Austin, Thomas R.

Defense against Bioterror

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Table of contents

1. Strategic Actionable Net-Centric Biological Defense System
S. Kornguth

2. Natural Toxins: The Past and the Present
E. Grishin

3. Biological Weapons Inspections- the Iraq Experience
E. B. Myhre

4. Integrated, Secure and Sustainable Disease Surveillance System in Uzbekistan: Aspects of Laboratory Research Networks
F. T. Adilova

5. Apds, a Network-Ready, Broad Spectrum, Environmental Pathogen Detection System
F. P. Milanovich, J. Dzenitis, B. J. Hindson, A. J. Makarewicz, M. T. McBride, B. W. Colston

6. Concept Design of Anautonomous Biological Agent Detector System (Abads)
R. Barton, R. Collins, R. Starnes

7. Role of Prototype System Demonstrations in the Development of Detection-Based Wmd Defenses
L. Brandt

8. Validation Testing for Biological Threat Organisms
T. L. Hadfield

9. Development of Bioaerosol Alarming Detector
A. V. Wuijckhuijse, C. Kientz, B. V. Baar, O. Kievit, R. Busker, M. Stowers, W. Kleefsman, J. Marijnissen

10. Biodetection Using Micro-Physiometry Tools Based on Electrokinetic Phenomena
R. Pethig

11. Electro-Optical Technique for Detection and Identification of Biological Agents
Victor Bunin

12. Detection of Microbial Cells with Electrooptical Analysis
O. V. Ignatov, O. I. Guliy, V. D. Bunin, A. G. Voloshin, D. O’neil, D. Ivnitski

13. Recent Advances in Electrochemical and Photochemical Transduction Strategies for Immunosensors Based on Electropolymerized Films
S. Cosnier

14. Technological Platforms Based on Micro/Nanobiosensors as Early Warning Systems for Biological Warfare
L. M. Lechuga, J. Tamayo, A. Calle, M. Calleja, C. Dominquez

15. Catalytic Beacons for the Detection of DNA and Telomerase Activity
Y. Xiao, V. Pavlov, T. Niazov, A. Dishon, M. Kotler, I. Willner

16. Critical Elements of Biological Sensor Technology for Deployment in an Environmental Network System
D. Ivnitski, D. Morrison, D. J. O’neil

17. Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Francisella Tularensis
P. Skladal, Y. Symerska, M. Pohanka, B. Safar, A. Macela

18. Biosensors and Nanotechnological Immunochips for the Detection and Monitoring of Chemical and Biological Agents
S. Varfolomeyev, I. Kurochkin, A. Eremenko, E. Rainina, I. Gachok

19. Biosensor for Defence Against Terrorism
M. Mascini, I. Palchetti

20. Biosensors and Biomimetic Sensors for the Detection of Drugs, Toxins and Biological Agents
A. P. F. Turner, S. Piletsky

21. Chemical Multi-Sensor Arrays for Liquids Monolithic Integration Using Microelectronic Technology
A. Bratov, C. Dominguez

22. Immunochemical Approaches for Rapid Detection of Biologically Active Compounds
B. B. Dzantiev, A.V Zherdev, N.A. Byzova

23. Multifunctional Liquid-Crystalline DNA Based Biosensing Units Capable of Detecting Biologically Relevant Compounds
Yu.M Yevdokimov


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Natural Sciences

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