Bärlocher, Felix

Methods to Study Litter Decomposition

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Table of contents

Part 1. Litter Dynamics

1. Litter Input
Arturo Elosegi, Jesús Pozo

2. Leaf Retention
Arturo Elosegi

3. Manipulation of Stream Retentiveness
Michael Dobson

4. Coarse Benthic Organic Matter
Jesús Pozo, Arturo Elosegi

5. Leaching
Felix Bärlocher

6. Leaf Mass Loss Estimated by Litter Bag Technique
Felix Bärlocher

7. Coarse Particulate Organic Matter Budgets
Jesús Pozo

Part 2. Leaf Chemical And Physical Properties

8. Determination of Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Leaf Litter
Mogens R. Flindt, Ana I. Lillebø

9. Total Protein
Mark O. Baerlocher

10. Free Amino Acids
Shawn D. Mansfield, Mark O. Baerlocher

11. Determination of Total Carbohydrates
Shawn D. Mansfield

12. Determination of Soluble Carbohydrates
Shawn D. Mansfield, Felix Bärlocher

13. Total Lipids
Mark O. Gessner, Paul T.M. Neumann

14. Total Phenolics
Felix Bärlocher, Manuel A.S. Graça

15. Radial Diffusion Assay for Tannins
Manuel A.S. Graça, Felix Bärlocher

16. Acid Butanol Assay for Proanthocyanidins (Condensed Tannins)
Mark O. Gessner, Daniel Steiner

17. Proximate Lignin and Cellulose
Mark O. Gessner

18. Leaf Toughness
Manuel A.S. Graça, Martin Zimmer

Part 3. Microbial Decomposers

19. Techniques for Handling Ingoldian Fungi
Enrique Descals

20. Maintenance of Aquatic Hyphomycete Cultures
Ludmila Marvanová

21. An Illustrated Key to the Common Temperate Species of Aquatic Hyphomycetes
Vladislav Gulis, Ludmila Marvanová, Enrique Descals

22. Molecular Approaches to Estimate Fungal Diversity. I. Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP)
Liliya G. Nikolcheva, Felix Bärlocher

23. Molecular Approaches to Estimate Fungal Diversity. II. Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)
Liliya G. Nikolcheva, Felix Bärlocher

24. Sporulation by Aquatic Hyphomycetes
Felix Bärlocher

25. Ergosterol as a Measure of Fungal Biomass
Mark O. Gessner

26. Acetate Incorporation into Ergosterol to Determine Fungal Growth Rates and Production
Keller Suberkropp, Mark O. Gessner

27. Bacterial Counts and Biomass Determination by Epifluorescence Microscopy
Nanna Buesing

28. Secondary Production and Growth of Litter-Associated Bacteria
Nanna Buesing, Mark O. Gessner

29. Isolation of Cellulose-Degrading Bacteria
Jürgen Marxsen

30. Extraction and Quantification of ATP as a Measure of Microbial Biomass
Manuela Abelho

31. Respirometry
Manuel A.S. Graça, Manuela Abelho

Part 4. Enzymatic Capabilities

32. Extractellular Fungal Hydrolytic Enzyme Activity
Shawn D. Mansfield

33. Cellulases
Martin Zimmer

34. Viscosimetric Determination of Endocellulase Activity
Björn Hendel, Jürgen Marxsen

35. Fluorometric Determination of the Activity of ß-Glucosidase and Other Extracellular Hydrolytic Enzymes
Björn Hendel, Jürgen Marxsen

36. Pectin-Degrading Enzymes: Polygalacturonase and Pectin Lyase
Keller Suberkropp

37. Lignin-Degrading Enzymes: Phenoloxidase and Peroxidase
Björn Hendel, Robert L. Sinsabaugh, Jürgen Marxsen

38. Phenol Oxidation
Martin Zimmer

39. Proteinase Activity: Azocoll and Thin-Layer Enzyme Assay
Manuel A.S. Graça, Felix Bärlocher

Part 5. Detritivorous Consumers

40. Maintenance of Shredders in the Laboratory
Fernando Cobo

41. Feeding Preferences
Cristina Canhoto, Manuel A.S. Graça, Felix Bärlocher

Part 6. Data Analysis

42. Biodiversity
Felix Bärlocher

43. A Primer for Statistical Analysis
Felix Bärlocher


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