrobnaya

46. Characterization and Treatment of Actinide Contaminated Soils and Well Waters
J. D. Navratil

47. The Endogenic and Exogenic Factors of the Realization of Phenotypic Adaptation
A. N. Mikhyeyev, M. I. Guscha, Y. V. Shilina

48. Biological Approach to Evaluating the Ecological Safety of Radioactive Waste Disposal System: Study of Small Rodents
V. Sypin, A. Osipov, A. Elakov, O. Polsky, S. Dmitriev, V. Egorov, P. Puchkov, A. Myazin, G. Kolomijtseva, V. Afonin, B. Synzynys, E. Prudnikova

49. Use of Photosynthesis and Respiration of Hydrophytes for Water Toxicity Definition
E. Pasichna


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