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International Handbook of Student Experience in Elementary and Secondary School

Cook-Sather, Alison - International Handbook of Student Experience in Elementary and Secondary School, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Researching Student Experiences in Elementary and Secondary School: An Evolving Field of Study
Dennis Thiessen

2. Introduction to Section One
Dennis Thiessen, Alison Cook-Sather

3. Naming Student Experiences and Experiencing Student Naming
Max Manen, Jerry McClelland, Jane Plihal

4. Teaching as Research: Puzzling Over Words with Fourth Graders
Cynthia Ballenger

5. School Literacy and the Development of a Child Culture: Written Remnants of the “Gusto of Life”
Anne Haas Dyson

6. Dissolving Learning Boundaries: The Doing, Re-Doing, and Undoing of School
Donna E. Alvermann, A. Jonathan Eakle

7. “Some Things are Fair, Some Things are Not Fair, and Some Things are Not, Not Fair”: Young Children’s Experiences of ‘Unfairness’ in School
Helen Demetriou, Bev Hopper

8. The Role of Personal Standards in Second Graders’ Moral and Academic Engagement
Theresa A. Thorkildsen

9. Mentors for Students in Elementary School: the Promise and Possibilities
Julia Ellis, José L. Costa, Carol Leroy, Carol Anne Janzen

10. “I’ve Decided to Change and it’s Just Really Hard to, Like, Show the Teachers that”
Bill Nicholl

11. Students’ Perspectives on Good Teaching: Implications for Adult Reform Behavior
Bruce Wilson, Dick Corbett

12. Introduction to Section Two
Dennis Thiessen, Alison Cook-Sather

13. “Boys Will Be Boys” but in what Ways? Social Class and the Development of Young Boys’ Schooling Identities
Paul Connolly

14. Schooling, Normalisation, and Gendered Bodies: Adolescent Boys’ and Girls’ Experiences of Gender and Schooling
Wayne Martino, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

15. Differences in Transition: Diverse Students Navigating the First Year of High School
Beth Rubin

16. Building Theories of Their Lives: Youth Engaged In Drama Research
Kathleen Gallagher, Philip Lortie

17. How Students Learn About Right and Wrong in the First Year of a Pakistani Private School
Nilofar Vazir

18. Schooling in the Context of Difference: The Challenge of Post-Colonial Education in Ghana
George J. Sefa Dei, Bathseba M. Opini

19. Ali: Becoming A Student–A Life History
Robert V. Bullough

20. Portraits of Self and Identity Constructions: Three Chinese Girls’ Trilingual Textual Powers
Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen, Mary H. Maguire

21. Finding Their Way: Immigrant And Refugee Students In A Toronto High School
Grace Feuerverger, Elisabeth Richards

22. Introduction to Section Three
Dennis Thiessen, Alison Cook-Sather

23. Student Voice, Student Engagement, And School Reform
Jean Rudduck

24. Stressed-Out Students-SOS: Youth Perspectives on Changing School Climates
Mollie Galloway, Denise Pope, Jerusha Osberg

25. Toward the Pedagogically Engaged School: Listening to Student Voice as a Positive Response to Disengagement and ‘Dropping Out’?
John Smyth

26. “It’s Not About Systems, It’s About Relationships”: Building A Listening Culture In A Primary School
Sara Bragg

27. Using Students’ Voices To Inform And Evaluate Secondary School Reform
Susan Yonezawa, Makeba Jones

28. Building Student Voice for School Improvement
Sharon Pekrul, Ben Levin

29. Student Voice in School Reform: from Listening to Leadership
Dana Mitra

30. Clarifying the Purpose of Engaging Students as Researchers
Joe L. Kincheloe

31. Making It Real: Engaging Students in Active Citizenship Projects
Pat Thomson

32. Youth Research/Participatory Methods for Reform
Michelle Fine, Maria Elena Torre, April Burns, Yasser A. Payne

33. Translating Researchers: Re-imagining the Work of Investigating Students’ Experiences in School
Alison Cook-Sather


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