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Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On

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Table of contents

I. Morphological Operators

1. Binary Decision Diagrams as a New Paradigm for Morphological Machines
Junior Barrera, Ronaldo Fumio Hashimoto

2. Image Filtering Using Morphological Amoebas
Romain Lerallut, Étienne Decencière, Fernand Meyer

3. Numerical Residues
Serge Beucher

4. Efficient Path Openings and Closings
Ben Appleton, Hugues Talbot

5. Structuring Elements Following the Optical Flow
Nicolas Laveau, Christophe Bernard

6. Recursive Interpolation Technique for Binary Images Based on Morphological Median Sets
Javier Vidal, Jose Crespo, Víctor Maojo

II. Connected Filters and Reconstruction

7. Second-Order Connected Attribute Filters Using Max-Trees
Georgios K. Ouzounis, Michael H. F. Wilkinson

8. Transformations with Reconstruction Criteria: Image Segmentation and Filtering
Iván R. Terol-Villalobos, Jorge D. Mendiola-Santibañez

9. Attribute-Space Connected Filters
Michael H.F. Wilkinson

10. Vector-Attribute Filters
Erik R. Urbach, Niek J. Boersma, Michael H.F. Wilkinson

11. Ruminations on Tarjan’s Union-Find Algorithm and Connected Operators
Thierry Géraud

12. Labelled Reconstruction of Binary Objects: A Vector Propagation Algorithm
Michael Buckley, Ryan Lagerstrom

13. Grayscale Level Multiconnectivity
Ulisses Braga-Neto

14. Shape-Tree Semilattices
Renato Keshet

III. Segmentation

15. Morphological Segmentations of Colour Images
Jean Serra

16. Fast Implementation of Waterfall Based on Graphs
Beatriz Marcotegui, Serge Beucher

17. Mosaics and Watersheds
Laurent Najman, Michel Couprie, Gilles Bertrand

18. A New Definition for the Dynamics
Gilles Bertrand

19. Watershed-Driven Region-Based Image Retrieval
I. Pratikakis, I. Vanhamel, H. Sahli, B. Gatos, S. Perantonis

20. Efficient Implementation of Thelocally Constrained Watershed Transform and Seeded Region Growing
Richard Beare

IV. Geometry and Topology

21. Optimal Shape and Inclusion
Jean-Marc Chassery, David Coeurjolly

22. Regular Metric: Definition and Characterization in the Discrete Plane
Gerald Jean Francis Banon

23. Euclidean Skeletons of 3D Data Sets in Linear Time by the Integer Medial Axis Transform
Wim H. Hesselink, Menno Visser, Jos B.T.M. Roerdink

24. Digitization of Non-Regular Shapes
Peer Stelldinger

25. Downsampling of Binary Images Using Adaptive Crossing Numbers
Etienne Decencière, Michel Bilodeaul

26. Grey-Weighted, Ultrametric and Lexicographic Distances
Fernand Meyer

27. Mathematical Modeling of the Relationship “between” Based On Morphological Operators
Isabelle Bloch, Olivier Colliot, Roberto M. Cesar

V. Partial Differential Equations and Evolutionary Models

28. Semidiscrete and Discrete Well-Posedness of Shock Filtering
Martin Welk, Joachim Weickert

29. A Variational Formulation of PDE’s for Dilations and Levelings
Petros Maragos

30. Stochastic Shape Optimisation
Costin Alin Caciu, Etienne Decencière, Dominique Jeulin

31. On the Local Connectivity Number of Stationary Random Closed Sets
Evgueni Spodarev, Volker Schmidt

VI. Texture, Colour and Multivalued Images

32. Intersize Correlation of Grain Occurrences in Textures and Its Application to Texture Regeneration
Akira Asano, Yasushi Kobayashi, Chie Muraki

33. Texture Segmentation Using Area Morphology Local Granulometries
Neil D. Fletcher, Adrian N. Evans

34. Illumination-Invariant Morphological Texture Classification
Allan Hanbury, Umasankar Kandaswamy, Donald A. Adjeroh

35. Unified Morphological Color Processing Framework in a Lum/Sat/Hue Representation
Jesús Angulo

36. Iterative Area Seeded Region Growing for Multichannel Image Simplification
Dominik Brunner, Pierre Soille

37. Morphology for Higher-Dimensional Tensor Data Via Loewner Ordering
Bernhard Burgeth, Nils Papenberg, Andres Bruhn, Martin Welk, Christian Feddern, Joachim Weickert

VII. Applications in Imaging Sciences

38. Using Watershed and Multimodal Data for Vessel Segmentation: Application to the Superior Sagittal Sinus
N. Passat, C. Ronse, J. Baruthio, J.-P. Armspach, J. Foucher

39. Using Grey Scale Hit-Or-Miss Transform for Segmenting the Portal Network of the Liver
Benoît Naegell, Christian Ronse, Luc Soler

40. Blood Cell Segmentation Using Minimum Area Watershed and Circle Radon Transformations
F Boray Tek, Andrew G. Dempster, Izzet Kale

41. Quantifying Mean Shape and Variability of Footprints Using Mean Sets
J. Domingo, B. Nacher, E. Ves, E. Alcantara, E. Diaz, G. Ayala, A. Page

42. Exploiting and Evolving RN Mathematical Morphology Feature Spaces
Vitorino Ramos, Pedro Pina

43. Morphological Segmentation Applied to 3D Seismic Data
Timothée Faucon, Etienne Decencière, Cédric Magneron


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