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Global Change and Mountain Regions

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The International Year of Mountains Challenge and Opportunity for Mountain Research
Thomas Hofer

Part I. Paleoenvironmental changes

2. A Dynamical Perspective on High Altitude Paleoclimate Proxy Timeseries
Keith Alverson, Christoph Kull, G. W. K. Moore, Patrick Ginot

3. Understanding the Spatial Heterogeneity of Global Environmental Change in Mountain Regions
Sarah L. Shafer, Patrick J. Bartlein, Cathy Whitlock

4. Ice Cores from Tropical Mountain Glaciers as Archives of Climate Change
Lonnie G. Thompson, Mary E. Davis, Ping-Nan Lin, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Henry H. Brecher

5. The Contribution of Cosmogenic Nuclides to Unraveling Alpine Paleoclimate Histories
John C. Gosse

6. Holocene Glacier Fluctuations and Winter Precipitation Variations in Southern Norway
Atle Nesje, Svein Olaf Dahl, Øyvind Lie, Jostein Bakke

7. Glacier and Climate Variability in the Mountains of the Former Soviet Union during the last 1000 Years
Olga N. Solomina

8. Glacier-Climate Models as Palaeoclimatic Information Sources: Examples from the Alpine Younger Dryas Period
Hanns Kerschner

9. Holocene Environmental Change in the Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau Region: Lake Sediments and the Future
J. Overpeck, K. B. Liu, C. Morrill, J. Cole, C. Shen, D. Anderson, L. Tang

10. Water Resources in the Arid Mountains of the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile): Past Climate Changes and Modern Conflicts
Martin Grosjean, Heinz Veit

11. Palaeolimnological Investigations in the Alps: The Long-Term Development of Mountain Lakes
André F. Lotter

12. High Mountain Lakes and Atmospherically Transported Pollutants
Richard W. Battarbee, Simon Patrick, Martin Kernan, Roland Psenner, Hansjoerg Thies, Joan Grimalt, Bjoern O. Rosseland, Bente Wathne, Jordi Catalan, Rosario Mosello, Andrea Lami, David Livingstone, Evzen Stuchlik, Vera Straskrabova, Gunnar Raddum

13. Trace Metals, Fly-ash Particles and Persistent Organic Pollutants in European Remote Mountain Lakes
Neil L. Rose, Handong Yang, Pilar Fernández, Joan O. Grimalt

14. Long-term Responses of Mountain Ecosystems to Environmental Changes: Resilience, Adjustment, and Vulnerability
Willy Tinner, Brigitta Ammann

15. Climate Fluctuations Derived from Tree-rings and Other Proxy-records in the Chilean Andes: State of the Art and Future Prospects
Antonio Lara, Alexia Wolodarsky-Franke, Juan Carlos Aravena, Ricardo Villalba, Maria Eugenia Solari, Liliana Pezoa, Andrés Rivera, Carlos Quesne

16. Biogeographical Consequences of Recent Climate Changes in the Southern Andes of Argentina
Ricardo Villalba, Mariano H. Masiokas, Thomas Kitzberger, José A. Boninsegna

Part II. Cryospheric changes

17. Mountain Glaciers in Global Climate-related Observing Systems
Wilfried Haeberli

18. Mountain Glaciers are at Risk of Extinction
Mark B. Dyurgerov

19. Low Latitude Glaciers: Unique Global Climate Indicators and Essential Contributors to Regional Fresh Water Supply. A Conceptual Approach
Georg Kaser, Christian Georges, Irmgard Juen, Thomas Mölg

20. Glaciers of the Tropical Andes: Indicators of Global Climate Variability
Bernard Francou, Pierre Ribstein, Patrick Wagnon, Edson Ramirez, Bernard Pouyaud

21. Glacier Recession in the Peruvian Andes: Climatic Forcing, Hydrologic Impact and Comparative Rates Over Time
Bryan G. Mark, Geoffrey O. Seltzer

22. Climate Change, Mountain Permafrost Degradation and Geotechnical Hazard
Charles Harris

23. Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in High Mountains
Andreas Kääb, John M. Reynolds, Wilfried Haeberli

24. Impact of Climatic Changes on Snow Cover and Snow Hydrology in the French Alps
Eric Martin, Pierre Etchevers

25. Modelling the Response of Mountain Glacier Discharge to Climate Warming
Regine Hock, Peter Jansson, Ludwig N. Braun

Part III. Hydrological changes

26. Orographic Precipitation and Climate Change
Christoph Schär, Christoph Frei

27. Monitoring Climate Variability and Change in the Western United States
Henry F. Diaz

28. Spatial Heterogeneity of Snow Conditions and Evapotranspiration in the Swiss Alps
Lucas Menzel, Herbert Lang

29. Runoff Processes in Mountain Headwater Catchments: Recent Understanding and Research Challenges
Alfred Becker

30. Runoff Generation Processes on Hillslopes and Their Susceptibility to Global Change
Stefan Uhlenbrook, Jens Didszun, Chris Leibundgut

