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Animal Cell Technology Meets Genomics

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Cellular Mechanisms

1. Effect of Osmotic Pressure on Gs-Ns0 Expression System
Mon-Han Wu, George Dimopoulos, Athanasios Mantalaris, Julie Varley

2. Molecular Approaches to Influence Epigenetic Effectors of Transient and Stable Transgene Expression in Mammalian Cells
D. L. Hacker, M. Cotten, F. M. Wurm

3. Genomic Exploration on Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
M. Leon Gatti, K. Wlaschin, A. Rink, A. Sanny, K.S. Tan, P.M. Nissom, P.F. Ong, K. Wong, R.J. Philip, B. Cham, C.F. Wong, K.M. Lim, M. Yap, W.-S. HU

4. Roles for Glycosylation in Receptor-Ligand Interactions in the Immune System
Pauline M. Rudd, Anthony H. Merry, Raymond A. Dwek

5. Investigations on Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor Mediated Protein Uptake
M. Dürrschmid, C. Jursik, N. Borth, R. Grabherr, O. Doblhoff-Dier

6. Analysis of Multiple Apoptosis Parameters Using a Microfluidic Chip-Based System
M. Valer, T. Preckel, G. Luedke, C. Buhlmann

7. Inhibiting Apoptosis in Cell Culture Using Multiple Inhibitors
Bruno Figueroa, Eric Ailor, Mitchell Reff, J. Marie Hardwick, Michael Betenbaugh

8. Pausing of Mammalian Cells by Cold Exposure, Limits and Opportunities
L. Hunt, D. Hacker, H. Abridi, F. Grosjean, M. Dejesus, M. Jordan, F. M. Wurm

9. The Functional Competence of Animal Cells: Anal Ysis of the Secretory Pathway
Daniel E. Alete, Andrew J. Racher, John R. Birch, David C. James, C. Mark Smales

10. Proteome Analysis of Recombinant CHO Cells Under Hyperosmotic Stress
Moon Sue Lee, Kyoung Wook Kim, Young Hwan Kim, Gyun Min Lee

11. Expression Profiling Analysis of Sodium Butyrate-Induced Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells in Defined Medium
Mark W. Melville, Martin Sinacore, Louane E. Hann

12. Intracellular Nucleotide Pools for Optimizing Product-Oriented Transient Transfection of Hek293 Cells in Suspension
M.M. Bassani Molinas, C. Beer, F. Hesse, M. Wirth, Durocher, A. Kamen, R. Wagner

13. Impact of Yeast Pyruvate Carboxylase on the Productivity of Animal Host Cell Lines
M. Bollatifogolin, N. Irani, A.J. Beccaria, C. Schulz, J. Heuvel, C.B. Elias, E. Carpentier, Y. Durocher, L. Bisson, M. Etcheverrigaray, R. Kratje, M. Wirth, A. Kamen, R. Wagner

14. Environmental Effects of Lactate on High-Five™ Insect Cell Metabolism
J.-C. Drugmand, Y.-J. Schneider, S.N. Agathos

15. Correlation of Intracellular Nucleotide Pools to Amino Acid Concentrations in Culture Media by the Application of Multivariate Methods
F. Hesse, A. Nelving, R. Wagner

16. Engineering Trichoplusia ni (High-Five™) Insect Cells to Express a Cytosolic Pyruvate Carboxylase Enzyme Improves the Viability of the Cells in Batch, Fed-Batch and Perfusion Cultures
M.-C. Locas, C. B. Elias, S. Lanthier, L. Bisson, M. Perrier, A.A. Kamen

17. Insect Cell Culture Medium Selection and Optimisation Based on Monitoring and Economical Considerations
M. Lecina, A. Soley, P. Passamani, A. Casablancas, J. Gràcia, C. Vela, E. Espuña, J.J. Cairó, F. Gòdia

18. Antiapoptotic Activity of Synthetic and Nnatural Peptides
František Franek

19. Effect of Antiapoptotic Genes Expression on Cell Growth and Monoclonal Antibody Productivity in a Hybridoma Cell Line
S. Juanola, J. Vives, J. Andersen, E. Prats, L. Cornudella, J.J. Cairó, F. Gòdia

20. Amplified Dicistronic Expression Units Mediate Apoptosis Protection in CHO-DG44 Cells Adapted for Growth in Serum-Free Media, Impact on Mitochondria Copy Number
H. Meents, B. Enenkel, M. Fussenegger

