Bayazitoğlu, Y.

Microscale Heat Transfer Fundamentals and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Single-Phase Forced Convection in Microchannels
Y. Yener, S. Kakaç, M. Avelino, T. Okutucu

2. Measurements of Single-Phase Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Micro and Minichannels
A. Bontemps

3. Steady State and Periodic Heat Transfer in Micro Conduits
M. D. Mikhailov, R. M. Cotta, S. Kakaç

4. Flow Regimes in Microchannel Single-Phase Gaseous Fluid Flow
Y. Bayazitoglu, S. Kakaç

5. Microscale Heat Transfer at Low Temperatures
Ray Radebaugh

6. Convective Heat Transfer for Single-Phase Gases in Microchannel Slip Flow: Analytical Solutions
Y. Bayazitoglu, G. Tunc, K. Wilson, I. Tjahjono

7. Microscale Heat Transfer Utilizing Microscale and Nanoscale Phenomena
A. Yabe

8. Microfluidics in Lab-on-a-Chip: Models, Simulations and Experiments
Dongqing Li

9. Transient Flow and Thermal Analysis in Microfluidics
R.M. Cotta, S. Kakaç, M.D. Mikhailov, F.V. Castellões, C.R. Cardoso

10. From Nano to Micro to Macro Scales in Boiling
V. K. Dhir, H. S. Abarajith, G. R. Warrier

11. Flow Boiling in Minichannels
André Bontemps, Bruno Agostini, Nadia Caney

12. Heat Removal Using Narrow Channels, Sprays and Microjets
M. Fabbri, S. Jiang, G. R. Warrier, V. K. Dhir

13. Boiling Heat Transfer in Minichannels
V.V. Kuznetsov, O.V. Vitovsky, A.S. Shamirzaev

14. Condensation Flow Mechanisms, Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Microchannels
Srinivas Garimella

15. Heat Transfer Characteristics of Silicon Film Irradiated by Pico to Femtosecond Lasers
J. S. Lee, S. Park

16. Microscale Evaporation Heat Transfer
V.V. Kuznetsov, S.A. Safonov

17. Ultra — Thin Film Evaporation (UTF) — Application to Emerging Technologies in Cooling of Microelectronics
M. Ohadi, J. Qi, J. Lawler

18. Binary-Fluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Microchannel Geometries for Miniaturized Thermally Activated Absorption Heat Pumps
Srinivas Garimella

19. Heterogeneous Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Accelerated by External Force Field: Molecular Dynamics Study
J. S. Lee, S. Park

20. Hierarchical Modeling of Thermal Transport from Nano-to-Macroscales
C. H. Amon, S.V.J. Narumanchi, M. Madrid, C. Gomes, J. Goicochea

21. Evaporative Heat Transfer on Horizontal Porous Tube
L. Vasiliev, A. Zhuravlyov, A. Shapovalov

22. Micro and Miniature Heat Pipes
L.L. Vasiliev

23. Role of Microscale Heat Transfer in Understanding Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Its Enhancement
K. Sefiane, V. V. Wadekar

24. Heat Transfer Issues in Cryogenic Catheters
Ray Radebaugh

25. Sorption Heat Pipe — A New Device for Thermal Control and Active Cooling
L. Vasiliev

26. Thermal Management of Harsh-Environment Electronics
M. Ohadi, J. Qi

27. Thermal Transport Phenomenon in Micro Film Heated by Laser Heat Source
S. Torii, W.-J. Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

Publication year
NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
Page amount
517 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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