Makkar, Harinder P.S.

Applications of Gene-Based Technologies for Improving Animal Production and Health in Developing Countries

Makkar, Harinder P.S. - Applications of Gene-Based Technologies for Improving Animal Production and Health in Developing Countries, ebook


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Table of contents

1. FAO/IAEA International Symposium on Application of Gene-Based Technologies for Improving Animal Production and Health in Developing Countries

2. Opening Address
W. Burkart

3. Opening Address
Samuel C. Jutzi

4. Opening Address
James Dargie

5. Gene-based Technologies for Livestock Industries in the 3rd Millennium
E.P. Cunningham

6. Challenges and Opportunities for Controlling and Preventing Animal Diseases in Developing Countries through Gene-based Technologies
J.R. Crowther, M.H. Jeggo

7. Molecular Genetics and Livestock Selection
John L. Williams

8. First Report on the State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources
R. Cardellino, I. Hoffmann, K.A. Tempelman

9. Development of Germline Manipulation Technologies in Livestock
C. Bruce, A. Whitelaw

10. DNA Polymorphisms in the Sahiwal Breed of Zebu Cattle Revealed by Synthetic Oligonucleotide Probes
g Shashikanth, B.R. Yadav

11. Genetic Diversity and Relationships of Vietnamese and European Pig Breeds
N.T.D. Thuy, E. Melchinger, A.W. Kuss, T. Peischl, H. Bartenschlager, N.V. Cuong, H. Geldermann

12. Combining Gene-Based Methods and Reproductive Technologies to Enhance Genetic Improvement of Livestock in Developing Countries
Julius Werf, Karen Marshall

13. Evaluation of the Utility of the FecB Gene to Improve the Productivity of Deccani Sheep in Maharashtra, India
Chanda Nimbkar, Varsha C. Pardeshi, Pradip M. Ghalsasi

14. Effect of Pregnancy on Endometrial Sex Steroid Receptors and on Prostaglandin F2a Release after Uterine Biopsy in Heifers
Ana Meikle, Daniel Cavestany, Lena Sahlin, William W. Thatcher, Elsa G. Garofalo, Hans Kindahl, Mats Forsberg

15. Inventory Analysis of West African Cattle Breeds
D.M.A. Belemsaga, Y. Lombo, S. Thevenon, S. Sylla

16. A Review of Gastrointestinal Microbiology with Special Emphasis on Molecular Microbial Ecology Approaches
Roderick I. Mackie, Isaac K.O. Cann

17. Gene-Based Vaccine Development for Improving Animal Production in Developing Countries
J.R. Egerton

18. Current and Future Developments in Nucleic Acid-Based Diagnostics
Gerrit J. Viljoen, Marco Romito, Pravesh D. Kara

19. Reverse Genetics with Animal Viruses
Teshome Mebatsion

20. Viral Subversion of the Immune System
Laurent Gillet, Alain Vanderplasschen

21. The Molecular Basis of Livestock Disease as Illustrated by African Trypanosomiasis
John E. Donelson

22. Vaccination Against Ticks and the Control of Ticks and Tick-borne Disease
Peter Willadsen

23. Development of Marker Vaccines for Rinderpest Virus Using Reverse Genetics Technology
Satya Parida, Edmund P. Walsh, John Anderson, Michael D. Baron, Thomas Barrett

24. Evaluation of Diagnostic Tools for Epidemiological Purposes — Application To FMD
Ingrid Bergmann, Viviana Malirat, Erika Neitzert, Eduardo Correa Melo

25. Virus Evolution in the Face of the Host Response
Esteban Domingo

26. Rumen Microbial Genomics
Mark Morrison, Karen E. Nelson

27. Transgenesis and Genomics in Molecular Breeding of Pasture Grasses and Legumes for Forage Quality and other Traits
German Spangenberg

28. Investigation of the Rumen Microbial Community Responsible for Degradation of a Putative Toxin in Acacia Angustissima
Erin M.C. Collins, Chris S. Mcsweeney, Denis O. Krause, Linda L. Blackall

29. Application of Molecular Microbial Ecology Tools to Facilitate the Development of Feeding Systems for Ruminant Livestock that Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
G.J. McCrabb, C.S. McSweeney, S. Denman, M. Mitsumori, S. Fernandez-Rivera, H.P.S. Makkar

30. Effect of Secondary Compounds in Forages on Rumen Micro-organisms Quantified by 16S And 18S rRNA
Elizabeth Wina, Stefan Muetzel, Ellen Hoffman, Harinder P.S. Makkar, Klaus Becker

31. Nutrition-Gene Interactions (Post-Genomics)
Gregory S. Harper, Sigrid A. Lehnert, Paul L. Greenwood

32. Genetic Opportunities tyo Enhance Sustainability of Pork Production in Developing Countries: A Model for Food Animals
Cecil W. Forsberg, Serguei P. Golovan, Ayodele Ajakaiye, John P. Phillips, Roy G. Meidinger, Ming Z. Fan, John M. Kelly, Roger R. Hacker

33. Ethical, Social, Environmental and Economic Issues in Animal Agriculture
P.C. Kesavan, M.S. Swaminathan

34. Risks of Gene Transfer from GMOs to Livestock, and Consequences for Health and Nutrition
Richard H. Phipps, David E. Beever, Ralf Einspanier

35. Regulatory and Biosafety Issues in Relation to Transgenic Animals in Food and Agriculture, Feeds Containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Veterinary Biologics
H.P.S. Kochhar, G.A. Gifford, S. Kahn

