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Geostatistics Banff 2004

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Table of contents

1. Plenary

1. Accounting for Geological Boundaries in Geostatical Modeling of Multiple Rock Types
Paula Larrondo, Clayton V. Deutsch

2. Data Integration using the Probability Perturbation Method
Jef Caers

3. Spectral Component Geologic Modeling: A New Technology for Integrating Seismic Information at the Correct Scale
Tingting Yao, Craig Calvert, Glen Bishop, Tom Jones, Yuan Ma, Lincoln Foreman

4. Joint Simulations, Optimal Drillhole Spacing and the Role of the Stockpile
Alexandre Boucher, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, J. A. Vargas-Guzmán

5. Theory of the Cloud Transform for Applications
Odd Kolbjørnsen, Petter Abrahamsen

6. Probability Field Simulation: A Retrospective
R. Mohan Srivastava, Roland Froidevaux

7. Sequential Spatial Simulation using Latin Hypercube Sampling
Phaedon C. Kyriakidis

8. Field Scale Stochastic Modeling of Fracture Networks
Xiaohuan Liu, Sanjay Srinivasan

9. Direct Geostatistical Simulation on Unstructured Grids
John Manchuk, Oy Leuangthong, Clayton V. Deutsch

10. Directional Metropolis : Hastings Updates for Posteriors with Nonlinear Likelihoods
Haakon Tjelmeland, Jo Eidsvik

11. Detection of Local Anomalies in High Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery using Geostatistical Filtering and Local Spatial Statistics
Pierre Goovaerts

12. Covariance Models with Spectral Additive Components
Denis Marcotte, Miro Powojowski

13. A Statistical Technique for Modelling Non-stationary Spatial Processes
John Stephenson, Chris Holmes, Kerry Gallagher, Alexandre Pintore

14. Conditioning Event-based Fluvial Models
Michael J. Pyrcz, Clayton V. Deutsch

15. 3D Geological Modelling and Uncertainty: The Potential-field Method
Christophe Aug, Jean-Paul Chilès, Gabriel Courrioux, Christian Lajaunie

16. Accounting for Non-stationarity and Interactions in Object Simulation for Reservoir Heterogeneity Characterization
Denis Allard, Roland Froidevaux, Pierre Biver

17. Estimating the Trace Length Distribution of Fractures from Line Sampling Data
Christian Lantuéjoul, Helene Beucher, Jean-Paul Chilès, Christian Lajaunie, Hans Wackernagel, Pascal Elion

18. On Some Controversial Issues of Geostatistical Simulation
L. Y. Hu, M. Le Ravalec-Dupin

19. On the Automatic Inference and Modelling of a Set of Indicator Covariances and Cross-Covariances
Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza, Peter A. Dowd

20. On Simplifications of Cokriging
Jacques Rivoirard

21. Efficient Simulation Techniques for Uncertainty Quantification on Continuous Variables
Pierre Biver

22. Higher Order Models using Entropy, Markov Random Fields and Sequential Simulation
Colin Daly

23. Beyond Covariance: The Advent of Multiple-Point Geostatistics
Andre G. Journel

24. Non-Stationary Multiple-point Geostatistical Models
Sebastien Strebelle, Tuanfeng Zhang

25. A Workflow for Multiple-point Geostatistical Simulation
Yuhong Liu, Andrew Harding, Rusty Gilbert, Andre G. Journel

26. A Multiple-scale, Pattern-based Approach to Sequential Simulation
G. Burc Arpat, Jef Caers

27. Sequential Conditional Simulation Using Classification of Local Training Patterns
Tuanfeng Zhang, T. Switzer, Andre G. Journel

28. A Parallel Scheme for Multi-scale Data Integration
Omer Inanc Tureyen, Jef Caers

29. Stochastic Modeling of Natural Fractured Media: A Review
Jean-Paul Chilès

30. Geostatistical Simulation of Fracture Networks
R. Mohan Srivastava, Peter Frykman, Mark Jensen

31. The Promises and Pitfalls of Direct Simulation
Oy Leuangthong

32. Sample Optimization and Confidence Assessment of Marine Diamond Deposits using Cox Simulations
Gavin Brown, Christian Lantuéjoul, Christian Prins