21. Effect of Reduced Water on the Apoptotic Cell Death Triggered by Oxidative Stress in Pancreatic ß HIT-T15 Cell
Y. P. Li, K. Teruya, Y. Katakura, S. Kabayama, K. Otsubo, S. Morisawa, Y. Ishii, Z. Gadek, S. Shirahata

22. Characterization of Apoptosis in a CHO Cell Line Cultivated in Batch and Continuous Culture: Effect of Medium, Specific Perfusion Rate and Chemical Inhibitors
John Thrift, Glen Yamasaki, Rudiger Heidemann, Nada Abbas, Konstantin Konstantinov

23. Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Cellular Senescence is Regulated via Two Different Pathways
K. Yoshizaki, Y. I. Katakura, T. Fujiki, T. Tsunematu, K. Teruya, S. Shirahata

24. Identification of Autocrine Factors Influencing Proliferation in Serum-Free Cultures of Trichoplusia NI Cells
U. Eriksson, L. Häggström

25. The Effects of Insulin and Long™R3IGF-I on Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells: Cell Survival, Receptor Activation and Second Messenger Pathways
C.A. Yandell, I.P. Butler, A.J. Sheehan, B.J. Wade, A.P. Simula, C. Goddard

26. Conditioned Medium Factors in Protein-Free Cultures of NS0 Cells
E. Spens, L. Häggström

27. Production of Human Anti-Peptide Antibody for Clinical Use by In Vitro Immunization
T. Tamura, Y. Katakura, M. Yamashita, Y. Aiba, S. Matsumoto, K. Teruya, S. Shirahata

28. Optimization of in Vitro Immunization Protocol to Produce Antigen Specific Human Monoclonal Antibody by Demonstrating the Role of IL-10
Q.H. Xu, Y. Katakura, M. Yamashita, K. Teruya, S.G. Fang, S. Shirahata

29. Eextracellular Histone H4 from SF9 Cells Is Antimicrobial
K. Calles, E. Lindskog, Å. Nossed, I. Svensson, L. Häggström

30. Analyzing Calcium Phosphate Transfection of Adherent CHO Cells Using Microscopic Live Imaging
F. Grosjean, M. Jordan, F. M. Wurm

31. Effects of Multiplicity of Infection (MOI) and Cell Cycle on Baculovirus Infection Kinetics
R. Haas, S. Reid, L.K. Nielsen

32. Non-Freezing Preservation and Subsequent Recovery of Hepatocytes Under PO2- and pH-Controlled Conditions for Continuous Supply of Cells for Bioartificial Liver Support
Kai IDing, Heino Büntemeyer, Jürgen Lehmann

33. Selection of MDCK Subclones with Various Genotypic and Phenotypic Markers: Sensitivity to Influenza Virus Infection
Nicole Kessler, Ghislaine Roche, Audrey Vernet, Alexandra Erny, Christophe Abismil

34. Extracellular Metalloproteases and Their Inhibitors Expressed by The IFN-? Producing CHO-320 Cell Line
J. Mols, F. Verhoeye, C. Peeters-Joris, S.N. Agathos, Y.-J. Schneider

35. Novel Small-Molecule AKT1 Inhibitors Discovered by Redistribution™-Based High- Throughput Screening
Morten Præstegaard, Søren Jensby Nielsen, Betina Kerstin Lundholt, Ivan Mikkelsen, Steven Loechel, Morten Heide, Viggo Linde

36. Influence of Mistletoe Extracts and Its Components on in Vitro Physiology of Cancer Cells
F. Sidler, T. Wermelinger, L. Rist, A. Hensel, A. Viviani

37. Rapid in-Process Monitoring of Antibody Integrity, Purity and Titre- 2100 Bioanalyser (Lab on a Chip) Study
Nesredin A. Mussa, Kee Y. Cheung, Imtiaz M. Alam, Steve Flatman

38. Toxicological Evaluation of Haine River Waste-Water Samples to Appropriately Sensitized Cultured Fathead Minnow Cells Compared With the Microtox® Method
P.J. Dierickx, C. Wielen

Chapter 2. Cell Based Therapies

39. 3D-Cultivation and Characterisation of Osteogenic Cells for the Production of Highly Viable Bone Tissue Implants
M. Barthold, I. Majore, S. Fargali, F. Stahl, R. Schulz, S. Lose, H. Mayer, V. Jäger

