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Advances in Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering

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Table of contents

1. A Virtual Research Lab for a Knowledge Community in Production (VRL-KciP)
Serge Tichkiewitch

2. Integrated Design for Manufacture, Service and Environment
Winston. A. Knight

Part 1. Design Strategies and Methodologies

3. The Challenge of Environmental Improvement in Different Types of Innovation Projects
Johan Tingström

4. Evolution of Collective Practices in Design by Integration of New Methods
Flore Perrin, Dominique Millet, Améziane Aoussat

5. Effective Strategies in the Redesign Process
Hui-Hsia Chen, Manlai You1

6. Costs Models in Design and Manufacturing of Sand Casting Products
Nicolas Perry, Magali Mauchand, Alain Bernard

7. Understanding Machine-Material Interaction for Improved Design Methods
Colin McPherson, Ben Hicks, Chris Berry, Tony Medland, Glen Mullineux

8. An Integrated Methodology for Propagating the Voice of the Customer into the Conceptual Design Process
Bernard Yannou, Jean-François Petiot

9. A Comparison of Methods in Probabilistic Design Based on Computational and Modelling Issues
Yee Mey Goh, Julian Booker, Chris McMahon

10. A Framework Supporting Collaborative Optimisation for Multi Professional Design Teams
Vincent Riboulet, Philippe R. Marin, Stephen Gowers, Frédéric Wurtz

11. Specification of Product Modelling Concepts Dedicated to Information Sharing in a Collaborative Design Context
Frédéric Noël, Lionel Roucoules, Denis Teissandier

12. Analysing Design Decisions from a Product and Process Perspective
Raymond Holt, Catherine Barnes

13. Aided Decision-Making for an Embodiment Design Problem
Dominique Scaravetti, Jérome Pailhes, Jean-Pierre Nadeau, Patrick Sebastian

14. Sharing Manufacturing Information and Knowledge in Design Decision and Support
Bob Young, Anne-Francoise Cutting-Decelle, David Guerra, George Gunendran, Bishnu Das, Sean Cochrane

Part 2. Integrated Design of Manufacturing Processes

15. Manufacturing Process Simulation for Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis
François Villeneuve, Frédéric Vignat

16. 3D Geometrical Manufacturing Simulation
Stephane Tichadou, Olivier Legoff, Jean-Yves Hascoet

17. Some Aspects of Integrated Product and Manufacturing Process
Patrick Martin

18. Integrating Design and Manufacturing Processes in Automotive Suppliers
Peter R. Frise

19. Agile Manufacturing and its Fitness for Innovation
Kerry J Mashford

20. Holistic Approach for Production Ramp-Up in Automotive Industry
Günther Schuh, Jens-Christian Desoi, Gregor Tücks

21. Innovation Towards Improved Laminated Structure Design Aids
Daniel Coutellier

22. Micro EDM Drilling: Accuracy Study
Duc-Truong Pham, Stefan Dimov, Samuel Bigot, Atanas Ivanov, Krastimir Popov

23. Adaptative Control of the error in the von Mises Stress in 2D Elasticity
Eric Florentin, Laurent Gallimard, Jean-Pierre Pelle

24. Incremental Sheet Metal Forming: A Die-Less Rapid Prototyping Process for Sheetmetal
Eric S. Masuku, Alan N. Bramley, Anthony R. Mileham, Geraint W. Owen

25. Constitutive Equations for Joints with Clearance
Charles Forster

Part 3. Design Tools for Particular Applications

26. An Assistance Tool for Spline Coupling Design
Adrien Barrot, Manuel Paredes, Marc Sartor

27. Part Surfaces 3D Digitising
Charyar Mehdi-Souzani, Claire Lartigue

28. Simulation and Validation of Static and Dynamic Machine Tool Measurements
Mahbubur Rahman, Jouko Heikkala, Kauko Lappalainen

29. The Role of CMM as a Tool for Detecting, Measuring and Evaluating Performance Change in the Mechanical Design Process
Ian Egan, James M. Ritchie, Paul D. Gardiner

30. The Design of Food Processing Systems for Improved Responsiveness and Late Customisation
Cora Fisher, Glen Mullineux, Tony Medland, Ben Hicks

31. Evolutionary Morphology
Grigore Gogu

32. Computer Assisted Design of Actuators for High Precision Adjustment in Micro Technology
Hinnerk Hagenah, Thomas Wurm, Manfred Geiger

33. Conception of Reconfigurable Machining Systems
Karl-Heinz Wurst, Christian Kircher, Michael Seyfarth

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Industrial and Production Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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