Ostaficzuk, Stanisław R.

The Current Role of Geological Mapping in Geosciences

Ostaficzuk, Stanisław R. - The Current Role of Geological Mapping in Geosciences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The New Digital Geological Map of Europe and Standardisation: Consistency as the Last Refuge of the Unimaginative?!
Kristine Asch

2. Why Should We Worry about Standards for Digital Geological Maps?
Earl E. Brabb

3. Geological Map of the Future: Digital, Interactive, and Three-Dimensional
Harvey Thorleifson

4. The Role of Engineering Geology in Standardization of Innovative Geological Mapping
Snježana Mihalic

5. Can Geological Surveys Have Their Own Standards? Ome Personal Remarks from Inside the Geological Survey of Brandenburg, Germany
Werner Stackebrandt

6. The Future of Geoscience in the 21st Century: Art, Science, or Resource?
John Broome

7. Addressing the Real Needs of All the Users of Geological Information: The Opportunities, Issues and Problems
Ian Jackson

8. The Concept of New Generation Geological Maps
Stanislaw Ostaficzuk

9. New Base-Map for Geological Mapping - The DEM
Stanislaw Ostaficzuk

10. Societal and Economic Benefits of Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping for Environmental Protection at Multiple Scales: An Overview Perspective from Illinois, USA
Richard C. Berg

11. Geology and Environment Between Canossa and Quattro Castella: An Innovative Geological Map for the General Public
Giovanni Bertolini, Maria Carla Centineo, Raffaele Pignone, Stefano Segadelli

12. Urban Geology: Integrating Surface and Sub-Surface Geoscientific Information for Development Needs
David Bridge, Edward Hough, Holger Kessler, Simon Price, Helen Reeves

13. Integrated Approach and Application of Gis for Management of Geological Data
Zydrunas Denas, Julius Belickas, Saulius Sliaupa

14. Remote Sensing in Geological Mapping
Valery Gubin

15. Neogeodynamics Phenomena Investigation and Computerized Mapping in Belarus
Alexander Karabanov, Radim Garetsky, Roman Aizberg, Tatyana Aronova, Dmitry Kurlovich

16. Digital Geological Base Map of Estonia (1:50 000): Aims and Prospects of Realization
Jaan Kivisilla

17. Peculiarities of Fault Tectonics in Belarus: Investigations and Mapping
Roman Ye Aizberg, Radim G. Garetsky, Alexander M. Kovkhuto, M.D. Parkhomov

18. Use of Old Data for Innovative Mapping Techniques in Geothermal Exploration
Ewa Kurowska

19. Geomapping in Ukraine: State of the Art, Achievements and Prospects
Alexander Lobasov, Sergiy Stovba

20. Mapping of Natural Hazards and Its Applications in Korea
Dugkeun Park, Hoon Chang

21. Three-Dimensional Geological Maps
Zbigniew Malolepszy

22. Application of SAR Imagery and SAR Interferometry in Digital Geological Cartography
Zbigniew Perski

23. The U.S. National Geologic Map Database Project: Overview & Progress
David R. Soller, Thomas M. Berg


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