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Hvoslef-Eide, Anne Kathrine

Liquid Culture Systems for in vitro Plant Propagation

Hvoslef-Eide, Anne Kathrine - Liquid Culture Systems for <Emphasis Type="Italic">in vitro</Emphasis> Plant Propagation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. General introduction: a personal reflection on the use of liquid media for in vitro culture
Walter Preil

I.. Bioreactors

2. Application of bioreactor design principles to plant micropropagation
Wayne R. Curtis

3. Bioreactor design for propagation of somatic embryos
Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide, Odd Arild S. Olsen, Ragnhild Lyngved, Cristel Munster, Petter H. Heyerdahl

4. Practical aspects of bioreactor application in mass propagation of plants
S. Takayama, M. Akita

5. Simple bioreactors for mass propagation of plants
Meira Ziv

6. Application of bioreactor systems for large scale production of horticultural and medicinal plants
K. Y. Paek, Debasis Chakrabarty, E. J. Hahn

7. Membranes to reduce adherence of somatic embryos to the cell lift impeller of a bioreactor
Seppo Sorvari, Riitta Mäkeläinen, Katriina Ahanen, Otto Toldi

8. Cost-effective mass cloning of plants in liquid media using a novel growtek bioreactor
Satyahari Dey

9. Multiplication of Chrysanthemum shoots in bioreactors as affected by culture method and inoculation density of single node stems
Eun-Joo Hahn, Kee-Yoeup Paek

10. Control of growth and differentiation of bioreactor cultures of Physcomitrella by environmental parameters
Annette Hohe, Ralf Reski

II.. Temporary Immersion Systems

11. Temporary immersion system: a new concept for use liquid medium in mass propagation
M. Berthouly, H. Etienne

12. Mass propagation of tropical crops in temporary immersion systems
Elio Jiménez González

13. Use of growth retardants for banana (Musa AAA cv. Grand Naine) shoot multiplication in temporary immersion systems
Nilca Albany, Elio Jiménez González, Jorge Vilchez, Leyanis García, Manuel Feria, Naivy Pérez, Zoe Sarría, Blanca Pérez, Justo Clavelo

14. Somatic embryo germination of Psidium guajava L. in the Rita® temporary immersion system and on semisolid medium
Rafael Gómez Kosky, J. Vilchez Perozo, N. Albany Valero, D. Agramonte Peñalver

15. Application of a temporary immersion system in mass propagation of Phalaenopsis
Tino Hempfling, Walter Preil

16. Propagation of Prunus and Malus by temporary immersion
C. Damiano, S.R. Starza, S. Monticelli, A. Gentile, E. Caboni, A. Frattarelli

17. Optimisation of growing conditions for the apple rootstock M26 grown in RITA containers using temporary immersion principle
Li-Hua Zhu, Xue-Yuan Li, Margareta Welander

18. Experimental use of a novel temporary immersion system for liquid culture of olive microshoots
Katerina Grigoriadou, Miltiadis Vasilakakis, Theofilos Tzoulis, Eleftherios P. Eleftheriou

19. Shoot regeneration from nodules of Charybdis sp.: A comparison of semisolid, liquid and temporary immersion culture systems
Ch. Wawrosch, A. Kongbangkerd, A. Köpf, B. Kopp

III.. Somatic Embryogenesis and Shoot Initiation

20. Propagation of Norway spruce via somatic embryogenesis
Sara Arnold, Peter Bozhkov, David Clapham, Julia Dyachok, Lada Filonova, Karl-Anders Högberg, Mathieu Ingouff, Malgorzata Wiweger

21. Norway spruce somatic embryogenesis: membrane rafts as a compromise between liquid and solidified media
M. Vágner, Z. Vondráková, L. Fischerová, J. Opatrná

22. Picea abies somatic embryo development from suspension cultures and agar-based cultures: a comparison
Christopher Hunter, Lionel Levy

23. Somatic embryogenesis by liquid culture of epidermal layers in sunflower: from genetic control to cell development
Michel Petitprez, A. Sarrafi, E. Flores-Berrios, X. XuHan, C. Briere, L. Gentzbittel