40. Carbon Source Has a Considerable Influence on Extracellular Matrix Formation, Demonstrated on Specific Collagen Expression of Primary Human Tenocytes
D. Möbest, M. Jaeger, G. Hoben, D. Hamann, S. Wollner, G.B. Stark

41. Design and Characterization of Cardiomyocyte-Derived Microtissues
Jens M. Kelm, Elisabeth Ehler, Jean-Claude Perriard, Martin Fussenegger

42. Process Development for Standardized Generation of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells: Applicability in Breast Cancer Immunotherapy
H. R. Bohnenkamp, T. Noll

43. Stemline™ Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Medium, a Serum-Free Medium for the Expansion of CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Progenitors
S.L. Leugers, D.W. Allison, B.J. Pronold, G. Rennebeck, G. Zant, J.D. Tario, F.J. Swartzwelder, L.M. Donahue

44. Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Very First Step Towards Large Scale Cell Culture Strategies
M. Bensellam, C. Bassens, M. Toallati, S. Lowagie, J. Werenne

45. Expansion of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells on Microcarriers-Functional Characteristics and Scale-Up Potential
M. Burg, G. Quel, M. Ruediger, R. Zweigerdt

46. In Vitro Cultivation of Rabbit Mesenchymal Stromal Cells on 3D Bioresorbable Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for the Generation of Bone Tissue Implants
S. Fargali, M. Barthold, M. Rohde, I. Majore, V. Jäger

47. Establishment and Characterization of Human Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Lines for Immunotherapy
G. Stadler, R. Voglauer, M. Wieser, H. Katinger, R. Pfragner

48. Suppression of Cell Growth by Platinum Nanocolloids as Scavengers against Reactive Oxygen Species
T. Hamasaki, T. Kashiwagi, S. Aramaki, T. Imada, T. Komatsu, Y. Li, K. Teruya, Y. Katakura, S. Kabayama, K. Otsubo, S. Morisawa, S. Shirahata

49. Comparison of Fluidized Bed and Fed Batch Reactor Cultures for Production of Anti-HIV-Antibody
P. Hinterleitner, F. Unterluggauer, K. Landauer, D. Müller, R. Kunert, G. Blüml, O. Doblhoff-Dier, H. Katinger

50. Suppression of Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis of Neuronal Cells by Electrolyzed-Reduced Water
T. Kashiwagi, T. Hamasaki, S. Kabayama, M. Takaki, K. Teruya, Y. Katakura, K. Otubo, S. Morisawa, S. Shirahata

51. Spheroid Formation by Encapsulation of Cancer Cells to Mimic Small Size Tumors
A. Marc, E. Markvicheva, C. Jourdain, L. Bezdetnaya, J.L. Merlin, F. Guillemin, V. Zubov, J.L. Goergen

52. Bioreactor for Continuous Biomechanical Characterization of Cellular Systems and Tissue-Engineered Biohybrid Tissues
D. Möbest, M. Jaeger, J. Guttmann, M. Schneider, G.B. Stark

53. Membrane-Separated Cocultivation of Cord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells with Stromal Cell Lines
T. Fischbach, T. Noll

54. Anti-Apoptotic Genes Protect an Insulinoma Cell Line From Cell Death Induced by Hypergl Ycemia
Akiko Ogawa, Satoshi Terada, Masao Miki, Toshihisa Kimura, Akio Yamaguchi

55. Preparation and Characterization of an Idiotype-Dendritic Cell Vaccing for Immunotherapy of Multiple Myeloma
B. Opalka, P. Schütt, D. Brandhorst, U. Buttkereit, M. Tewes, T. Moritz, S. Seeber, M.R. Nowrousian

56. Pretreatment with Polycations Enhances Adenoviral Infection Levels in Serum-Free PER.C6? Cells as Well as Hek 293 Cells
J. Padilla, V. Burke, J. Johnson, J. Hartshorn, S. Mcnorton, K. Etchberger

57. Optimizing the Production of Cardiomyocytes from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells in a 2L Stirred Tank Reactor
M. SCHROEDER, S. Niebruegge, A. Werner, R. Zweigerdt, M. Burg, J. Lehmann

58. Establishment and Characterization of CD4+ Killer-T-Cells (KTCS) a Promising New Tool for Adoptive Immunotherapy
R. Voglauer, C. Jursik, M. Prchal, H. Jungfer, J. Grillari, H. Katinger

