McPherson, Hugo

Emerging Threats to Energy Security and Stability

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Table of contents

Section I. Executive Summary

1. A Summary of the Discussions
Paul Tempest

Section II. Prospects for the Global Energy Market

2. An Overview
David Gore-Booth

3. A Political Perspective
Lord Howell

4. An Analytical Perspective
Michael Smith

5. An Economic Perspective
Adam Sieminski

Section III. National Strategic Energy Interests

6. Energy Security and Unresolved Conflict in the Caucasus
H. E. Tedo Japaridze

7. Prospects for Russian Energy
Evgeny Velikhov

Section IV. Evolving Roles of Multilateral Organisations and the Private Sector

8. Overview
Robert Priddle

9. The International Energy Forum and Energy Security & Stability
Arne Walther

10. The View from Brussels
Andrei Konoplyanik

Section V. Regional Challenges: the Middle East

11. National Strategic Energy Interests and Creating Regional Stability in the Middle East
Robert Ebel

12. Emerging Threats to Energy Security and Stability
Herman Franssen

13. IRAQ: A Japanese Perspective
Ambassador Kunio Katakura

Section VI. Regional Challenges - North Africa

14. Libya
Oliver Miles

15. The North African Challenge
Francis Perrin

Section VII. Regional Challenges - the Caucasus Region - Caspian & Black Sea Basins

16. Turkey & Nato
David Logan

17. Prospects for the Caucasus, the Corridor between Two Continents - Keynote Address
Tedo Japaridze

18. Tatarstan: Euro Islam in the Volga Region

Section VIII. Critical Energy System Infrastructure (CESI) - Emerging Threats to Shipping and Pipelines

19. Introduction
John Flynn

20. Shipping: Vital, Vulnerable and Little Understood
Patrick Adamson

21. The Straits of Malacca: Critical Sea-Lane Chokepoint
Tatsuo Masuda

Section IX. Background Papers on the World Energy Market

22. The Geo-Political Future of the Gulf

23. China and Opec

24. Egypt — a Promise Yet to be Fulfilled

25. Egypt’s Race for Gas Export Markets

26. Saudi Arabia

27. Saudi Society

28. Central Asia and the Caspian Basin

Section X. Initiatives Emanating from the Workshop

29. Initiative: Energy Security and Unresolved Conflict in the Caucasus

30. Initiative on Pipelines Ports and Shipping Security - Building Public-Private Cooperation

31. Energy Security & Nato Strategic Interests After 9/11
W. Duncan Wood

Section XI. Press Coverage

32. Epolitix

33. Epolitix

34. Bloomberg News

35. The Times


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