33. Inverse Conditional Simulation of Relative Permeabilities
Jame Gomez-Hernandez, Carolina Guardiola-Albert

34. Quantifiable Mineral Resource Classification: A Logical Approach
Christina Dohm

2. Mining

35. Geostatistics in Resource/Reserve Estimation: A Survey of the Canadian Mining Industry Practice
Michel Dagbert

36. Integration of Conventional and Downhole Geophysical Data in Metalliferous Mines
M. Kay, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, P. Fullagar

37. The Kriging Oxymoron: A Conditionally Unbiased and Accurate Predictor (2nd Edition)
Edward Isaaks

38. Post Processing of SK Estimators and Simulations for Assessment of Recoverable Resources and Reserves for South African Gold Mines
D. G. Krige, W. Assibey-Bonsu, L. Tolmay

39. The Practice of Sequential Gaussian Simulation
Marek Nowak, Georges Verly

40. Spatial Characterization of Limestone and Marl Quality in a Quarry for Cement Manufacturing
J. Almeida, M. Rocha, A. Teixeira

41. A Non-linear GPR Tomographic Inversion Algorithm Based on Iterated Cokriging and Conditional Simulations
E. Gloaguen, Denis Marcotte, M. Chouteau

42. Application of Conditional Simulation to Quantify Uncertainty and to Classify a Diamond Deflation Deposit
Sean Duggan, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

43. Geostatistical Simulation Techniques Applied to Kimberlite Orebodies and Risk Assessment of Sampling Strategies
Jacques Deraisme, David Farrow

44. Modelling 3D Grade Distributions on the Tarkwa Paleoplacer Gold Deposit, Ghana, Africa
Thomas R. Fisher, Kadri Dagdelen, A. Keith Turner

45. Conditional Simulation of Grade in a Multi-element Massive Sulphide Deposit
N. A. Schofield

46. The Ultimate Test – Using Production Reality. A Gold Case Study
Paul Blackney, Christine Standing, Vivienne Snowden

47. Ore-Thickness and Nickel Grade Resource Confidence at the Koniambo Nickel Laterite (A Conditional Simulation Voyage of Discovery)
Mark Murphy, Harry Parker, Andrew Ross, Marc-Antoine Audet

48. Mineral Resource Classification Through Conditional Simulation
Tomasz M. Wawruch, Jorge F. Betzhold

49. Geostatistical Investigation of Elemental Enrichment in Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits
Abani R. Samal, Richard H. Fifarek, Raja R. Sengupta

50. Valuing a Mine as a Portfolio of European Call Options: The Effect of Geological Uncertainty and Implications for Strategic Planning
Emmanuel Henry, Denis Marcotte, Michael Samis

51. Classification of Mining Reserves using Direct Sequential Simulation
Amilcar Soares

52. Using Unfolding to Obtain Improved Estimates in the Murrin Murrin Nickel-Cobalt Laterite Deposit in Western Australia
Mark Murphy, Lyn Bloom, Ute Mueller

53. Measures of Uncertainty for Resource Classification
Luis Eduardo Souza, João Felipe C. L. Costa, Jair C. Koppe

54. Incorporating Uncertainty in Coal Seam Depth Determination via Seismic Reflection and Geostatistics
Vanessa A. Koppe, Fernando Gambin, Joao Felipe C. L. Costa, Jair C. Koppe, Gary Fallon, Nick Davies

55. Implementation Aspects of Sequential Simulation
Stefan Zanon, Oy Leuangthong

3. Petroleum

56. Early Uncertainty Assessment: Application to a Hydrocarbon Reservoir Appraisal
Guillaume Caumon, Andre G. Journel

57. Reservoir Facies Modelling: New Advances in MPS
Andrew Harding, Sebastien Strebelle, Marjorie Levy, Julian Thorne, Deyi Xie, Sebastien Leigh, Rachel Preece, Robert Scamman

58. Fitting the Boolean Parameters in a Non-stationary Case
H. Beucher, M. García-Morales, F. Geffroy

59. Fine Scale Rock Properties: Towards the Spatial Modeling of Regionalized Probability Distribution Fuctions
Michel García, Denis Allard, David Foulon, Sylvie Delisle

60. A Combined Geostatistical and Source Model to Predict Superpermeability from Flowmeter Data: Application to the Ghawar Field
Joe Voelker, Jef Caers

61. Combining Methods for Subsurface Prediction
Petter Abrahamsen

62. Process-based Reservoir Modelling in the Example of Meandering Channel
Isabelle Cojan, Olivier Fouché, Simon Lopéz, Jacques Rivoirard