Chapter 3. Gene Based Therapeutics

59. Successful Development of a Robust Adenovirus Production Process Primarily Relies on a Better Understanding of Packaging Cell Line Physiology and Vector Replication Kinetics
A. Kamen, O. Henry, D. Jacob, A. Bernier

60. Retroviral Vector Stability: Inactivation Kinetics and Membrane Properties
P.E. Cruz, M. Carmo, A.S. Coroadinha, A. Bengala, D. Gonçalves, M. Teixeira, O.-W. Merten, C. Geny-Fiamma, M.J.T. Carrondo

61. Comparison of Host Cell Lines and Production Methods for a New Generation of Oncolytic Adenoviral Vectors
Sean Forestell, Chris Celeri, Chris Dang, Tom Gong, Matthew Olsen, Inesse Sifi, Inn Yuk, Scott Geyer

62. Process Development for a Veterinary Vaccine against Heartwater
I. Marcelino, M. Sousa, C. Veríssimo, C. Peixoto, M.J.T. Carrondo, P.M. Alves

63. A New Method for the Quantitative Determination of Enveloped Viral Particles
C. Beer, M. Wirth

64. Development of a 293T Cell Line for the Production of Virus Like Particles in Bioreactors
Maria João L. Costa, Rui Malhó, João gonçalves, Guilherme N.M. Ferreia, MAria Raquel Aires-Barros

65. Effect of MOI and Medium Composition on Adenovirus Infection Kinetics
Tiago B. Ferreira, Paula M. Alves, Délia Gonçalves, M.J.T. Carrondo

66. Ion-Exchange Chromatography Based Strategies for Purification of Viral Vectors
J. Vasi, R. Morenweiser, K. Eriksson, R. Lemmens, S. Herzer

67. Scaling up of Endothelial Cells Culture for the Production of a Rickettsiae Vaccine: Valuation of the Importance of the Interference Effects
V. Hendrick, N. Kagye, Y. Kamba, S. Simon, A-L. THINSY, T. Marique, J. Werenne

Chapter 4. Target Discovery

68. Inducible Gene Expression for Antibiotic Drug Discovery and Diagnostics
Wilfried Weber, Nils Link, Manuela Spielmann, Bettina Keller, Cornelia C. Weber, Martin Fussenegger

69. Nucleic Acid Capture Assay: A Novel High- Throuhgput Method for Direct Mrna Quantitation
J. Goor, P. Tsai., A. Wong, S. Mehta, L. Zheng, L.O. Elliott, J.P. Stephan

70. High Throughput Transient Transfections of Hek293Ebna Cells — Devel Opment of an Integrated Expression Purification Process at 100 ml Scale
Holger Heine, Laurence Rey, Christian Y. Arod, Jean-Philippe Gaudry, Bruno Antonsson, Georg Feger, Thierry Battle

71. Transient Gene Expression in Suspension Hek293 Cells: Application to Large-Scale Protein Production
L. Baldi, R. Jacquet, S. Picasso, P. Tromba, E. Derow, P. Girard, D. Hacker, F. M. Wurm

72. Monoclonal Antibody Production: Determination of Appropriate System and Medium for Production Enhancement and Decrease of Overall Production Time
K. Fritchman, C. Tilsaghani, T. Sumnall

73. The Secrets of Transfection in Serumfree Suspension Culture
S. Geisse, N. Maiuta, B. Buren, M. Henke

74. From Genes to Proteins: Full Open Reading Frame (ORF) Clones and Their Application in Functional Research
A. Goedde, S. Baars, K. Czerny, E. Schultz, N. Gernold, T. Scheuermann, R. Schatten, S. Henze, M. Schick, L. Ebert, C. Langlais, B. Korn

75. A Versatile Disposable Culture System for High Throughput Screening of Process Parameters and Production Cell Lines
M. Jordan, M. J. Jesus, C. Eigenmann, T. Gleich, F. M. Wurm

76. Long Time Storage of Pre-Inoculated Multi-Well PLlates for Cell-Based Assay Kits Used for Drug Iedntification and Characterisation
Alexander Loa, Claudia Gelli, Bernd Laffert

77. Comparative Secretion Levels of Recombinant Proteins between Insect Cell-Bbaculovirus and Mammalian Hek293EBNA Cells
Christophe Losberger, Thierry Bbattle

