Akerblom, Hans

Early Nutrition and its Later Consequences: New Opportunities

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Table of contents

1. Early Nutrition and its Later Consequences: New Opportunities
Berthold Koletzko

2. The Developmental Origins of Adult Health and Well-Being
Alan Lucas

3. Long Term Effects of Breastfeeding on the Infant and Mother
Lene Schack-Nielsen, Anni Larnkjær, Kim Fleischer Michaelsen

4. Experimental Evidence for Long-Term Programming Effects of Early Diet
M.E. Symonds, H. Budge, T. Stephenson, D.S. Gardner

5. Candidate Genes for Obesity — How Might They Interact with Environment and Diet ?
I. Sadaf Farooqi

6. Rate of Growth in Early Life: A Predictor of Later Health?
Marie Françoise Rolland-Cachera

7. Protective Effect of Breastfeeding Against Obesity in Childhood
Stephan Arenz, Rüdiger Kries

8. Discussion Forum: From Innovation to Implementation
Hildegard Przyrembel, Jean Michel Antoine, O. Hernell, D. Turck, E. Underwood, M.C. Secretin

9. Challenges and Opportunities in Pan-European Collaboration for Researchers from Central and Eastern Europe
T. Decsi, N. Fidler Mis, S. Kolacek, I. Kon, J. Kopecky, I. Penas-Jimenez, P. Socha, H. Szajewska

10. Best Practice in Communicating the Results of European Research to the Public
Margaret Ashwell, Michel Claessens

11. Longterm Effects of Pre- and Postnatal Exposure to Low and High Dietary Protein Levels
Cornelia C. Metges

12. Protein Intake in the First Year of Life: A Risk Factor for Later Obesity?
Berthold Koletzko, Ilse Broekaert, Hans Demmelmair, Jeanette Franke, Iris Hannibal, Doris Oberle, Sonja Schiess, Blanca Troy Baumann, Sabine Verwied-Jorky

13. The Role of Long-Chain Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (LCPUFA) in Growth and Development
Mijna Hadders-Algra

14. Experimental Models for Studying Perinatal Lipid Metabolism
E. Herrera, I. López-Soldado, M. Limones, E. Amusquivar, M.P. Ramos

15. Effect of N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation in Pregnancy: The Nuheal Trial
Tamás Decsi, Cristina Campoy, Berthold Koletzko

16. Young Researchers’ Workshop
I. Broekaert, E. Larque

17. Consumer Needs Regarding Dietetic Products for Pregnant and Lactating Women and for Baby Foods
Monique Raats, Kaisa Poutanen, Maria Almeida

18. Focus Group: Breakfast Meeting: SMEs and Their Co-Operation with Academia
Jean Michel Antoine, Mats Strömqvist

19. Ethical Issues in Perinatal Nutrition Research
Irene Cetin, Robin Gill

20. Early Programming of Diabetes Risk — An Introduction
H.K. Åkerblom

21. Early Nutrition and Later Diabetes Risk
Mikael Knip, Hans K. Åkerblom

22. Is Type 1 Diabetes a Disease of the Gut Immune System Triggered by Cow’s Milk Insulin?
Outi Vaarala

23. Gluten-Free Diet in Subjects at Risk for Type 1 Diabetes: A Tool for Delaying Progression to Clinical Disease?
Emanuele Bosi, Matteo R Pastore, Laura Molteni, Elena Bazzigaluppi, Ezio Bonifacio, Lorenzo Piemonti

24. Insulin Like Growth Factor Regulation of Body Mass in Breastfed and Milk Formula Fed Infants
P. Socha, R. Janas, A. Dobrzañska, B. Koletzko, I. Broekaert, D. Brasseur, A. Sengier, M. Giovannini, C. Agostoni, R. Closa Monasterolo, G. Méndez

25. Inverse Association between Trans Isomeric and Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Erythrocyte Membrane Lipids in Pregnant Women
A. Kovacs, C. Campoy, B. Koletzko, T. Marosvölgyi, E. Szabo, M. Jimenez, H. Demmelmair, T. Decsi