63. Multiple Point Geostatistics: Optimal Template Selection and Implementation in Multi-Threaded Computational Environments
Alvaro E. Barrera, Josephus Ni, Sanjay Srinivasan

64. Direct Assessment of Uncertainty using Stochastic Flow Simulation
Juliana Y. Leung, Sanjay Srinivasan

65. Preservation of Multiple Point Structure when Conditioning by Kriging
Weishan Ren, Luciane Cunha, Clayton V. Deutsch

66. Stochastic Modeling of the Rhine-Meuse Delta using Mutiple-point Geostatistics
Amisha Maharaja

67. Stochastic Simulation of Undiscovered Petroleum Accumulations
Zhuoheng Chen, Kirk G. Osadetz, Haiyu Gao

68. Prediction of Spatial Patterns of Saturation Time-lapse from Time-lapse Seismic
Jianbing Wu, Tapan Mukerji, Andre G. Journel

69. Statistical Scale-up: Concepts and Application to Reservoir Flow Simulation
Larry W. Lake, Sanjay Srinivasan, Abraham John

70. Coupling Sequential-Self calibration and Genetic Algorithms to Integrate Production Data in Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling
Xian-Huan Wen, Tina Yu, Seong Lee

71. High Resolution Geostatistics on Coarse Unstructured Flow Grids
Guillaume Caumon, Olivier Grosse, Jean-Laurent Mallet

72. Assessment of Uncertainty in Reservoir Production Forecasts Using Upscaled Flow Models
Ole Petter Lødøen, Henning Omre, Louis J. Durlofsky, Yuguang Chen

73. Sensitivity of Oil Production to Petrophysical Heterogeneities
Arne Skorstad, Odd Kolbjørnsen, Bjorn Fjellvoll, John Howell, Tom Manzocchi, Jonathan N. Carter

74. Scaling Relations and Sampling Volume for Seismic Data
Peter Frykman, Ole V. Vejbæk, Rasmus Rasmussen

75. Hidden Markov Chains for Identifying Geological Features from Seismic Data
Jo Eidsvik, Ezequiel Gonzalez, Tapan Mukerji

76. Evaluation of Stochastic Earth Model Workflows, Vertical Up-Scaling and Areal Up-scaling Using Data from the Eunice Monument South Unit (New Mexico) and the LL-652 Central Fault Block (Venezuela) Reservoirs
W. Scott Meddaugh

77. Application of Design of Experiments to Expedite Probabilistic Assessment of Reservoir Hydrocarbon Volumes (OOIP)
W. Scott Meddaugh, Stewart D. Griest, Stephen J. Gross

78. Stochastic Reservoir Model for the First Eocene Reservoir, Wafra Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ)
W. Scott Meddaugh, Dennis Dull, Stewart D. Griest, Paul Montgomery, Gerry McNaboe

79. Multiple-point Statistics to Generate Pore Space Images
Hiroshi Okabe, Martin J. Blunt

80. Local Updating of Reservoir Properties for Production Data Integration
Linan Zhang, Luciane Cunha, Clayton V. Deutsch

4. Environmental

81. Comparison of Model Based Geostatistical Methods in Ecology: Application to Fin Whale Spatial Distribution in Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Pascal Monestiez, Laurent Dubroca, Emilie Bonnin, Jean-Pierre Durbec, Christophe Guinet

82. Simulation-based Assessment of a Geostatistical Approach for Estimation and Mapping of the Risk of Cancer
Pierre Goovaerts

83. Air Quality Assessment using Stochastic Simulation and Neural Networks
Ana Russo, Carla Nunes, Ana Bio, Mª João Pereira, Amilcar Soares

84. Mapping Land Cover Changes with Landsat Imagery and Spatio-temporal Geostatistics
Alexandre Boucher, Karen Seto, André G. Journel

85. Spherical Wavelets and their Application to Meteorological Data
Hee-Seok Oh

86. Multivariate Geostatistical Mapping of Atmospheric Deposition in France
Olivier Jaquet, Luc Croisé, Erwin Ulrich, Pierre Duplat

87. Geostatistical and Fourier Analysis Applied to Cross-hole Tomography Seismic Data
Jorge J. C. M. Carvalho, Abilio A. T. Cavalheiro

88. The Importance of De-clustering and Uncertainty in Climate Data: A Case Study of West African Sahel Rainfall
Adrian Chappell, Marie Ekström

