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Assessing and Managing Earthquake Risk

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Table of contents

1. Assessing and Managing Earthquake Risk. An Introduction
C. S. Oliveira, A. Roca, X. Goula

Part I:. Earthquake Hazard and Strong Motion

2. Overview on Earthquake Hazard Assessment — Methods and New Trends
C. S. Oliveira, A. Campos-Costa

3. Observation, Characterization and Prediction of Strong Ground Motion
X. Goula, T. Susagna

4. Local Site Effects and Microzonation
A. Roca, C. S. Oliveira, A. Ansal, S. Figueras

5. Site — City Interaction
P. -Y. Bard, J. L. Chazelas, Ph. Guéguen, M. Kham, J. F. Semblat

Part II:. Vulnerability Assessment

6. Vulnerability Assessment of Dwelling Buildings
A. H. Barbat, S. Lagomarsino, L. G. Pujades

7. Vulnerability Assessment of Historical Buildings
S. Lagomarsino

8. Experimental Techniques for Assessment of Dynamic Behaviour of Buildings
M. Navarro, C. S. Oliveira

9. Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Lifelines
K. Pitilakis, M. Alexoudi, S. Argyroudis, O. Monge, C. Martin

Part III. System Analysis and Risk

10. Damage Scenarios and Damage Evaluation
M. Erdik, Y. Fahjan

11. Urban System Exposure to Natural Disasters: An Integrated Approach
P. Masure, C. Lutoff

12. Response of Hospital Systems
L. G. Pujades, A. Roca, C. S. Oliveira, S. Safina

Part IV. Managing Earthquake Risk

13. Building Against Earthquakes
F. Mañá, L. Bozzo, J. Irizarry

14. Industrial Facilities
B. Mohammadioun, L. Serva

15. Early Warning and Rapid Damage Assessment
M. Erdik, Y. Fahjan

16. Technical Emergency Management
A. Goretti, G. Pasquale

17. Civil Protection Management
E. Galanti, A. Goretti, B. Foster, G. Pasquale

18. Earthquake Risk and Insurance
R. Spence, A. Coburn

19. Strengthening and Repairing Earthquake Damaged Structures
A. G. Costa

20. Advanced Techniques in Modelling, Response and Recovery
L. Chiroiu, B. Adams, K. Saito

Part V. Case Studies, Initiatives and Experiences

21. Seismic Loss Scenarios Based on Hazard Disaggregation. Application to the Metropolitan Region of Lisbon, Portugal
A. Campos Costa, M. L. Sousa, A. Carvalho, E. Coelho

22. Loss Scenarios for Regional Emergency Plans: Application to Catalonia, Spain
T. Susagna, X. Goula, A. Roca, L. Pujades, N. Gasulla, J. J. Palma

23. Risk-UE Project: An Advanced Approach to Earthquake Risk Scenarios with Application to Different European Towns
P. Mouroux, B. Brun


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Natural Sciences

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