Kolodkin, Vladimir M.

Ecological Risks Associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons

Kolodkin, Vladimir M. - Ecological Risks Associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction

1. Chemical Weapons Convention after the First Review Conference
Jiri Matousek

2. Implementation of Russia’s Obligation to Destroy chemical Weapons in the Udmurt Republic
Anatoly A. Fominykh

3. The CWC after the Review Conference
Walter Krutzsch

2. Session I: Prediction

4. Evaluation of State of Environment and Monitoring of Hazardous Facilities
Mikhail Kurguzkin

5. Prediction of Quantitative Assessments of Effects on Nature from Potential Accidents at Chemical Warfare Agent Facilities
Vladimir Kolodkin, Aleksey Murin

6. Ecological Risks of Toxic Substances Combustion
Alexey M. Lipanov, Mikhail A. Korepanov, Zufar A. Tukhvatullin

7. Risk Assessment of Chemical Weapons Influence on Ecosystems as the Whole
V. N. Lystsov, N. V. Murzin, A. A. Bykov

8. Health and Environmental Risks Associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons
Jiri Matousek

9. Ecological Risks Analysis for the Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility
T. Shvetsova-Shilovskaya

10. An Approach to Assessment of Chemical Risk on the Basis of Generation of Time Series
Aleksey Murin

11. The Complex Approach in Appraisal of the Conditions of Natural Ecosystems in the «Valley» Zone Used for the Storage of Chemical Weapons (Pochep, Bryansk Region)
V. P. Ivanov, I. A. Baljasnicov, V. P. Sheluho, I. N. Glazun, D. I. Nartov

12. Analysis of Ecological Risks within an Environmental Monitoring System
Nicolay Zabrodine, Alexander Churakov, Ioulia Bouchmakina, Sverre Langard

13. Dechlorination of Recalcitrant Polychlorinated Contaminants Using Ball Milling
Volker Birke, Jörg Mattik, Dietlind Runne, Helmut Benning, Dragan Zlatovic

14. Ecological Risk Assessment for Ascontaining Chemical Warfare Agents — Status and Perspectives
Tina Vollerthun, Wolfgang Spyra

3. Session II: Monitoring

15. Personal Monitoring of Old Chemical Weapons’ Dismantling Operations at Poelkapelle (Belgium)
Herbert C. Bisschop, Christel Meert, Bart R. Smedts, Christiaan P. Perneel

16. Radio-Ecological Monitoring of the Environment
Irina Fedotova

17. Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Monitoring the Destruction of Chemical Warfare Agents
Herbert H. Hill, Wes E. Steiner

18. Identification of Chemical Neutralization of Products of Organophosphorus Chemical Warfare Agents
Elena Saveljeva, Igor Zenkevich, Andrey Radilov

19. Environmental and Health Monitoring in Relation to the Demolition of the Former CWPF at JSC Khimprom, Novocheboksarsk, Russia
Tatyana G. Kudankina, Nina P. Pavlikova, Martin Silberschmidt, Lars Carlsen

20. Vapor Validation of Monitoring Systems for Detection of Trace Levels of Chemical Warfare Agents in Air
Joseph Padayhag

21. Tacis Project “The Development of an Environmental and Health Monitoring System Related to the Demilitarization of the Chemical Weapons Facility at the Detached Plant Nr. 4 of OAO Khimprom, Novocheboksarsk” and Possible Implications for Future Russian Demilitarization Activities at CWPFS
Thomas Stock

22. Toxicological and Public Health Aspects of Two-Stage Technology of Chemical Warfare Agents Destruction in Russia
Andrey Radilov

23. Chemical and Biological-Ecological Aspects of Risk Assessment for Lewisite Destruction
Leonid Ionov, Nikolay Zubtsovsky, Lyudmila Makarova, Sergey Reshetnikov

24. Risk Mapping and Risk Assessment for Suspected Chemical Weapons Burial Sites on the Former Military Training Area Döberitzer Heide (Germany)
Kay Winkelmann, Wolfgang Spyra, Christine Garbotz

25. About Evaluation Practice of Emergency Environmental Risks of Chemically Dangerous Facilities
Gennadiy Arbusov, Boris Laskin

26. Risk Assessment and Safety Management at Chemical Facilities with the Use of New Information Technologies
Alexander Egorov, Tatiana Savitskaya

27. On the Analysis of Environmental Risks Associated with the Possible Leakage of Chemical Warfare Agents During Transportation and Disposal of Munitions
Leonid Vasilyev

28. Ecological Risks and Ecological Insurance in Russia (in Connection with the Problem of Chemical Weapons Destruction)
Vladimir G. Gorsky

29. Insurance of Risk of Environmental Contamination During Destruction of Chemical Weapons
Gennadiy Motkin

4. Session III: Prevention

30. About Some Risk Assessment Problems Associated with Hazardous Facilities Exploitation
Anatoliy Michailov, Stanislav Petrin, Lada Petrina1

31. Revised Airborne Exposure Limits for Chemical Warfare Agents
John A. Decker, Harvey W. Rogers

32. Analysis of Technologies for Lewisite Destruction
Vadim Petrov, Aleksey Trubachev, Aleksey M. Lipanov

33. New Understanding on Pathogenesis of Delayed Effects of Rvx Low-Dose Chronic Exposure
Nikolay Goncharov, Andrey Radilov, Igor Mindukshev, Sergey Kuznetsov, Yelena Yermolayeva, Lidia Glashkina, Irina Shkayeva, Irina Dobrylko, Anatoly Kuznetsov

34. Health State and Hormone Status Among Residents of Kizner Respectively Working and Not-working at Arsenal of Chemical Weapons
Alexander Churakov, Nicolay Zabrodine, Ioulia Bouchmakina, Sverre Langard

35. Evaluation of Embryotoxic and Teratogenic Effects of Final Products of Organophosphorus Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) Destruction
Elena Ermolayeva

36. Health and Environmental Monitoring at the Area of Protective Measures in the Vicinity of Locating Chemical Weapons Storage and Destruction Facilities
Sergey Nagorny, Andrey Radilov, Elena Tsibulskaya, Elena Ermolayeva, Fyodor Tsimbal

37. The Use of Pupillometry for Evaluating the Functional State of Persons Who Worked with Organophosphorus Chemical Warfare Agents
Fyodor Tsimbal

5. Session IV Public Outreach

38. Participation of the Public in Licensing Procedures for and During Operation of Hazardous Facilities
Roland Fendler


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