Omelchenko, Alexander

Modern Tools and Methods of Water Treatment for Improving Living Standards

Omelchenko, Alexander - Modern Tools and Methods of Water Treatment for Improving Living Standards, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Recent Advances in Purification and Special Treatment of Water and Water Quality Monitoring

1. Advances in Drinking Water Treatment in the United States
S.C. Gutierrez, R.C. Haught, D.A. Lytle, E.W. Rice, M.M. Williams

2. Depositional Characteristics of Lake Sediments in Canada as Determined by Pb-210 and Cs-137
A. Omelchenko, W. L. Lockhart, P. Wilkinson1

3. Biosensors for Water Quality Monitoring
N.F. Starodub, A.M. Katzev, V.M. Starodub, I.A. Levkovetz, V.V. Goncharuk, N.A. Klimenko, A.N. Shmir’ova, N.V. Piven, B.B. Dzantijev

4. Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Drinking Water
R.A. Deininger, J. Lee

5. Utilization of Mobile Analytical Tests in Wastewater Treatment Plant
J. Navratil, F. Bozek, J. Dvorak

6. An Evaluation of the Efficacy of the Mixed-Oxidant Solutions Produced from “Activated Water” in Cooling Tower Biological Control
J.A. Lewis

Part II. Development of Modern Technologies of Special Water Treatment for Use in Various Areas of Science, Industry and Public Health

7. Fibroid Sorbents for Water Purification
R.A. Khaydarov, O. Gapurova, R.R. Khaydarov, S. Y. Cho

8. Use of In-Situ Oxygen Curtain Technology in Enhanced Bioremediation of Groundwater
S. Induchny, J. Archibald, W. S. Mulica

9. Electrochemically-Stimulated Sorption and Sorption-Membrane Methods for Removal of Ionic Impurities from Water
V.N. Belyakov, V.M. Linkov

10. Innovative Water Purification Method and Devices
V. Gevod, I. Reshetnyak, S. Gevod, I. Shklyarova, A. Rudenko

11. Potentialities of Membrane Operations in Water Treatments
A. Criscuoli, E. Drioli

12. Water Disinfection Using Silver and Copper Ions and Colloidal Gold
R.R. Khaydarov, R.A. Khaydarov

Part III. Tools and Methods for Achievement of High Technological Parameters of Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment

13. Water Savings and Reuse in the Textile Industry
H. Wenzel, H.H. Knudsen

14. Biocide Polymers - New Opportunities in Water Treatment
V. Marievsky

15. Optimization of Galvanic Wastewater Treatment Processes
I. Kliopova, J. Staniškis

16. Efficiency of Nitrification and Denitrification Processes in Waste Water Treatment Plants
F. Bozek, J. Navratil, J. Kellner

17. Electrochemical Processes for Wastewater Purification Utilizing Fluidised Beds of Particles with Different Conductivity
Konstantin Kazdobin

18. Cold Plasma as a New Tool for Purification of Wastewater
A.A. Pivovarov, A.P. Tischenko

19. Purification of Industrial Waters from Organic Compounds and Bacteria
Ya. Tarasova, V. Chernyak, T. Chehovskaya, V. Zrazhevskij, A. Trokhymchuk, I. Babich, V. Yukhymenko

Part IV. Management of Water Resources, Planning, Training and Education in Water Treatment

20. Industry University Cooperation for Postgraduate Education and Training in the Water Treatment Area
W.J. Swindall

21. Westcountry Rivers Trust United Kingdom: A Pioneering Programme for Restoration and Regeneration of Major River Basins
R.J. Stollard, A. Rickard

22. Recent Developments in Wastewater Treatment in Constructed Wetlands in Poland
H. Obarska-Pempkowiak, M. Gajewska

23. Water and Public Health: Legislation as a Tool for Improving Living Standards
K. Vitale, N. Janev-Holcer, N. Marinkovic, T. Pavic

24. The National Programme for Construction of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Republic of Bulgaria
B. Georgieva

25. Water Pollution Prevention Actions in Romanian Industry
Viorel Harceag

26. Surface Lipid Composition of Two Emergent Water Plants Used in Constructed Wetlands
N.I. Shtemenko, V.N. Shepelenko, H. Richnow, P. Kuschk


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