Nickel, Norbert H.

Zinc Oxide — A Material for Micro- and Optoelectronic Applications

Nickel, Norbert H. - Zinc Oxide — A Material for Micro- and Optoelectronic Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. ZnO Bulk and Layer Growth

1. The Scope of Zinc Oxide Bulk Growth
Robert Triboulet, Vicente Munoz-Sanjosé, Ramon Tena-Zaera, Mari Carmen Martinez-Tomas, Saïd Hassani

2. Growth Mechanism of ZnO Layers
A. Kh. Abduev, A. Sh. Asvarov, A. K. Akhmedov, I. K. Kamilov, S. N. Sulyanov

3. Kinetics of High-Temperature Defect Formation in ZnO in the Stream of Oxygen Radicals
M. B. Kotlyarevsky, I. V. Rogozin, A. V. Marakhovsky

Part II. Electrical, Optical, and Structural Properties

4. Electrical Properties of ZnO
David C. Look, Bruce B. Claflin, Gene Cantwell, Seong-Ju Park, Gary M. Renlund

5. Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Films and Single Crystals
M. Grundmann, H. Wenckstern, R. Pickenhain, S. Weinhold, B. Chengnui, O. Breitenstein

6. Structure, Morphology, and Photoluminescence of ZnO Films
V. A. Karpina, V. D. Khranovskyy, V. I. Lazorenko, G. V. Lashkarev, I. V. Blonsky, V. A. Baturin

7. Optics and Spectroscopy of Point Defects in ZnO
Vladimir Nikitenko

8. Whispering Gallery Modes in Hexagonal Zinc Oxide Micro- and Nanocrystals
Thomas Nobis, Evgeni M. Kaidashev, Andreas Rahm, Michael Lorenz, Marius Grundmann

9. Properties of Dislocations in Epitaxial ZnO Layers Analyzed by Transmission Electron Microscopy
E. Müller, D. Livinov, D. Gerthsen, C. Kirchner, A. Waag, N. Oleynik, A. Dadgar, A. Krost

Part III. Role of Hydrogen

10. Muon Spin Rotation Measurements on Zinc Oxide
E. A. Davis

11. Hydrogen Donors in Zinc Oxide
M. D. McCluskey, S. J. Jokela

12. Hydrogen-Related Defects in ZnO Studied by IR Absorption Spectroscopy
E. V. Lavrov, F. Börrnert, J. Weber

13. Influence of the Hydrogen Concentration on H Bonding in Zinc Oxide
N. H. Nickel

Part IV. Fundamental Properties

14. Valence Band Ordering and Magneto-Optical Properties of Free and Bound Excitons in ZnO
A.V. Rodina, M. Strassburg, M. Dworzak, U. Haboeck, A. Hoffmann, H. R. Alves, A. Zeuner, D. M. Hofmann, B. K. Meyer

15. Fundamental Optical Spectra and Electronic Structure of ZnO Crystals
V. Val. Sobolev, V. V. Sobolev

16. Photo-Induced Localized Lattice Vibrations in ZnO Doped with 3d Transition Metal Impurities
Alexey Kislov

Part V. Device Applications

17. ZnO Window Layers for Solar Cells
Walther Fuhs

18. ZnO/AlGaN Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes
E. V. Kalinina, A. E. Cherenkov, G. A. Onushkin, Ya. I. Alivov, D. C. Look, B. M. Ataev, A. K. Omaev, C. M. Chukichev

19. ZnO Transparent Thin-Film Transistor Device Physics
J. F. Wager

20. Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors
E. Fortunato, P. Barquinha, A. Pimentel, A. Gonçalves, A. Marques, L. Pereira, R. Martins


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