Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

Phenomenology of Life. Meeting the Challenges of the Present-Day World

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - Phenomenology of Life. Meeting the Challenges of the Present-Day World, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I. Phenomenologists' Vocation in the World of Life

1. “Phenomenology of Life” as Chance for Philosophy's Transformation into a New Humanism
Carmen Cozma

2. The Meaning of Life vis-à-vis the Challenges of the Present-Day World
David Grünberg

3. The Transcendental-Phenomenological Meaning of the Notion of “Experience” in E. Husserl and J. Dewey's Philosophy
R. Kurenkova, Y. Plekhanov, E. Rogacheva

Section II. The Role of the Philosopher Continued

4. Husserl's Mission of Sovereignty of Thought
Jozef Sivak

5. The Task of Philosophy and the Significance of the Vocation of the Philosopher for Human Life in Husserl's Phenomenological Analysis
Nicoletta Ghigi

6. Towards a Phenomenology of Courageous Willing
Jeffrey Wattles

7. Becoming Phenomenology: Style, Poetic Texture, and the Pragmatic Turn in Gilles Deleuze and Michel Serres
Ming-Qian Ma

Section III. Sharing-in-Life

8. How Can We be Together: Intersubjectivity and Communication
Ella Buceniece

9. A Critique of the Polarity in Edmund Husserl's Intersubjectivity Theory
Chiedozie Okoro

10. Lived Words: The Phenomenology of Poetry Experienced
Matti Itkonen

11. Existence and Communication: Challenge of the Times
Velga Vevere

12. The Existence of Other Egos and the Philosophy of Moral Sentiments
HalIl Turan

Section IV. Ecological Concern and Their Groundwork in the Unity-of-Everything-There-is-Alive

13. The Beingness of Living Beings in Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka's Philosophy
Zaiga Ikere

14. On the Idea of Environment
Ayhan Sol

15. The Meaning of Life: A Topological Approach
Nikolay Milkov

16. Epistemological Relativism as a Challenge to Life Sciences — Do We Still Need Universals?
Alex Antonites

17. Meeting One's Death in Arcadia
Hanna Scolnicov

Section V. Ciphering Life: From Theory to Practice

18. Objectivization of Time in the Obsessive World
María Lucrecia Rovaletti

19. Phenomenology, Linguistic Intentionality, Affectivity and Villemoes' New Therapy for Schizophrenics
Wilfried Eecke, Richard Cobb-Stevens

Section VI. Further Excavating of the “Conception” of the “Life-World”

20. Phenomenological Hyletics and the Lifeworld
Angela Ales Bello

21. Phenomenology, the Life-World and the Human Condition
Konrad Rokstad

22. Transcendence and the Human Condition: Reflections on Kant, Heidegger and Levinas
ElIf Çirakman

23. L'Enchantement du Corps chez Nietzsche et Husserl
Alain Beaulieu

24. To Being or not to Being? That is the Question for Ethics
Wendy C. Hamblet

Section VII. Search for a Deeper Social Equilibrium

25. Imre Kertesz in the 21st Century: Phenomenological Approaches to Philosophical Distortions and Social Violence
Jesse T. Airaudi

26. Phanomenologie der Gewalt. Eine Problemskizze
Michael Staudigl

27. Twentieth-Century Italian Painting Against the Nihilist Drift of European Thought
Piero Trupia

28. On Guises, Concepts and Related Topics
Semiha Akinci

29. Curriculum of Primary School Science
Kiymet Selvi

30. The Orator Does Not Think Before, nor Even While, Speaking: His Speech is his Thought
Eldon C. Wait

31. Education Amidst a Cultural Crisis
Willem W. Groenou


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