31. Identifying Space-time Patterns of Runoff Generation: A Case Study from the Löhnersbach Catchment, Austrian Alps
Robert Kirnbauer, Günter Blöschl, Peter Haas, Gabriele Müller, Bruno Merz

32. Soil Erosion and Runoff Generation Related to Land Use Changes in the Pyrenees
M. José, Teodoro Lasanta, Blas Valero, Carlos Martí, Santiago Beguería, Juan I. López-Moreno, David Regüés, Noemí Lana-Renault

33. The Role of Riparian Zones in Steep Mountain Watersheds
Brian L. McGlynn

34. The Use of Hydrological Models for the Simulation of Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Hydrology
Joachim Gurtz, Herbert Lang, Mark Verbunt, Massimiliano Zappa

35. Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Mountain Water Resources in the Western U.S.
L. Ruby Leung

Part IV. Ecological changes

36. The Green Cover of Mountains in a Changing Environment
Christian Körner

37. The Response of Alpine Plants to Environmental Change: Feedbacks to Ecosystem Function
William D. Bowman

38. Ecological Climate Impact Research in High Mountain Environments: GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments) — its Roots, Purpose and Long-term Perspectives
Harald Pauli, Michael Gottfried, Daniela Hohenwallner, Karl Reiter, Georg Grabherr

39. A Global Assessment of Mountain Biodiversity and its Function
Eva M. Spehn, Christian Körner

40. Potential Impacts of Global Change on Vegetation in Australian Alpine Landscapes: Climate Change, Landuse, Vegetation Dynamics and Biodiversity Conservation
Richard J. Williams, Carl-Henrik Wahren

41. Ecological Effects of Land-use Changes in the European Alps
Erich Tasser, Ulrike Tappeiner, Alexander Cernusca

42. Climate Interactions in Montane Meadow Ecosystems
John Harte

43. High Elevation Ecosystem Responses to Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA
Jill S. Baron, Koren R. Nydick, Heather M. Rueth, Brenda Moraska Lafrançois, Alexander P. Wolfe

44. Mountain Lakes as Indicators of the Cumulative Impacts of Ultraviolet Radiation and other Environmental Stressors
Rolf D. Vinebrooke, Peter R. Leavitt

45. The Role of Mid-latitude Mountains in the Carbon Cycle: Global Perspective and a Western US Case Study
David Schimel, B.H. Braswell

46. Remote Sensing Detection of High Elevation Vegetation Change
Herman H. Shugart

47. Monitoring Networks for Testing Model-Based Scenarios of Climate Change Impact on Mountain Plant Distribution
Antoine Guisan, Jean-Paul Theurillat

48. Projecting the Impacts of Climate Change on Mountain Forests and Landscapes
Harald Bugmann, Bärbel Zierl, Sabine Schumacher

49. Assessing Climate Change Effects on Mountain Ecosystems Using Integrated Models: A Case Study
Daniel B. Fagre, Steven W. Running, Robert E. Keane, David L. Peterson

50. Detecting Global Change at Alpine Treeline: Coupling Paleoecology with Contemporary Studies
Lisa J. Graumlich, Lindsey A. Waggoner, Andrew G. Bunn

Part V. Human Dimensions

51. The Risks Associated with Climatic Change in Mountain Regions
Martin Beniston

52. Forests in Sustainable Mountain Development
Martin F. Price

53. Institutional Dynamics and Interplay: Critical Processes for Forest Governance and Sustainability in the Mountain Regions of Northern Thailand
Louis Lebel

54. State Simplifications of Land-Use and Biodiversity in the Uplands of Yunnan, Eastern Himalayan Region
Jianchu Xu, Andreas Wilkes

55. Mountain Biodiversity, Land Use Dynamics and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
P. S. Ramakrishnan

56. Land Use Intensification around Nature Reserves in Mountains: Implications for Biodiversity
Andrew J. Hansen, Ruth S. DeFries

57. Nature Conservation Value of European Mountain Farming Systems
David I. McCracken, Sally Huband

58. Economic Globalisation and its Repercussions for Fragile Mountains and Communities in the Himalayas
N.S. Jodha

59. Research Partnerships for Mitigating Syndromes of Global Change in Mountain Regions
Hans Hurni, Hanspeter Liniger, Urs Wiesmann

60. Monitoring and Modelling for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Tropical Mountain Basins: The Mount Kenya Example
Lindsay MacMillan, Hans Peter Liniger

61. Challenges in Mountain Watershed Management
Hans Schreier

62. Overcoming the Vertical Divide: Legal, Economic, and Compensation Approaches for Sustainable Management of Mountain Watersheds
Maritta R. Bieberstein Koch-Weser

63. Synthesis: Future Research Directions
Astrid Björnsen, Ulli Huber, Mel Reasoner, Bruno Messerli, Harald Bugmann

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Climate Change

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Advances in Global Change Research
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