Derouane, Eric G.

Sustainable Strategies for the Upgrading of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Opportunities

Derouane, Eric G. - Sustainable Strategies for the Upgrading of Natural Gas: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Opportunities, ebook


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Table of contents

Section 1. Lectures

1. Natural Gas: Fuel or Feedstock?
Jens R. Rostrup-Nielsen

2. Molecular Chemistry of Alkane Activation
Frigyes Solymosi

3. Economics of Alkane Conversion
Jean-Paul Lange

4. Theoretical Basis of the Activation of Light Alkanes
M. Witko, R. Tokarz-Sobieraj, R. Grybos

5. Surface Organometallic Chemistry of Tantalum: Application to the Metathesis of Alkanes Catalyzed by a Tantalum Hydride Supported on Silica
J. Thivolle-Cazat, C. Coperet, S. Soignier, M. Taoufik, J.M. Basset

6. The Challenges in Converting Remote Natural Gas to Valuable Products
David Trimm

7. Alternative Routes to Synfuel from Natural Gas
David Trimm

8. New Technologies for Light Alkane Upgrading
Jorge Gascon, Carlos Tellez, Javier Herguido, Miguel Menendez

9. Fundamentals of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
A.L. Lapidus

10. Reactor Technology for Syngas and Hydrogen
E H Stitt

11. Engineering Alkanes to Olefins and Higher Value Chemicals
Domenico Sanfilippo, Ivano Miracca, Marco Girolamo

12. Membrane Reactors for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Alexander A. Khassin

13. Sources of Methane for Sustainable Development
V.N. Parmon

Section 2. Communications

14. CO2 Separation by Membranes in Natural Gas Processing
G. Clarizia, E. Drioli

15. Structural and Textural Properties of MCM-41 Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Containing Nb, V, Mo — Alternative Catalysts for Hydrocarbons Oxidation
I. Nowak, B. Kilos, M. Ziolek, J.C. Volta

16. Acidic and Catalytic Properties of Dealuminated BEA Zeolites
J. P. Marques, I. Gener, P. Ayrault, J. C. Bordado, J. M. Lopes, F. Ramôa Ribeiro, M. Guisnet

17. Influence of the H-Ferrierite Sample on the Selectivity of Skeletal N-Butene Isomerization
B. Menorval, N. S. Gnep, M. Guisnet

18. Study on the Lattice Defects in the Mixed Oxides of Neodymium and Alkaline Earth Elements and Their Role on the Oxidative Coupling of Methane
D. Filkova, R. Edreva-Kardjieva, N. Dragan, D. Crisan, L. Petrov

19. Molecular Mechanism of the Methane Dissociation on the Vanadium Oxides Clusters. DFT Calculations
Witold Piskorz, Ewa Broclawik

20. Acidity, Activity and Micro-Kinetics Studies in an H-ZSM5
P. Borges, R. Ramos Pinto, M.A.N.D.A. Lemos, J. Védrine, E.G. Derouane, F. Lemos, F. Ramôa Ribeiro

21. Microkinetic Model for Propane Activation over H-ZSM5
X. Wang, H. Carabineiro, M.A.N.D.A. Lemos, F. Lemos, F. Ramôa Ribeiro

22. 13C MAS NMR Mechanistic Study of the Initial Stages of Propane Activation over Zn/H-MFI Catalyst
Yu.G. Kolyagin, J. Quartararo, E.G. Derouane, F. Fajula, I.I. Ivanova

23. Dehydrogenation of Propane over Chromium-Based Catalysts
P. Michorczyk, J. Ogonowski, D. Ralowicz

24. Catalytic Oxidation of Methanol to Formaldehyde
A. H. Yilmaz, F. S. Atalay, S. Atalay

25. Conversion of Gas Condensate over Metal-Containing MFI Catalysts
A.G. Popov, A.V. Smirnov, J. Krysciak, M. Derewinski, O.V. Barsukov, E.G. Derouane, F. Lemos, F. Fajula, I.I. Ivanova

26. Coke Formation on Alumina and Alumina Supported Platinum Catalysts
Zenon Sarbak

27. Activation Studies of the Cs-Doped Cu/ZnO Catalyst for the Higher Alcohol Synthesis
L. Nowicki, T. Olewski, T. Bedyk, S. Ledakowicz

28. Development of High Temperature Catalytic Reactors for Oxidative Conversion of Natural Gas
S. Cimino, F. Donsí, R. Pirone, G. Russo

29. The Effect of Process Conditions on Product Formation in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Sh. S. Itkulova

30. Mathematical Modeling of Steam Reforming Tubes with Shaped Particles
A.P. Kagyrmanova, I.A. Zolotarskii, N.V. Vernikovskaya, E.I. Smirnov, V.A. Kuzmin

31. Application of NMR Microimaging for the Investigation of the Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions Inside Catalyst Pellets and Fixed Catalyst Bed
A.A. Lysova, I.V. Koptyug, A.V. Kulikov, V.A. Kirillov, R.Z. Sagdeev, V.N. Parmon

Section 3. Conclusions

32. Natural Gas as Feedstock
Jacques C. Védrine

33. Sustainable Strategies for the Upgrading of Natural Gas
Eric G. Derouane


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