Croci, Edoardo

The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Voluntary Agreements in Environmental Policy

1. The Economics of Environmental Voluntary Agreements
Edoardo Croci

2. Corporate Self-Regulation and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue
P. Mazurkiewicz

Chapter 2. The Poltical Economy of Voluntary Agreements

3. Voluntary Agreements in a Rent-Seeking Environment
M. Glachant

4. Aspects of the Political Economy of Environmental Voluntary Agreements
L.G. Hansen

Chapter 3. The European and the American Approach to Environmental Voluntary Agreements

5. The Evolution of Environmental Agreements at the Level of the European Union
G. Schnabl

6. The Use of Voluntary Approaches for Environmental Policymaking in the U.S.
K. Brouhle, C. Griffiths, A. Wolverton

7. Negotiated Regulation, Implementation and Compliance in the United States
N.A. Ashford, C.C. Caldart

Chapter 4. Design, Negotiation and Implementation of Environmental Voluntary Agreements: National and Sector Approaches

8. Efficiency Standards versus Negotiated Agreements in the European Electrical Appliance Sector
P. Menanteau

9. Implementing the Duty of Acceptance in Flemish Waste Policy
M. Clercq, R. Bracke

10. Environmental Voluntary Agreements in Portugal
M.F.M. Cabugueira

11. Designing Energy Conservation Voluntary Agreements for the Industrial Sector in China: Experience from a Pilot Project with Two Steel Mills in Shandong Province
L. Price, E. Worrell, J. Sinton

Chapter 5. Evaluation of Environmental Voluntary Agreements

12. On the Assesment of Environmental Voluntary Agreements in Europe
M. Clercq, R. Bracke

13. Environmental Voluntary Agreements in the Dutch Context
H.T.A. Bressers, T.J.N.M. Bruijn

14. Analysing the Effectiveness of an Environmental Voluntary Agreement: The Case of the Australian National Packaging Covenant
R.L. Burritt, H. Lewis, K. James

15. Towards an Integrated Performance Indicator for (Energy) Benchmarking Covenants with Industry
J. Couder, A. Verbruggen

Chapter 6. Environmental Voluntary Agreements in Policy Mixes

16. Environmental Agreements Used in Combination with Other Policy Instruments
N.A. Braathen

17. Using the Benchmarking Covenant for Allocating Emission Allowances: Are We Still Moving Ahead?
A.W.N. Dril


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