78. Microfluidic Technology Applied to Protein Sizing and Quantitation
M. Valer, T. Neumann, P. Barthmaier, M. Kuschel, C. Buhlman

79. Cryostock a Software for Cell Culture Management
Marion Zerlin, Lars Greiffenberg, Yannick Wurm, Irvin Winkler, Dieter Kreusel, Stefan Toemoe, Laszlo Ballabas, Jens Martin

Chapter 5. Biopharmaceuticals

80. Targeting the Human Immunoglobulin Loci for High Level Hgene
K. Winkler, T. Wermelinger, C. Paul, S Koch, R. Brecht, S. Zietze, R. Nuck, G. Thiel, U. Marx, V. Sandig

81. Mar Elements as Tools to Increase Protein Production by CHO Cells
P.-A. Girod, M. M. Zahn-Zabal, N. Mermod

82. Cell Line Engineering for Production of Therapeutic Antibody Glycoforms with Increased Biological Activity
Pablo Umana, Peter Bruenker, Claudia Ferrara, Samuel Moser, Tobias Suter, Christian Gerdes, Ursula Puentener, Joel Jean-Mairet, Patrick Buholzer, Manuel Spaeni

83. Development of a Metabolically Optimized Fermentation Process Based on Glucose-Limited CHO Perfusion Culture
Link T, Essers R, Zörner K, Gätgens J, Graaf A, Backstrom M, Hansson G, Noll T

84. Applications of Quasi Real-Time Metabolic Flux Analysis in Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development
Chetan Goudar, Richard Biener, James Michaels, Chun ZHang, James Piret, Konstantin Konstantinov

85. Data-Based Modelling of Cell Cultures
C. Cunha-Bakeev, J. Glassey, G. Montague, M. -Rubeal, P. Hardwicke

86. Cell Culture and Downstream Processing Integration Using Proteinchip® Technology Application to Protein Analysis and Purification in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
S. Bengio, P. Santambien, S. Cleverley

87. The Prospects for Insect Cells for Use as a Cell Substrate for the Production of Biotherapeutics
D.N. Galbraith

88. High Performance Cell Culture Platform Technology for MAb Production
David Y.H. Chang, Paul Garza, Yao-Ming Huang, Mylene Talabardon, Soheil Rahmati, Eric Fallon, Wolfgang Noe

89. Development and Integration of a New Animal-Component-Free Process for the Production of UK-279,276
S. Pluschkell, L. Blocker, R. Geldart, S. Hawrylik, P. Mensah, C. Okediadi, S. Pias, A. Subashi, M. Zhu

90. Towards an Affinity-Based Capture System for the Isolation of High Expression Cells Using a Co-Expressed Surface Protein
M. Derouazi, H.M. Pick, C. Deluz, S. Picasso, R. Jacquet, F.M. Wurm

91. Effect of Doxycycline-Regulated Calnexin and Calreticulin Expression on Specific Thrombopoietin Productivity of Recombinant CHO Cells
Joo Young Chung, Seung Wook Lim, Yeon Joo Hong, Yeo Wook Koh, Sun Ok Hwang, Gyun Min Lee

92. Recombinant Glycoprotein Expression Development of a Homologous CHO Expression System
C.B. Noone, T.J. Smith, M.T. Cairns

93. Generation of Recombinant Antibody Manufacturing Cell Lines Using Cell-Cell Fusion
Wenlin Zeng, Ela Puchacz, Katy Heineken, Isaac Raymond, Conway Chang, Thomas Ryll, Steve Chamow

94. Cloning and Expression of Biopharmaceuticals in CHO.K1 and BHK-21 Cells
G.F. Asensi, J.M. Cavalcanti, P.M. Sousa, E.M. Aguila, J.T. Silva, V.M.F. Paschoalin, L.R. Castilho

95. Camel Single-Domain Antibodies as Modular Building Blocks to Make Bivalent Constructs for Use in Immunotherapy of Cancer
Virna Cortez-Retamozo, N. Backmann, P. Senter, U. Wernery, P. Baetselier, S. Muyldermans, H. Revets

96. Establishment of Efficient Cloning Method for Variable Region Genes of Antigen Specific Human Monoclonal Antibody
S. Matsumoto, Y. Katakura, M. Yamashita, Y. Aiba, E. Noguchi, K. Teruya, S. Shirahata