26. Comparison of essential fatty acid status among German, Hungarian and Spanish women at mid-gestation
T. Marosvölgyi, C. Campoy, B. Koletzko, V. Jakobik, V. Dolz, H. Demmelmair, B. Veszpremi, T. Decsi

27. Trans isomeric fatty acids as confounding variables in studies on perinatal LC-PUFA supply
Tamás Decsi

28. An Eight Years Prospective Study of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Infancy
H Antunes, S Gonçalves, C Santos, A Costa-Pereira, R Tojo-Sierra, A Aguiar

29. New Insights in the Potential Mechanism of Action of Nucleotides to Modulate Immunity
M. Manzano, A. Gil, R. Rueda

30. Thriving of Malnourished Breastfed Infants after Additional Formula Milk Feeding
N. Fidler Mis, I. Hren, J. Brecelj, A. Širca Campa, M. Sedmak, C. Kržišnik, B. Koletzko

31. Role of Mammary Gland Lipoprotein Lipase in the Availability of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Milk Synthesis
E. Amusquivar, I. López-Soldado, H. Ortega, E. Herrera

32. Is the Crying Behaviour in Infants up to the Age of 3 Months Influenced by the Type of Early Nutrition?
Sonia Schiess, Doris Oberle, Ilse Broekaert, Anna Reith, Sabine Verwied-Jorky, Berthold Koletzko

33. Dietary Gangliosides: Beneficial Effects for the Neonate and Potential Mechanism of Action
E. Vázquez, A. Gil, R. Rueda

34. Leptin in Breast-Fed and Formula-Fed Infants
Francesco Savino, Maria Francesca Fissore, Erica Clara Grassino, Giuliana Eva Nanni, Roberto Oggero, Gian Carlo Mussa

35. Dietary Fatty Acids during Pregnancy Determines Maternal Fatty Acid Profile during Late Pregnancy and Their Availability to the Fetus Even during Fasting Conditions
I. López-Soldado, H. Ortega, E. Amusquivar, E. Herrera

36. Effect of Oil-Supplemented Diets on Liver Expression of PPAR Alpha-Related Genes in Pregnant Rats
C. Bocos, M. Gonzalez, I. Lopez-Soldado, E. Herrera

37. Effect of a New Infant Formula Enriched with Prebiotics, Probiotics, Nucleotides and LC-Pufa on Recovery after Infection
M. Rivero, A. Roca, R. Chifré, M. Conde, M. Rodriguez, A. Santamaria, Gemma Colomé

38. Does Habitual Protein Intake in Early Childhood Influence Age and Body Mass Index at Adiposity Rebound?
Anke L. B. Günther, Anette E. Byuken, Sebastian Hahn, Mathilde Kersting, Anja Kroke

39. Dietary Compliance in Diabetes Prevention Project in Finland
Sonja Bärlund, Ulla Uusitalo, Päivi Kleemola, Mikael Knip, Hans K. Åkerblom, Suvi M. Virtanen

40. Changes of Plasma Fatty Acid Profile and Antioxidant Vitamins during Normal Pregnancy
E. Herrera, H. Ortega, G. Alvino, N. Giovannini, E. Amusquivar, I. Cetin

41. Optimal Design for the Recruitment of Participants as a Factor for the Effective Implementation of a Clinical Trial
B. Aschemeier BHC, C. Bittner, K. Lüpke, O. Kordonouri, T. Danne

42. The Effect of Ponderal Index on Plasma Concentration of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) on Neonatal Pigs
J. C. Litten, K. S. Perkins, J. Laws, A. M. Corson, L. Clarke

43. Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Low and High Dietary Protein Levels on Maternal and Fetal Amino Acid Metabolism in Rats.
Maren Daenzer, Jeanette Günther, Klaus J. Petzke, Cornelia C. Metges, Susanne Klaus

44. Cow’s Milk Introduction in Spanish Infants
A Santamaria-Orleans, M T Miranda-León, M Rivero-Urgell, C Campoy-Folgoso

45. Longer Term Effects of Early Cholesterol Intake on Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Plasma Lipids: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Théa A. Demmers, Peter J.H. Jones, Yanwen Wang, Susan Krug, Vivian Creutzinger, James E. Heubi

