Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

The Enigma of Good and Evil; The Moral Sentiment in Literature

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - The Enigma of Good and Evil; The Moral Sentiment in Literature, ebook


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Table of contents

Part One. The Enigma of Good and Evil

1. A Question of Interest? Between Good and Evil in Instinto de Ines by Carlos Fuentes
Alira Ashvo-Muñoz

2. Being’s Wound: Evil and Explanation in the Killer Inside Me
Dorothy G. Clark

3. A Paradox of Love: The Manifestation of Life and the Moral Sentiment in Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s Her Son’s Wife
Annika Ljung-Baruth

4. Levinas’s Language
William Edelglass

5. Sympathy for the Devil? A Historical Tour of Literature and Cultural Representation
Rebecca M. Painter

6. Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling: An Experiment in the Self-Recognition of Evil
Andrew Jones-Cathcart

7. Beyond Evil in Heart of Darkness: Levinasian Face-to-Face as Reliable Narration
Lewis Livesay

8. Bartleby’s Existential Reduction and Its Impact on Others
Richard S. Findler

9. The Intuition of Good/Evil in Marcel Proust’s à la Recherche du Temps Perdu: From the Axis of Time to the Axis of Desire
Michel Dion

10. The Changing Landscapes of Good and Evil in the Moral World of Huckleberry Finn
Bernadette Prochaska

11. Nature and a Calm Mirror: Anna Maria Ortese’s Ethics
Rosaria Trovato

12. The Interplay of Virtue and Romantic Ethics in Chang-Rae Lee’s a Gesture Life
Megan Laverty

13. Camus’ Meursault and Sartrian Irresponsibility
Michael Daniels

14. Death, Truth, and Sinfulness: Of Various Characters and Scenes in Ramón del Valle-Inclán’s Comedias bárbaras
Jorge García-Gómez

15. Accusation, Betrayal and Murder in Literature
Tony E. Afejuku

16. Autobiography and the Impossibility of Evil in Kurt H. Wolff’s Existential Sociology
Gary Backhaus

17. Adventures in Greeneland: The Moral Sentiment in Three Novels of Graham Greene
George R. Tibetts

18. On the Fourfold Ontology of Evil Throughout Western Tradition and its Final Disappearance in the Present Time
Victor Gerald Rivas

19. Searching for the Abandoned Soul: Dostoevsky on the Suffering of Humanity
Predrag Cicovacki

20. Reading Achille Mizzi: A Phenomenological Hermeneutics of the Christian Narrative
Bernard Micallef

21. Gilles Deleuze et la Littérature: Le Langage, la Vie et la Doctrine du Jugement
Alanin Beaulieu

22. Culture and the Philosophy of Life: The True, the Good, the Beautiful, and the Sacred
Lawrence Kimmel

23. The Phenomenology of Ethical Criticism: How Literature Affects Ethical Development
Raymond J. Wilson

24. Moral Sentiment and the Ethics of Representation in Holocaust Literature
Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

25. The Aesthetics of Salvation in Sartre’s Nausea
Peter Weigel

26. “With Foolish Shadows, With Hollow Signs”: A Reflection on Subjective Perception and Personal Identity in Hispano-American Golden Age Intrigue Comedies
Victor Gerald Rivas

27. The Medicine-Dreams of Chief Plenty-Coups: A Study in Phenomenological Anthropology
Gary Backhaus

Part Two. Literature in Search of Moral Standards

28. Searching Moral Standards in a Love Diatribe
Alira Ashvo-Muñoz

29. Bizet’s Carmen
Marlies E. Kronegger

30. In Search of Moral Standards — Walker Percy’s Lancelot
Bernadette Prochaska

31. In Search of a Moral Erotic Standard: Female Subjectivity and Eros in Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s Rough-Hewn and The Brimming Cup
Annika Ljung-Baruth

32. Morals in History. Violence and the Ideal of Peace
M. Avelina Cecilia Lafuente

33. Phantom Relations and the Writer’s Niche in Paul Auster’s Leviathan
Christopher S. Schreiner

34. Some Freedom Within a Small Range: Tagore on Moral Standard
Sitansu Ray

35. The Search for a Universal Standard of Morality: Filial Piety and its Chinese Experience
Tsung-I Dow

36. In First Century Rome: A Test Case of Literary Influence on Ethical Development
Raymond J. Wilson

37. Literature and the Play of Attention: A New/Ancient Look at the Roots of Evil
Rebecca M. Painter

38. Dostoyevsky on the Problem of Evil
Peter Weigel

39. Poetry in the Cerebral Cortex, The Nervous System and the Digestive Tracts: A Study of Romanus Egudu’S Moral Poetry
Tony E. Afejuku

40. Asymmetry and Normativity: Levinas Reading Dostoyevsky on Desire, Responsibility, and Suffering
William Edelglass

41. The Redemptive Gestures of the Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska
Kristine S. Santilli

42. A Life Beyond Go(O)D: A Criticism of Wisdom and the Foundation of a Poetic Conception of Life Based on Goethe’s Faust
Victor Gerald Rivas

43. Antigone’s (Re)Turn: The Ethos of the “Coming Community”
Max Statkiewicz, Valerie Reed

44. “I Know Everything”: The Governess’s Failures of Consciousness in the Turn of the Screw
R. Kenneth Kirby

45. The Politics of Intersubjectivity and the Logic of Discourse
Michael Daniels

46. Literature as the Laboratory of the Moral Life: Building Moral Communities through Literary Study
Jerre Collins, John Zbikowski


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