Jacob, Robert J.K.

Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV

Jacob, Robert J.K. - Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Influence of Improved Task Models on Dialogues
Anke Dittmar, Peter Forbrig

2. Task-Based Web Modelling: The Web Object Life Cycle Modelling Concept
Birgit Bomsdorf, Gerd Szwillus

3. Model-Based Design of Online Help Systems
Milene Selbach Silveira, Simone D.J. Barbosa, Clarisse Sieckenius Souza

4. A Design Toolkit for Hypermedia Applications Based on Ariadne Development Method
Susana Montero, Camino Fernández, Juan M. Dodero, Ignacio Aedo, Paloma Díaz

5. SWCEditor: A Model-Based Tool for Interactive Modelling of Web Navigation
Marco Winckler, Eric Barboni, Christelle Farenc, Philippe Palanque

6. Behaviour Modeller
Akihiko Urushihara, Satoshi Kanai, Takeshi Kishinami, Toyoaki Tomura

7. MAUI: An Interface Design Tool Based on Matrix Algebra
Jeremy Gow, Harold Thimbleby

8. Goliath: An Extensible Model-Based Environment to Develop User Interfaces
David Julien, Mikal Ziane, Zahia Guessoum

9. Transformational Development of User Interfaces with Graph Transformations
Quentin Limbourg, Jean Vanderdonckt

10. A Distributed Usage Monitoring System
Philip Gray, Iain McLeod, Steve Draper, Murray Crease, Richard Thomas

11. Dialogue-Based Design of Web Usability Questionnaires Using Ontologies
Elena García Barriocanal, Miguel A. Sicilia Urbán, León González, José R. Hilera

12. Creating Contextualised Usability Guides for Web Sites Design and Evaluation
Cé1ine Mariage, Jean Vanderdonckt

13. Usability Testing of Interaction Components
Willem-Paul Brinkman, Reinder Haakma, Don. G. Bouwhuis

14. Infigura, an Integrated Design Tool
Thomas Tiedtke, Thomas Krach, Christian Märtin

15. Instrumenting Bytecode for the Production of Usage Data
Iain McLeod, Huw Evans, Philip Gray, Rebecca Mancy

16. Patterns in Model-Based Engineering
Daniel Sinnig, Ashraf Gaffar, Daniel Reichart, Peter Forbrig, Ahmed Seffah

17. Analysis and Design of Model-Based User Interfaces
Pedro J. Molina, Hallvard Trætteberg

18. Interaction Templates for Constructing User Interfaces from Task Models
David Paquette, Kevin Schneider

19. Automating a Design Reuse Facility with Critical Parameters
C.M. Chewar, Edwin Bachetti, D. Scott McCrickard, John E. Booker

20. XICL — An Extensible Mark-up Language for Developing User Interface and Components
Lirisnei Gomes Sousa, Jair C. Leite

21. UIML.Net: an Open UIML Renderer for the .Net Framework
Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx

22. The Ubiquitous Interactor — Device Independent Access to Mobile Services
Stina Nylander, Markus Bylund, Annika Waern

23. Generating Context-Sensitive Multiple Device Interfaces from Design
Tim Clerckx, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx

24. A Lightweight Experiment Management System for Handheld Computers
Phil Gray, Joy Goodman, James Macleod

25. Generic Interaction Techniques for Mobile Collaborative Mixed Systems
Philippe Renevier, Laurence Nigay, J. Bouchet, L. Pasqualetti

26. The Continuity Property in Mixed Reality and Multiplatform Systems: A Comparative Study
Murielle Florins, Daniela G. Trevisan, Jean Vanderdonckt

27. Building Rich User Interfaces for Digital Talking Books
Luís Carriço, Carlos Duarte, Rui Lopes, Miguel Rodrigues, Nuno Guimarães

28. A Framework for Developing Conversational User Interfaces
James Glass, Eugene Weinstein, Scott Cyphers, Joseph Polifroni, Grace Chung, Mikio Nakano

29. A System for Manipulating Audio Interfaces Using Timbre Spaces
Craig Nicol, Stephen Brewster, Philip Gray


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