Joyce, Bruce A.

Quantum Dots: Fundamentals, Applications, and Frontiers

Joyce, Bruce A. - Quantum Dots: Fundamentals, Applications, and Frontiers, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Quantum Dots in the InAs/GaAs System
Bruce A. Joyce, Dimitri D. Vvedensky

2. First-Principles Study of InAs/GaAs(001) Heteroepitaxy
Evgeni Penev, Peter Kratzer

3. Formation of Two-Dimensional Si/Ge Nanostructures Observed by STM
Bert Voigtländer

4. Diffusion, Nucleation and Growth on Metal Surfaces
Ofer Biham, Itay Furman, Hanoch Mehl, John F. Wendelken

5. The Mechanism of the Stranski-Krastanov Transition
A. G. Cullis, D. J. Norris, T. Walther, M. A. Migliorato, M. Hopkinson

6. Off-Lattice KMC Simulations of Stranski-Krastanov-Like Growth
Michael Biehl, Florian Much

7. Temperature Regimes of Strain-Induced InAs Quantum Dot Formation
Christian Heyn, Arne Bolz

8. Kinetic Modelling of Strained Films: Effects of Wetting and Facetting
Daniel Kandel, Helen R. Eisenberg

9. Ge/Si Nanostructures with Quantum Dots Grown by Ion-Beam-Assisted Heteroepitaxy
A. V. Dvurechenskii, J. V. Smagina, V. A. Armbrister, V. A. Zinovyev, P. L. Novikov, S. A. Teys, R. Groetzschel

10. Lateral Organization of Quantum Dots on a Patterned Substrate
Catherine Priester

11. Some Thermodynamic Aspects of Self-Assembly of Quantum Dot Arrays
José Emilio Prieto, Ivan Markov

12. The Search for Materials with Self-Assembling Properties: The Case of Si-Based Nanostructures
Ilan Goldfarb

13. X-Ray Scattering Methods for the Study of Epitaxial Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
J. Stangl, T. Schülli, A. Hesse, G. Bauer, V. Holý

14. Carbon-Induced Ge Dots On Si(100): Interplay of Strain and Chemical Effects
G. Hadjisavvas, Ph. Sonnet, P. C. Kelires

15. Growth Information Carried by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction
Ákos Nemcsics

16. Efficient Calculation of Electron States in Self-Assembled Quantum Dots: Application to Auger Relaxation
D. Chaney, M. Roy, P. A. Maksym

17. Quantum Dot Molecules and Chains
W. Jaskólski, M. Zielinski, A. Strózecka, Garnett W. Bryant, J. Aizpurua

18. Collective Properties of Electrons and Holes in Coupled Quantum Dots
Guido Goldoni, Filippo Troiani, Massimo Rontani, Devis Bellucci, Elisa Molinari, Ulrich Hohenester

19. Phase Transitions in Wigner Molecules
J. Adamowski, B. Szafran, S. Bednarek

20. Fast Control of Quantum States in Quantum Dots: Limits due to Decoherence
Lucjan Jacak, Pawel Machnikowski, Jurij Krasnyj

21. Real SpaceAb Initio Calculations of Excitation Energies in Small Silicon Quantum Dots
Aristides D. Zdetsis, C. S. Garoufalis, Stefan Grimme

22. GeSi/Si(001) Structures with Self-Assembled Islands: Growth and Optical Properties
N. V. Vostokov, Yu. N. Drozdov, D. N. Lobanov, A. V. Novikov, M. V. Shaleev, A. N. Yablonskii, Z. F. Krasilnik, A. N. Ankudinov, M. S. Dunaevskii, A. N. Titkov, P. Lytvyn, V. U. Yukhymchuk, M. Ya. Valakh

23. Quantum Dots in High Electric Fields: Field and Photofield Emission from Ge Nanoclusters on Si(100)
A. A. Dadykin, A. G. Naumovets, Yu. N. Kozyrev, M. Yu. Rubezhanska, Yu. M. Litvin

24. Optical Emission Behavior of Si Quantum Dots
X. Zianni, A. G. Nassiopoulou

25. Strain-Driven Phenomena upon Overgrowth of Quantum Dots: Activated Spinodal Decomposition and Defect Reduction
M. V. Maximov, N. N. Ledentsov


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