36. Intellectual Property Rights and Gene-Based Technologies for Animal Production and Health
Graham Dutfield

37. Antibiotic Resistance and Plasmid Carriage among Escherichia Coli Isolates From Chicken Meat in Malaysia
Tin Tin Myaing, A.A. Saleha, A.K. Arifah, A.R. Raha

38. Comparison of DNA Probe, PCR Amplification, ELISA and Culture Methods for the Rapid Detection of Salmonella in Poultry
Jafar A. Qasem, Salwa Al-Mouqati, Gnanaprakasam Rajkumar

39. Control of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy by Genetic Engineering: Possible Approaches and Regulatory Considerations
J.S. Gavora, H.P.S. Kochhar, G.A. Gifford

40. Genetically Modified Organisms in New Zealand and Cultural Issues
Robin McFarlane, Mere Roberts

41. Objectives, Capabilities and Dangers in the Role of International Organizations and Funding Agencies in Promoting Gene-Based Technologies for Livestock in Developing Countries
John Hodges

42. Suitability of Blood Protein Polymorphisms in Assessing Genetic Diversity in Indigenous Sheep in Kenya
Joram. M. Mwacharo, Charles. J. Otieno, Mwai A. Okeyo

43. Preliminary Investigation of Genetic Characterization of Native and Endemic Fowl Types of Sri Lanka
L.P. Silva, W.R.A.K.J.S. Rajapaksha

44. Transgenic Rabbits as a Model Organism for Production of Human Clotting Factor VIII
Dusan Vasicek, Peter Chrenek, Alexander Makarevich, Miroslav Bauer, Rastislav Jurcik, Karin Suvegova, Jan Rafay, Jozef Bulla, Ladislav Hetenyi, Jeff Erickson, Rekha K. Paleyanda

45. Parentage Determination in Three Breeds of Indian Goat Using Heterologous Microsatellite Markers
N.A. Ganai, B.R. Yadav

46. DNA Polymorphism of Arabian, Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arab Horses in Morocco
Lahoussine Ouragh

47. In Vitro Culture of Skin Fibroblast Cells for Potential Cloning by Nuclear Transfer
S.C. Gupta, N. Gupta, S.P.S. Ahlawat, A. Kumar, R. Taneja, R. Sharma, S. Sunder, M.S. Tantia

48. Genetic Diversity in Algerian Sheep Breeds, Using Microsatellite Markers
Souheil Gaouar, Nacera Tabet-Aoul, Amal Derrar, Kathayoun Goudarzy-Moazami, Nadhira Saïdi-Mehtar

49. Somatic Cell Banking — An Alternative Technology for the Conservation of Endangered Sheep Breeds
N. Gupta, S.C. Gupta, S.P.S. Ahlawat, R. Sharma, K. Gupta, R. Taneja

50. The Vaccine Properties of a Brazilian Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Strain with an Induced Deletion of the gE Gene
Ana C. Franco, Fernando R. Spilki, Franciscus A.M. Rijsewijk, Paulo M. Roehe

51. Obtaining Classical Swine Fever Virus E2 Recombinant Protein and DNA-Vaccine on the Basis of One Subunit
Oleg Deryabin, Olena Deryabina, Petro Verbitskiy, Vitaliy Kordyum

52. Development of Thermostable Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Virus Vaccine and Assessment of Molecular Changes in the F Gene
K.S. Palaniswami, A. Thangavelu, R. Velmurugan

53. Molecular Cloning of a Bangladeshi Strain of very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus of Chickens and its Adaptation in Tissue Culture by Site-Directed Mutagenesis
M.R. Islam, R. Raue, H. Müller

54. Tapping the World Wide Web for Designing Vaccines for Livestock Diseases
Custer C. Deocaris

55. Complementing Nuclear Techniques with DNA Vaccine Technologies for Improving Animal Health
Jenne Liza V. Relucio, Maria Elena K. Dacanay, Anna Cristina S. Maligalig, Rizalina G. Osorio, Erwin A. Ramos, Ameurfina D. Santos, Celia Aurora T. Torres-Villanueva, Custer C. Deocaris

56. Use of DNA From Milk Tank for Diagnosis and Typing of Bovine Leukaemia Virus
R. Felmer, J. Zuñiga, M. Recabal, H. Floody

57. Molecular Marker Studies in Riverine Buffaloes, for Characterization and Diagnosis of Genetic Defects
B.R. Yadav

58. Host-Range Phylogenetic Grouping of Capripoxviruses
Christian Goff, Emna Fakhfakh, Amelie Chadeyras, Elexpeter Aba Adulugba, Geneviève Libeau, Salah Hammami, Adama Diallo, Emmanuel Albina

59. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Rapid Diagnosis and Differentiation of Parapoxvirus and Orthopoxvirus Infections in Camels
A.I. Khalafalla, M. Büttner, H.-J. Rziha

60. Development of a New Live Rough Vaccine Against Bovine Brucellosis
Diego J. Comerci, Juan E. Ugalde, Rodolfo A. Ugalde

61. The Application of Gene-Based Technologies in the Study of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates from Uganda
Maxwell. O. Otim, Magne Bisgaard, Henrick Christensen, Poul Jorgensen, Kurt Handberg

62. Marker Discovery In Trypanosoma vivax Through GSS and Comparative Analysis
Alberto M.R. Dávila, Luana T.A. Guerreiro, Silvana S. Souza

63. The Centaur Network’s Contribution to Gene-Based Technology
Karel Hruska, Kris. J. Wojciechowski


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