46. Patterns of Growth and Energy Utilization of the Diet after A Period of Dietary Restriction during the Weaning Period
A.P.R. Battochio, A.G. Santos, C.A.R. Coelho

47. Infant Formula Feeding Pattern and Weaning Introduction in Spanish Infants
A Santamaria-Orleans, M T Miranda-León, M Rivero-Urgell, C Campoy-Folgoso

48. Visual Evoked Potentials in Infants after Dietary Supply of Docosahexaenoic Acid and 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate during Pregnancy
I. Broekaert, C. Campoy, C. Iznaola, B. Hoffmann, W. Müller-Felber, B. Koletzko

49. Electronic Data Capture and Use of Internet Technologies in a Double-Blind Randomised Intervention Trial
D. Oberle, H. Köhler, T. Richardsen, D. Brasseur, B. Koletzko

50. Breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Slovenia
B. Bratani, N. Fidler Mis, Z. Felc, P. Truden Dobrin

51. Nutritional Status in Young Adults with Screen-Detected Silent/Subclinical Coeliac Disease
M. Haapalahti, P. Kulmala, TJ. Karttunen, L. Paajanen, K. Laurila, M. Mäki, H. Mykkänen, J. Kokkonen

52. Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) mRNA Expression in Placentas from Normal and IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restricted) Pregnancies by Real-Time PCR.
S. Tabano, G. Alvino, P. Antonazzo, V. Cozzi, F. Grati, M. Miozzo, I. Cetin

53. Maternal Fasting Effect on Neonatal Health
Z. Kavehmanesh

54. The Quality of School Children’s Nutrition in Serbia
Mirjana Pavlovic, Agnes Kadvan, Milija Vukotic

55. Tendency towards Obesity in Sydney School Children
Kaye Brock, Stephen Morrell, Richard Taylor

56. Monitoring and Supervising a Dietary Intervention Trial Using Modern Data Processing System
M. J. Koski, J. P. Krischer

57. Analysis of Drop-Outs in a Longitudinal Study
G. Méndez, V. Luque, F. Capdevila, J. Mariné, R. Closa, J. Escribano

58. Recruitment Strategies of the Spanish Group in the “EU Childhood Obesity: Programming by Infant Nutrition”
V. Luque, G. Méndez, F. Capdevila, J. Mariné, R. Closa, J. Escribano

59. Diet and Nutritional Risk Factors in Schoolchildren
Mirjana Pavlovic, Agnes Kadvan, Draginja Rapic

60. Influence of Two Forms of Caseinophosphopeptide on Iron Bioavailability
I.B. Kibangou, S. Bouhallab, F. Bureau, P. Guerin, S. Allouche, P. Arhan, D. Bouglé

61. Model of Childhood Obesity Primary Prevention Programme
Mirjana Pavlovic

62. Problems Related to Recruitment of Participants for the TRIGR Project
Aleksandra Górska

63. Vitamin D Status at Birth in Brussels-Preliminary Results
F. Petry, L. Gianquinto, H. Cheblal, N. Hennebert, J. Vanderpas, J. L. Wayenberg

64. Obesity among Young Adolescent Kuwaitis
Abdulwahab Naser Al-Isa

65. Dynamic Changes in Adiposity from Fetal to Post-Natal Life are Involved in the Adult Metabolic Syndrome Associated with Reduced Fetal Growth
D. Jaquet, S. Deghmoun, D. Chevenne, D. Collin, P. Czernichow, C. Lévy-Marchal

66. Excess Fetal Adiposity is Associated with Programming of Placental Lipid Genes
Tatjana Radaelli, Ali Varastehpour, Patrick Catalano, Sylvie Hauguel-de Mouzon

67. Appetite Control in Breastfed and Formula Fed Infants
D. Gruszfeld, R. Janas, J. Socha, B. Koletzko, I. Broekaert, D. Brasseur, A. Sengier, M. Giovannini, C. Agostoni, R. Closa Monasterolo, V. Luque

68. What are the Danone Institutes


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