Bella, Stefano

The Science of the Individual: Leibniz's Ontology of Individual Substance

Bella, Stefano - The Science of the Individual: Leibniz's Ontology of Individual Substance, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction

Section 1. Individuals and Concepts at the Origins of Leibniz’s Project

2. A World of Individuals: Particularist Ontology

3. A World of Concepts: Combinatorial Science and the Individual

4. Abstraction and Predication: At the Boundary of Concepts and Things

Section 2. Origo Rerum ex Formis

5. “Mira res, aliud esse subjectum quam formas seu attributa”

6. Modes and Requisites: The Genesis of Finite Things

7. Ens Completum: The Emergence of Complete Being

Section 3. Series Rerum

8. De affectibus: From the Dynamics of Passions to the Series of Substance States

9. Subject of Action

10. Subject and Time: The Birth of a Continuant

11. The Double Root of Truth

12. Fundamentum Veritatis

13. Conceptual Containment

Section 4. Categories (1)

14. Introduction to the Category Tables

15. Varietas. Identity for Concepts and Things: The General Framework

16. Concepts, Things and the Grammar of Substance

Section 5. Complete Concept and Substance

17. Complete Concepts

18. Conceptual Individuation: Complete Concept and the Identity of Indiscernibles

19. Conceptual Individuation: Complete Concept and Transtemporal Identity

20. Post-Script. Twenty Years Later: De Volder (and Others) Facing Individual Concept

Section 6. Categories (2)

21. Consequentiae. A Theory of Causal Temporal Order

22. Conditions and Inherence: An Ontology for Predication

Section 7. The Debate on DM 13: Some Leading Ideas

23. Complete Concepts in God and/or in Themselves

24. Compactness

25. Completeness

Section 8. Scientia Dei

26. Truthmakers for the Future: Complete Concepts and Future Contingents

27. Conditional Truths and Possible Decrees

Section 9. Law, Concept and World

28. Laws, Worlds and Concepts

29. Conceptual Holism. The Individual and His/Her World

30. Individual Concepts and the Infinitary Solution

31. Individual Concepts and Leibniz’s Metaphysics of History

32. Steps for an Ontological Construction

33. Complete Beings and Their Concepts

34. A New Essentialism

35. Analogies for a Strange Concept: Complete Concepts, Dynamics and Philosophy of Mind

36. Building Complete Concepts: Substance- and Concept Structure

37. The Quasi-Science of Individuals


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