97. From Gene to Monoclonal Antibody: Efficient Screening by Cell Sorting
Borth N., E. Böhm, J. Grillari, M. Löscher, S. Gross, R. Voglauer, B. Ferko, R. Kunert, H. Katinger

98. Development of an Integrated Strategy for Recombinant Cell Line Selection
A. J. Castillo, S. Víctores, E. Faife, Y. Rabasa, K. R. Laluz

99. Gene Transfer to a Animal Cells in Culture by Microinjection: A Novel Tool to Create Recombinant Cell Lines?
M. Derouazi, P. Girard, M. Jordan, C. Denoya, F.M. Wurm

100. Evaluation of the Stability of NS0 Cell Lines Expressing Recombinant Human IgG
Wyn Forrest-Owen, Lekan Daramola, Diane Hatton, Ray Field

101. High Throughput Screening and Selection of Single Cells in Suspension Using Fluorescence Parameters
C. Giese, C.D. Demmler, G. Gradl, U. Marx

102. Control of Key Parameters in the Development of Mammalian Production Clones
R. Kunert, S. Wolbank, M. Chang, S. Preis, W. Steinfellner, N. Borth, H. Katinger

103. Establishment of Screening Systems for Recombinant Cell Lines: Early Prediction of the Suitability as a Production Clone
Ch. Lattenmayer, R. Kunert, H. Katinger

104. Characterisation of CHO Subclones Showing Profound Changes in Performance When Propagated in Different Cultivation Systems
E. Trummer, D. Müller, W. Steinfellner, R. Kunert, F. Steindl, F. Hesse, H. Katinger

105. High Level Production of Recombinant IgG in the Human Cell Line PER.C6™
C. Yallop, M. Raamsman, M. Zuijderwijk, Y. Noordenburg, A. Vooys, R. Keehnen, B. Montfort, M. Jansen, F. Lagerwerf, R. Dijkstra, M. Birrento, M. Vocht, S. Renger, A. Bout, D.-J. Opstelten

106. Creating a New Medium to Help Meet the Variable Nutritional Requirements of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Clones
Z. Deeds, A. Albee, B. Delong, J. Gifford, S. Ross, K. Kao, M. Caple

107. Development of an Efficient Medium Optimization Kit for Factorial Matrix Design—A Statistical Approach to Increase Cell Growth and Productivity of Recombinany CHO Cells
B. Delong, A. Albee, Z. Deeds, J. Gifford, S. Ross, K. Kao, M. Caple

108. An Efficient Approach to Cell Culture Medium Optimization — A Statistical Method to Medium Mixing
J. Gifford, A. Albee, ZW. Deeds, B. Delong, K. Kao, S. Ross, MV. Caple

109. Virus Inactivation in Foetal Calf Serum by a Combined Treatment of Gammairradiation and UV-C Irradiation
H. Hermann, R. Burian, R. Waldmann

110. Advances in Media Optimization: Two Automated Approaches that Increase Expression While Reducing Development Time
Stacy Holdread, Cindy Hunt, Perry Haaland, Bryce Chaney, Warren Porter, Mohammad Heidaran, Jon Wannlund

111. The Importance of Cholesterol for Insect Cell Growth and Baculovirus Production
Linda H.L. Lua, Steven Reid

112. Use of Rapeseed Proteins and Peptides as Supplements in Insect Cell Cultures
A. Marc, V. Deparis, C. Durrieu, I. Marc, J.L. Goergen, I. Chevalot

113. Nutritional Performance of Wheat-Gluten-Derived Protein Hydrolysates in Hybridoma Cell Cultures. A Nutritional Function Study
Dirk E. Martens, Hendrikus B.A. Wegkamp, Nicholas H. Simpson, Hans H. Huttinga, Ton Kunst, André D. Siemensma

114. Synthechol™ Ynthetic Cholesterol for Cholesterol Dependent Cell Culture — Development of Non-Animal Derived Chemically Defined NS0 Medium
D. Talley, B. Cutak, E. Rathbone, T. -Kolla, D. Allison, J. Blasberg, K. Kao, M. Caple

115. NS0 Derivatives: MAB Production in Largescale SFM Formats
J. Manwaring, B. Barnett, B. Pence, W. Whitford

116. Silk Protein Sericin Accelerates Proliferation of Various Mammalian Cells
Satoshi Terada, Kana Yanagihara, Kozue Kaito, Masao Miki, Masahiro Sasaki, Kazuhisa Tsujimoto, Hideyuki Yamada

