Appenzeller, I.

Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Plasmas

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Table of contents

Section 1. Space Plasmas

1. Nonequilibrium Phenomena in the Magnetosphere
A. Surjalal Sharma, Daniel N. Baker, Joseph E. Borovsky

2. Complexity and Intermittent Turbulence in Space Plasmas
Tom Chang, Sunny W.Y. Tam, Cheng-chin Wu

3. Complexity and Topological Disorder in the Earth's Magnetotail Dynamics
Giuseppe Consolini, Tom Chang, Anthony T. Y. Lui

4. Simulation Study of SOC Dynamics in Driven Current-Sheet Models
Alex J. Klimas, Vadim M. Uritsky, Dimitris Vassiliadis, Daniel N. Baker

5. Two State Transition Model of the Magnetosphere
T. Tanaka

6. Global and Multiscale Phenomena of the Magnetosphere
A. S. Sharma, A. Y. Ukhorskiy, M. I. Sitnov

7. Low Frequency Magnetic Fluctuations in the Earth's Plasma Sheet
A. A. Petrukovich

8. Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission
A. Surjalal Sharma, Steven A. Curtis

Section 2. Laboratory Plasmas

9. Perspectives of Intermittency in the Edge Turbulence of Fusion Devices
R. Jha, P. K. Kaw, A. Das

10. Transition to Self-Organized High Confinement States in Tokamak Plasmas
P. N. Guzdar, R. G. Kleva, R. J. Groebner, P. Gohil

11. Internal Transport Barriers in Magnetised Plasmas
X. Garbet, P. Ghendrih, Y. Sarazin, P. Beyer, C. Figarella, S. Benkadda

12. Characterization of Turbulence in Terms of Probability Density Function
C. Hidalgo, B. Gonçalves, M. A. Pedrosa

13. Phase Transition in Dusty Plasmas
Gurudas Ganguli, Glenn Joyce, Martin Lampe

Section 3. Cross-Disciplinary Studies

14. Precursors of Catastrophic Failures
Srutarshi Pradhan, Bikas K. Chakrabarti

15. Multi-Scale Interactions and Predictability of the Indian Summer Monsoon
B. N. Goswami, R. S. Ajaya Mohan


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