Brown, R. F.

Handbook of Topological Fixed Point Theory

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Table of contents

Chapter I. Homological Methods in Fixed Point Theory

1. Coincidence Theory
Daciberg L. Gonçalves

2. On the Lefschetz Fixed Point Theorem
Lech Górniewicz

3. Linearizations for Maps of Nilmanifolds and Solvmanifolds
Edward C. Keppelmann

4. Homotopy Minimal Periods
Waclaw Marzantowicz

5. Periodic Points and Braid Theory
Takashi Matsuoka

6. Fixed Point Theory of Multivalued Weighted Maps
Jacobo Pejsachowicz, Robert Skiba

7. Fixed Point Theory for Homogeneous Spaces A Brief Survey
Peter Wong

Chapter II. Equivariant Fixed Point Theory

8. A Note on Equivariant Fixed Point Theory
Davide L. Ferrario

9. Equivariant Degree
Jorge Ize

10. Bifurcations of Solutions of SO(2)-Symmetric Nonlinear Problems with Variational Structure
Sawomir Rybicki

Chapter III. Nielsen Theory

11. Nielsen Root Theory
Robin Brooks

12. More about Nielsen Theories and Their Applications
Robert F. Brown

13. Algebraic Techniques for Calculating the Nielsen Number on Hyperbolic Surfaces
Evelyn L. Hart

14. Fibre Techniques in Nielsen Theory Calculations
Philip R. Heath

15. Wecken Theorem for Fixed and Periodic Points
Jerzy Jezierski

16. A Primer of Nielsen Fixed Point Theory
Boju Jiang

17. Nielsen Fixed Point Theory on Surfaces
Michael R. Kelly

18. Relative Nielsen Theory
Xuezhi Zhao

Chapter IV. Applications

19. Applicable Fixed Point Principles
Jan Andres

20. The Fixed Point Index of the Poincaré Translation Operator on Differentiable Manifolds
Massimo Furi, Maria Patrizia Pera, Marco Spadini

21. On the Existence of Equilibria and Fixed Points of Maps under Constraints
Wojciech Kryszewski

22. Topological Fixed Point Theory and Nonlinear Differential Equations
Jean Mawhin

23. Fixed Point Results Based on the Wazewski Method
Roman Srzednicki, Klaudiusz Wójcik, Piotr Zgliczyski


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