Ashkenazi, J.

New Challenges in Superconductivity: Experimental Advances and Emerging Theories

Ashkenazi, J. - New Challenges in Superconductivity: Experimental Advances and Emerging Theories, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Lattice Dynamics and Electron Pairing in High Temperature Superconductors
A. Lanzara, G.-H. Gweon, S. Y. Zhou

2. Direct Arpes and TC Enhancement in Compressively Strained LSCO-214 Films
Davor Pavuna, Mike Abrecht, Daniel Ariosa, Dominique Cloetta

3. Full Fermi Surface of a High Temperature Superconductor Revealed by Angular Magnetoresistance Oscillations
N. E. Hussey, M. Abdel-Jawad, A. Carrington, A. P. Mackenzie, L. Balicas

4. Sum Rules and Energy Scales in BiSrCaCuO
A.F. Santander-Syro, R.P.S.M. Lobo, N. Bontemps

5. Optical Properties of (Pr,Ce)2CuO4
A. Zimmers, N. Bontemps, R.P.S.M. Lobo, C.P. Hill, M.C. Barr, R.L. Greene, C.C. Homes, A.J. Millis

6. Tunneling Spectra Near Tc Inoverdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d
M. Oda, Y. Tanaka, A. Hashimoto, N. Momono, M. Ido

7. Andreev — Saint James Reflections as a Tool for the Study of Unconventional Superconductors
Guy Deutscher

8. Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d C-Axis Bicrystal Twist and Cross-Whisker Experiments
Richard A. Klemm

9. Nodeless Pairing State in Yba2Cu3O7
Dale R. Harshman, John D. Dow, W. J. Kossler, A. T. Fiory, A. J. Greer, D. R. Noakes, C. E. Stronach, E. Koster

10. Nuclear Spin Relaxation and Incommensurate Magnetism in Doped Cuprates
L. P. Gor’kov, G. B. Teitel’baum

11. Antiferromagnetic Vortex Core in Htsc Studied by Spatially-Resolved NMR
K. Kumagai1, K. Kakuyanagi, Y. Matsuda, M. Hasegawa

12. Exploring the Oxygen Order in Hg -1223 and Hg -1201 by 199Hg Mas Nmr
Raivo Stern, Ivo Heinmaa, Dmitriy A. Pavlov, Ingrid Bryntse

13. Two Fluids Formation in the Normal State of High-TC Superconductor
J. S. Kim, Y. W. Park

14. Temperature Dependence of In-Plane Resistivity of Ybco
J. Jung, M. Abdelhadi

15. Measurements of the Doping Effects on the In-Plane Paraconductivity in Cuprate Superconductors
Felix Vidal, Manuel V. Ramallo, Gonzalo Ferro, Jose Antonio Veira

16. A Possibility of a Phase Fluctuationlike Effect in Htsc Cuprates
Yu. S. Nechaev

17. Pseudogap Behavior in Underdoped Cuprates
David Pines

18. Notes on Rvb-Vanilla by Anderson et al.
C.M. Varma

19. Enhanced Tc Near the Metal/Insulator Transition: A New Perspective on Unconventional Superconducting Materials
M. S. Osofsky, R. J. Soulen

20. Electron-Lattice Interaction in Htsc Curates
T. Egami

21. High-Temperature Superconductivity of Oxides
John D. Dow, Dale R. Harshman

22. Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Bosonfermion Model of Cuprates
T.A. Mamedov, M. Llano

23. Oxygen-Related Band-Features of the Extended Emerymodel for the Hts Cuprates
Ivana Mrkonjic, Slaven Barišic

24. Condensation Energy for Spin Fluctuations Mechanism of Pairing in High-Tc Superconductors
Sergei Kruchinin

25. Effects of Disorder with Finite Range on the Properties of D-Wave Superconductors
Carsten T. Rieck, Kurt Scharnberg, Simon Scheffler

26. Superconductivity in the Background of Two-Dimensional Stripe Superstructure
Boris V. Fine

27. Theory for Key Experiments in Cuprate Superconductors
D. Manske, I. Eremin, K.H. Bennemann

28. Dynamical Spin Susceptibility in Singlet-Correlated Band Model
M.V. Eremin, I. Eremin

29. Stripe-Like Inhomogeneities, Coherence, and the Physics of the High tc Cuprates
J. Ashkenazi

30. Self-Supported Superconductivity in Layered Metalochloronitrides
V.Z. Kresin, A. Bill, H. Morawitz

31. First Order Superconducting Transition Near a Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point
Dirk K. Morr

32. Structures and Superconducting Properties of Sodium Cobalt Oxides
Kazunori Takada, Hiroya Sakurai, Eiji Takayama-Muromachi, Fujio Izumi, Ruben A. Dilanian, Takayoshi Sasaki

33. Upper Critical Field for Cobalt Oxide Superconductors
Maciej M. Maska, Marcin Mierzejewski

34. Disproportionation and Spin Ordering Tendencies in NaxCoO2 AT x = 1/3
J. Kunes, K.-W. Lee, W. E. Pickett

35. Interband Scattering in MgB2
R.P.S.M. Lobo, M. Elsen, P. Monod, J.J. Tu, Eun-Mi Choi, Hyeong-Jin Kim, W. N. Kang, Sung-Ik Lee, R.J. Cava, G.L. Carr

36. Phonon Structure in Point-Contact Spectra of MGB2
I.K. Yanson

37. A Theoretical Approach to Design Unconventional Superconductors by Heterocyclic Molecules
C. Ögretir, T. Arslan, S. Yarligan


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