117. Image Analysis Based Real Time-Control of Glucose Concentration
T. Brueckerhoff, J.-G. Frerichs, K. Joeris, K. Konstantinov, T. Scheper

118. Online Analysis of Microcarrier Cultivations
Arne Burzlaff, Cornelia Kasper, Thomas Scheper

119. Error Analysis during Estimation of Metabolic Fluxes through Metabolite Balancing
Chetan Goudar, Richard Biener, James Michaels, James Piret, Konstantin Konstantinov

120. Generalized Logistic Equation Modeling of Mammalian Cell Batch Cultures
Chetan Goudar, Rüdiger Heidemann, Klaus Joeris, James Michaels, James Piret, Konstantin Konstantinov

121. In-Situ Microscopy Based Monitoring of Mammalian Cell Culture Processes
Klaus Joeris, Jan-Gerd Frerichs, Thomas Scheper, Konstantin Konstantinov

122. A Noel Disposable Microtube for Rapid Assessment of Biomass in Cell Cultures
Martin Jordan

123. Intracellular Monitoring of Baculovirus Infection of SF9 Insect Cells and R-Protein Production Using Anti-Alpha-1,3/4 Fucosyl Transferase Antibodies and Flow Cytometry
A. Marc, V. Deparis, A. Jeston, J.-L. Goergen

124. Effect of Glucose and Glutamine Concentration on Metabolism of Animal Cells in Chemostat Culture
H. Matsuoka, T. Takeda

125. Evaluation of a Novel apacitance Probe for On-Line Monitoring of Viable Cell Densities in Batch and Fed-Batch Animal Cell Culture Processes
G. Schmid, D. Zacher

126. Sodium Butyrate Enhancement of Protein Expression in Hela Cells: Follow-Up of a Chimeric Reporter Gene Behaviour for Process Development
C. Bassens, P. Rigaux, V. Hendrick, M. Cherlet, K. Sato, K. Kotarsky, J. Werenne

127. Scalable, Serum-Free, High Efficiency Transfection of CHO Cells Using an Economical DNA Transfer Vehicle
P. Girard, M. Derouazi, F. Tilborgh, F.M. Wurm

128. Process Optimization for an NS0-Derived Hybridoma Cell Line in a Chemically Defined, Protein-Free Medium
J. M. Johnson, J. Hartshorn, S. Mcnorton, J. A. Padilla, T. Mohabbat, S. Luo, K. Etchberger

129. Impact of Change in Fermentation Process pH and Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Concentration on Secreted Antibody Structure and Cell Physiology of a GS-NS0 Cell Line Expressing a Human Antibody
Alison Ridley, Jonathan Dempsey, Chris Gee, Richard Turner, Matthew Osborne, Steve Ruddock, Christy Ritchie, Ray Field

130. Experimental Factorial Design for the Study of Some Variables in Roller Bottles Cell Culture
E.N. Rodríguez, M. Pérez, Y. Ordaz, P.R. Casanova, L. Martinez, N. Herrera

131. Evaluation of Rollercell System for High Scale Production of Biopharmaceuticals
E.N. Rodríguez, M. Pérez, Y. Ordaz, P.R. Casanova, L. Martinez, N. Herrera

132. Strategies for the Process Development of Monoclonal Antonpdoes for Therapeutic Use
C. Mattei, N. Dt Bernardi, F. Gaspari, S. Castiglioni, A. Orlandi, E. Muru, L. Cavenaghi, M.L. Nolli

133. Optimisation of PEI-Mediated Transient Expression in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Andrew S. Tait, Mike Hoare, John Birch, Douglas J. Galbraith, MIchael Hines, Catherine J. Brown, David C. James

134. Development of Fed-Batch Process Producing Monoclonal Antibodies Using In-House Media
Yao-Ming Huang, Thu Huynh, Le Ly, Wolfgang Noe, David Y. H. Chang

135. Production of an Anti ß2 Integrin Monoclonal Antibody by a Hybridoma Cell Line Grown in a 2 Liter Bioreactor
H. Kallel, A. Bellila, D. M. Fathallah

136. Economic Evaluation of Disposables vs Stainless Steel within a Modular Pilot Plant Facility — a Comparative Analysis
Miriam Monge, Andrew Sinclair

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Cory J. Card, Thomas Smith, Brent Hunsaker, Bill Barnett

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