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The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later

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Table of contents

Part I. The IMF Concept Through

1. Introduction to IMF@50
Edwin E. Salpeter

2. ED, ME, and The Interstellar Medium
Steven V.W. Beckwith

3. The IMF Challenge - 25 Questions
Hans Zinnecker

4. Fifty Years of IMF Variation: The Intermediate-Mass Stars
John Scalo

5. The Initial Mass Function: From Salpeter 1955 to 2005
Gilles Chabrier

Part II. The IMF in Our Galaxy: Clusters and Field Stars

6. The Field IMF Across The H-Burning Limit
I. Neill Reid

7. The 0.03–10 M?Mass Function of Young Open Clusters
J. Bouvier, E. Moraux, J.R. Stauffer

8. The Time Spread of Star Formation in the Pleiades
John R. Stauffer

9. Age Spreads in Clusters and Associations: The Lithium Test
Francesco Palla, Sofia Randich

10. The Initial Mass Function of Three Galactic Open Clusters
L. Prisinzano, G. Micela, S. Sciortino, F. Favata, F. Damiani

11. The Stellar IMF of Galactic Clusters and Its Evolution
Guido De Marchi, Francesco Paresce, Simon Portegies Zwart

12. Two Stages of Star Formation in Globular Clusters and the IMF
Francesca D’Antona

13. The Stellar Initial Mass Function in The Galactic Center
Donald F. Figer

14. The Initial Mass Function in the Galactic Bulge
Manuela Zoccali

15. Halo Mass Function
Wolfgang Brandner

Part III. The IMF in Our Galaxy: Star Forming Regions

16. Embedded Clusters and the IMF
Charles J. Lada

17. The IMF of Stars and Brown Dwarfs in Star Forming Regions
K.L. Luhman

18. The Substellar IMF of the Taurus Cloud
Jean-Louis Monin, Sylvain Guieu, Catherine Dougados, Eduardo L. Martín, Eugene Magnier

19. The Low-Mass End of the IMF in Chamaeleon I
Timo Prusti, Sacha Hony

20. Limitations of the Ir-Excess Method for Identifying Young Stars
Sacha Hony, Timo Prusti

21. The IMF of Class II Objects in the Active Serpens Cloud Core
A.A. Kaas, P. Persi, G. Olofsson, S. Bontemps, P. André, T. Prusti, A.J. Delgado, F. Motte

22. ? ORIONIS: A 0.02–50 M? IMF
D. Barrado y Navascués, J.R. Stauffer, J. Bouvier

23. Does the “STELLAR” IMF Extend to Planetary Masses?
Eduardo L. Martín

24. Estimating the Low-Mass IMF in OB Associations: ? Orionis
Ben Burningham, T. Naylor, S.P. Littlefair, R.D. Jeffries

25. Young Brown Dwarfs in Orion
Fiona Riddick, Patrick Roche, Phil Lucas

26. The Formation of Free-Floating Brown Dwarves & Planetary-Mass Objects by Photo-Erosion of Prestellar Cores
Anthony Whitworth, Hans Zinnecker

27. IMF in Small Young Embedded Star Clusters
Fabrizio Massi, Leonardo Testi, Leonardo Vanzi

28. The Arches Cluster - A Case for IMF Variations?
Andrea Stolte

29. The IMF and Mass Segregation in Young Galactic Starburst Clusters
Eva K. Grebel

30. A 2.2 Micron Catalogue of Stars in NGC 3603
M.G. Petr-Gotzens, H.R. Ledo, D.E.A. Nürnberger

31. The IMF of The Massive Star Forming Region NGC 3603 from Vlt adaptive Optics Observations
Yohei Harayama, Frank Eisenhauer

32. X-Rays and Young Clusters
E.D. Feigelson, K.V. Getman

33. NGC 2264: A Chandra View
E. Flaccomio, G. Micela, S. Sciortino, F.R. Harnden, L. Hartmann

Part IV. The Extragalactic IMF

34. Variations of the IMF
Pavel Kroupa, Carsten Weidner

35. On the form of the IMF: Upper-Mass Cutoff and Slope
M.S. Oey, C.J. Clarke

36. Evidence for a Fundamental Stellar Upper Mass Limit from Clustered Star Formation
Carsten Weidner, Pavel Kroupa

37. Monte-Carlo Experiments on Star Cluster Induced Integrated-GALaxy IMF Variations
Carsten Weidner, Pavel Kroupa

38. The Initial Conditions Tostar Formation: Lowmass Stars at Lowmetallicity
Martino Romaniello, Nino Panagia, Massimo Robberto

39. Stellar Associations in the LMC
Dimitrios Gouliermis, Wolfgang Brandner, Thomas Henning

40. The IMF Long Ago and Far Away:
Rosemary F.G. Wyse

41. The Massive Star IMF at High Metallicity
Fabio Bresolin

42. The Initial Mass Function in Disc Galaxies and in Galaxy Clusters: The Chemo-Photometric Picture
Laura Portinari

43. Steeper, Flatter, OR Just Salpeter? Evidence From Galaxy Evolution and Galaxy Clusters
Alvio Renzini

44. Initial Mass Function and Galactic Chemical Evolution Models
D. Romano, C. Chiappini, F. Matteucci, M. Tosi

45. Newdatabase of Ssps with Different IMFS

Rosaria Tantalo

46. The Starburst IMF - an Impossible Measurement?
Bernhard R. Brandl, Morten Andersen

47. Gould’s Belt to Starburst Galaxies: The IMF of Extreme Star Formation
M.R. Meyer, J. Greissl, M. Kenworthy, D. McCarthy