24. Development of photoautotrophy in Coffea somatic embryos enables mass production of clonal transplants
F. Afreen, S.M.A. Zobayed, T. Kozai

25. Potential of flow cytometry for monitoring genetic stability of banana embryogenic cell suspension cultures
Nicolas Roux, Hannelore Strosse, Arsenio Toloza, Bart Panis, Jaroslav Doležel

26. Somatic embryogenesis of Gentiana genus IV.: Characterisation of Gentiana cruciata and Gentiana tibetica embryogenic cell suspensions
Anna Mikuła, Jan J. Rybczyński, Jerzy Skierski, Monika J. Latkowska, Agnieszka Fiuk

27. Induction and growth of tulip ‘Apeldoorn’ bulblets from embryo cultures in liquid media
Anna Bach, Agata Ptak

28. Micropropagation of Ixia hybrids in liquid medium
Barbara Ruffoni, Marco Savona, Silvia Doveri, Manuela Pamato, Silvana Carli

29. Micropropagation of Rosa damascena and R. bourboniana in liquid cultures
Pratap Kumar Pati, Madhu Sharma, Anil Sood, Paramvir Singh Ahuja

IV.. Commercial Process Development and Culture Environment

30. Mass propagation of conifer trees in liquid cultures — progress towards commercialization
Pramod K. Gupta, Roger Timmis

31. Potentials for cost reduction in a new model of commercial micropropagation
V.A. Savangikar, Chitra Savangikar, R.S. Daga, Sunil Pathak

32. A new approach for automation: Sorting and sowing dehydrated somatic embryos of Daucus and Coffea using seed technologies
J.P. Ducos, B. Florin, J.M. Dupuis, V. Pétiard

33. Use of the temporary immersion bioreactor system (RITA®) for production of commercial Eucalyptus clones in Mondi Forests (SA)
B. Mc Alister, J. Finnie, M.P. Watt, F. Blakeway

34. Efficiency in thin-film liquid system for Hosta micropropagation
Jeffrey Adelberg

35. Aeration stress in plant tissue cultures
Michael B. Jackson

36. Macro- and micronutrient nutrition of plants in greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and in vitro culture on gelled media
Hans R. Gislerød, Ravichandran Selliah, Kwadwo Owusu Ayeh, Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide

37. Adaptions of the mineral composition of tissue culture media on the basis of plant elemental analysis and composition of hydroponic substrates
Han Bouman, Annemiek Tiekstra

V.. Biomass for Secondary Metabolite Production

38. Development and validation of an efficient low cost bioreactor for furanocoumarin production with Ruta graveolens shoot cultures
E. Gontier, S. Piutti, A. Gravot, S. Milesi, A. Grabner, B. Massot, K. Lievre, M. Tran, J.L. Goergen, F. Bourgaud

39. Comparison of secondary plant metabolite production in cell suspension, callus culture and temporary immersion system
Dirk Wilken, Elio Jiménez González, Annette Hohe, Miguel Jordan, Rafael Gomez Kosky, Guillermo Schmeda Hirschmann, André Gerth

40. Cultivation of root cultures of Panax ginseng in different bioreactors and in temporary immersion — Comparison of growth and saponin production
Tomáš Vaněk, Lenka Langhansová, Petr MaršÍk

41. Optimisation of Panax ginseng liquid cell cultures for biomass accumulation and ginsenoside production
C. Kevers, G. Bare, T. Gaspar, P. Thonart, J. Dommes

42. Tissue culture of Corydalis yanhusuo (Fumariaceae) and its medicinal compound production from somatic embryo-derived plants
S. M. Nalawade, A. P. Sagare, C. L. Kuo, S. F. Lo, C. Y. Lee, Y. L. Lee, H. S. Tsay

43. Production of taxanes in callus and suspension cultures of Taxus baccata L.
K. Bruňáková, Z. Babincová, E. Čellárová

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Developmental Biology, Agriculture

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