Martinelli, Giovanni

Mud Volcanoes, Geodynamics and Seismicity

Martinelli, Giovanni - Mud Volcanoes, Geodynamics and Seismicity, ebook


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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Mud Volcanic Geology

1. New Seismic Neogene Clay Diapirs and Hydrocarbon Implications in the North-Eastern African Margin of Tunisia
Mourad Bedir

2. Seismic Signature of Gas Hydrate and Mud Volcanoes of the South African Continental Margin
Zvi Ben-Avraham, Moshe Reshef, George Smith

3. Global Distribution of Mud Volcanoes and Their Significance in Petroleum Exploration as a Source of Methane in the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere and as a Geohazard
Alexei V. Milkov

4. Styles and Productivity of Mud Diapirism along the Middle American Margin
Tobias Moerz, Achim Kopf, Warner Brueckmann, Noemi Fekete, Veit Huehnerbach, Douglas G. Masson, Daniel A. Hepp, Erwin Suess, Wilhelm Weinrebe

5. Styles and Productivity of Mud Diapirism along the Middle American Margin
Tobias Moerz, Naomi Fekete, Achim Kopf, Warner Brueckmann, Stefan Kreiter, Veit Huehnerbach, Douglas Masson, Daniel A. Hepp, Mark Schmidt, Steffen Kutterolf, Heiko Sahling, Friedrich Abegg, Volkhard Spiess, Erwin Suess, Cesar R. Ranero

Chapter 2. Geodynamic Implications of Mud Volcanism

6. Mud Volcanoes and Seismicity in Romania
Calin Baciu, Giuseppe Etiope

7. Mud Volcanism, Geodynamics and Seismicity of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea Region
Behrouz M. Panahi

Chapter 3. Seismic Hazard and Mud Volcanism

8. Mud Volcanic Manifestations in the Maximum Shaking Areas of Strong Earthquakes
Eugeny A. Rogozhin

9. The Areas of Mud Volcanism in the South Caspian and Black Sea: Seismicity and New Technology for Seismic Risk Estimation
Leonid E. Levin, Leonid N. Solodilov, Behrouz M. Panahi, Nadejda V. Kondorskaya

10. Recent Seismic Activity in Albania and its Features
Siasi Kociu

11. Assessment of Seismic Hazard in Areas of Mud Volcano Location on the Basis of Geophysical Data
Tofik A. Ismailzadeh, Mayya I. Isayeva

Chapter 4. Greenhouse Effects of Mud Volcanism

12. Methane Emission from Mud Volcanoes
Giuseppe Etiope

13. Gas Emissions from Mud Volcanoes
Alan Judd

Chapter 5. Monitoring Techniques of Mud Volcanism

14. Mud Volcanoes of Pakistan — an Overview
George Delisle

15. Monitoring of Deformation Processes by Means of Electric Field Observation
Igor A. Garagash, Mikhail B. Gokhberg, Nikolat I. Kolosnitsyn

16. Mud Volcano: Methods, Apparatus — Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Research
O. B. Khavroshkin, V. V. Tsyplakov, E. M. K. Urdukhanov, Natalya A. Vidmont

17. Mud Volcano Monitoring and Seismic Events
Giovanni Martinelli, Andrea Dadomo

18. Insar Analysis of the Absheron Peninsula and Nearby Areas, Azerbaijan
Robert J. Mellors, Ted Bunyapanasarn, Behrouz Panahi

Chapter 6. Geochemical Features of Mud Volcanoes

19. Geochemical Model of Mud Volcanoes from Reviewed Worldwide Data
Giovanni Martinelli, Andrea Dadomo

20. Biosensor Control of Acute Total Toxicity of Water and Soil Polluted by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Nikolay F. Starodub

21. Yeh,^Gau-Hua
Yang Tsanyao Frank, Chen Ju-Chin, Chen Yue-Gau, Song Sheng-Rong

Chapter 7. Physical Models of Mud Volcanoes

22. Mud Volcanoes as Natural Strainmeters
Dario Albarello

23. Mud Volcano Model Resulting from Geophysical and Geochemical Research
Akper A. Feyzullayev, Fakhretdin A. Kadirov, Chingiz S. Aliyev

24. Physical Properties of Muds Extruded from Mud Volcanoes: Implications for Episodicity of Eruptions and Relationship to Seismicity
Achim J. Kopf, M. Ben Clennell, Kevin M. Brown


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