89. S-GeMS: The Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software: A Tool for New Algorithms Development
Nicolas Remy

90. Evaluating Techniques for Multivariate Classification of Non-collocated Spatial Data
Sean A. McKenna

91. Travel Time Simulation of Radionuclides in a 200 m Deep Heterogeneous Clay Formation Locally Disturbed by Excavation
Marijke Huysmans, Arne Berckmans, Alain Dassargues

92. Geostatistics and Sequential Data Assimilation
Hans Wackernagel, Laurent Bertino

93. Spatial Properties of Seasonal Rainfall in Southeast England
Adrian Chappell, Marie Ekström

94. Geostatistic Indicators of Waterway Quality for Nutrients
C. Bernard-Michel, C. Fouquet

95. Application of Geostatistical Simulation to Enhance Satellite Image Products
Christine A. Hlavka, Jennifer L. Dungan

96. Geostatistical Noise Filtering of Geophysical Images: Application to Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Sites
Hirotaka Saito, Timothy C. Coburn, Sean A. McKenna

5. Theory and Selected Topics

97. Modeling Skewness in Spatial Data Analyis without Data Transformation
Philippe Naveau, Denis Allard

98. Gradual Deformation of Boolean Simulations
Mickaele Le Ravalec-Dupin, Lin Ying Hu

99. When can Shape and Scale Parameters of a 3D Variogram be Estimated?
Pal Dahle, Odd Kolbjørnsen, Petter Abrahamsen

100. Comparison of Stochastic Simulation Algorithms in Mapping Spaces of Uncertainty of Non-linear Transfer Functions
Sumaira Ejaz Qureshi, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

101. Integrating Multiple-point Statistics into Sequential Simulation Algorithms
Julian M. Ortiz, Xavier Emery

102. Post-processing of Multiple-point Geostatistical Models to Improve Reproduction of Training Patterns
Sebastien Strebelle, Nicolas Remy

103. Improving the Efficiency of the Sequential Simulation Algorithm using Latin Hypercube Sampling
Gustavo G. Pilger, Joao Felipe C. L. Costa, Jair C. Koppe

104. Exact Conditioning to Linear Constraints in Kriging and Simulation
J. Jaime Gomez-Hernandez, Roland Froidevaux, Pierre Biver

105. A Dimension-reduction Approach for Spectral Tempering Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions
Alexandre Pintore, Chris C. Holmes

106. A New Model for Incorporating Spatial Association and Singularity in Interpolation of Exploratory Data
Qiuming Cheng

107. Lognormal Kriging: Bias Adjustment and Kriging Variances
Noel Cressie, Martina Pavlicová

108. Evaluating Information Redundancy Through the Tau Model
Sunderrajan Krishnan, Alexandre Boucher, Andre G. Journel

109. An Information Content Measure Using Multiple-point Statistics
Yuhong Liu

110. Internal Consistency and Inference of Change-of-support Isofactorial Models
Xavier Emery, Julian M. Ortiz

111. History Matching Under Geological Control: Application to a North Sea Reservoir
B. Todd Hoffman, Jef Caers

112. A Direct Sequential Simulation Approach to Streamline-Based History Matching
Jef Caers, H. Gross, A. R. Kovscek

113. Mapping Annual Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations in Urban Areas
David Gallois, C. Fouquet, Gaelle Le Loc'h, Laure Malherbe, Giovanni Cardenas

114. A Step by Step Guide to Bi-Gaussian Disjunctive Kriging
Julian M. Ortiz, Bora Oz, Clayton V. Deutsch

115. Assessing the Power of Zones of Abrupt Change Detection Test
Edith Gabriel, Denis Allard

116. Experimental Study of Multiple-support, Multiple-point Dependence and its Modeling
Sunderrajan Krishnan

117. Validation of First-order Stochastic Theories on Reactive Solute Transport in Highly Stratified Aquifers
Daniel Fernèndez-Garcia, J. Jaime Gomez-Hernandez

118. Geostatistical and Fourier Analysis Approaches in Mapping an Archeological Site
Abilio A. T. Cavalheiro, Jorge J. C. M. Carvalho

119. BATGAM© Geostatistical Software Based on GSLIB
Bruce Buxton, Alan Pate, Michele Morara

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry & Geosciences, Math. Applications in Geosciences, Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering, Computer Applications in Geosciences, Applied Geosciences

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Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics
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