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Strategic Management of Marine Ecosystems

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Disturbance of Marine Ecosystems: Problems and Solutions

1. Meta-Analysis of the Radioactive Pollution of the Ocean
Alexey V. Yablokov

2. Marine Protected Areas: A Tool for Coastal Areas Management
C. F. Boudouresque, G. Cadiou, L. Diréac'h

3. Damage Control in the Coastal Zone: Improving Water Quality by Harvesting Aquaculture-Derived Nutrients
Dror L. Angel, Timor Katz, Noa Eden, Ehud Spanier, Kenny D. Black

4. A Modular Strategy for Recovery and Management of Biomass Yields in Large Marine Ecosystems
Kenneth Sherman

5. Express Methods of Nondestructive Control for Physiological State of Algae
T.V. Parshikova

Chapter 2. Modeling Approaches and Mathematical Foundations of Environmental Management

6. Strategic Management of Ecological Systems: A Supply Chain Perspective
E. Levner, J.-M. Proth

7. Modelling the Environmental Impacts of Marine Aquaculture
William Silvert

8. Addressing Uncertainty in Marine Ecosystems Modelling
Lyne Morissette

9. Environmental Games and Queue Models
Charles S. Tapiero

10. Computational Complexity of Modeling Ecosystems
Vladimir Naidenko, Inna Bouriako, Jean.-Marie Proth

Chapter 3. Policy/Stakeholder Process in Marine Ecosystem Management

11. Performance Metrics for Oil Spill Response, Recovery, and Restoration: A Critical Review and Agenda for Research
T.P. Seager, I. Linkov, C. Cooper

12. The Challenges to Safety in the East Mediterranean: Mathematical Modeling and Risk Management of Marine Ecosystems
K. Atoyev

13. Strategic Management of Marine Ecosystems Using Whole-Ecosystem Simulation Modelling: The ‘Back to the Future’ Policy Approach
Tony J. Pitcher, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Eny A. Buchary, Wai lung Cheung, Robyn Forrest, Nigel Haggan, Hector Lozano, Telmo Morato, Lyne Morissette

Chapter 4. Management of Contaminated Sediments: Example of Integrated Management Approach

14. Towards Using Comparative Risk Assessment to Manage Contaminated Sediments
T. Bridges, G. Kiker, J. Cura, D. Apul, I. Linkov

15. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: A Framework for Managing Contaminated Sediments
I. Linkov, S. Sahay, G. Kiker, T. Bridges, T.P. Seager

16. Barriers to Adoption of Novel Environmental Technologies: Contaminated Sediments
T.P. Seager, K.H. Gardner


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