48. Mid-IR Observations at High Spatial Resolution: Constraints on the IMF in Very Young Embedded Super Star Clusters
N. Leticia Martín-Hernández, Daniel Schaerer, Marc Sauvage

49. Wolf-Rayet Stars as IMF Probes
Claus Leitherer

Part V. The Origin of the IMF: Atomic and Molecular Gas Tracers

50. Smidgens of Fuel for Star Formation
Lyle Hoffman, Edwin E. Salpeter

51. The Initial Mass Function in the Context Ofwarm Ionized Gas in Disk Galaxies
René A.M. Walterbos

52. Tracing the Star Formation Cycle Through the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
John M. Dickey

53. Examining the Relationship Between Interstellar Turbulence and Star Formation
Mark H. Heyer, Christopher M. Brunt

54. The IMF of Giant Molecular Clouds
Leo Blitz, Erik Rosolowsky

55. Multiphase Molecular Gas and Star Forming Sites in M33
Edvige Corbelli, Mark H. Heyer

56. How Does Star Formation Build a Galactic Disk?
Tony Wong, Leo Blitz

57. Mapping Extragalactic Molecular Clouds: Centaurus a (NGC 5128)
Yuri Beletsky, João Alves

58. Tiny HI Clouds in the Local ISM
Robert Braun, Nissim Kanekar

59. Submm Observations of Prestellar Condensations: Probing the Initial Conditions for the IMF
Philippe André

60. How Well Determined is the Core Mass Function of ? OPH?
D. Stamatellos, A. Whitworth

61. Fromdense Cores Toprotostars in Lowmass Star Forming Regions
Toshikazu Onishi

62. Fragmentation of a High-Mass Star Forming Core
Henrik Beuther

Part VI. The Origin of the IMF: Cloud Fragmentation and Collapse

63. Understanding the IMF
Richard B. Larson

64. Flows, Filaments and Fragmentation
Lee Hartmann

65. Minimum Mass for Opacity-Limited Fragmentation in Dynamically Triggered Star Formation
Anthony Whitworth, Douglas Boyd

66. Origin of the Core Mass Function
Anthony Whitworth

67. The Connection Between the Core Mass Function and the IMF in Taurus
S.P. Goodwin, A. Whitworth, D. Ward-Thompson

68. The Stellar IMF as a Property of Turbulence
Paolo Padoan, Åke Nordlund

69. The Stellar Mass Spectrum from Non-Isothermal Gravoturbulent Fragmentation
Ralf Klessen, Katharina Jappsen, Richard Larson, Yuexing Li, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

70. Turbulent Control of the Star Formation Efficiency
Enrique Vázquez-Semadeni

71. Thermal Condensation in a Turbulent Atomic Hydrogen Flow
Patrick Hennebelle, Edouard Audit

72. The Formation of Molecular Clouds
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Hiroshi Koyama

73. Turbulence-Accelerated Star Formation in Magnetized Clouds
Fumitaka Nakamura, Zhi-Yun Li

74. Cluster Density and the IMF
Bruce G. Elmegreen

Part VII. The Origin of the IMF: From Gas to Stars

75. A Theory of the IMF
Frank H. Shu, Zhi-Yun Li, Anthony Allen

76. A Class of IMF Theories
Fred C. Adams

77. An Effective Initial Mass Function for Galactic Disks
David Hollenbach, Antonio Parravano, Christopher F. McKee

78. Competitive Accretion and the IMF
Ian A. Bonnell

79. The Dependence of the IMF on Initial Conditions
Matthew R. Bate

80. A Minimum Hypothesis Explanation for an IMF with a Lognormal Body and Power Law Tail
Shantanu Basu, C.E. Jones

81. Feedback and the Initial Mass Function
Joseph Silk

82. Feedback in Star Formation Simulations: Implications for the IMF
C.J. Clarke, R.G. Edgar, J.E. Dale

83. Massive Star Feedback on the IMF
M. Robberto, J. Song, G. Mora Carrillo, S.V.W. Beckwith, R.B. Makidon, N. Panagia

84. Turbulence Andmagnetic Fields in Clouds
Shantanu Basu

Part VIII. The “Initial” IMF

85. The Primordial IMF
Volker Bromm

86. Cosmic Relevance of the First Stars
Raffaella Schneider

87. Star Formation Triggered by First Supernovae
Fumitaka Nakamura

88. Detecting Primordial Stars
Nino Panagia

89. Constraints on the IMF in Low Metallicity and Popiii Environments
Daniel Schaerer

90. Thermal Evolution of Star Forming Clouds in Lowmetallicity Environment
K. Omukai

91. Observational Evidence for a Different IMF in the Early Galaxy
Sara Lucatello, Raffaele Gratton, Timothy Beers, Eugenio Carretta

92. The Role of the IMF in the Cosmic Metal Production
Francesco Calura

93. From Population III Stars to (Super)Massive Black Holes
Francesco Haardt

94. Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows as Probes of High-Z Star Formation
P.M. Vreeswijk

Part IX. Chuzpah Talks

95. Electrostatic Screening of Nuclear Reactions 50 Years Later
Giora Shaviv

96. The Life and Death of Planetary Nebulae
Yervant Terzian, Artin Teymourian

97. Early Results from the Infrared Spectrograph on the Spitzer Space Telescope
J.R. Houck, V. Charmandaris, B.R. Brandl

98. Future Observational Opportunities
Gary J. Melnick

Keywords: Physics, Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and Nuclei

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