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International Handbook of Research in Arts Education

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Table of contents

Section 1. History

1. Prelude: History of Education and Arts Education
Gordon Cox

2. Capitalizing Art Education: Mapping International Histories
Mary Ann Stankiewicz

3. Interlude: Arts Education, the Aesthetic and Cultural Studies
Arthur D. Efland

4. A History of Drama Education: A Search for Substance
Gavin Bolton

5. The Teaching and Learning of Music in the Settings of Family, Church, and School: Some Historical Perspectives
Gordon Cox

6. Interlude: History Looking Forward
Richard Colwell

7. Social History and Dance as Education
Ann Dils

8. The Teaching of English Language Arts as Poetic Language: An Institutionalist View
Alyson Whyte

Section 2. Curriculum

9. Prelude: Making Sense of Curriculum Research in Arts Education
Susan W. Stinson

10. Currents of Change in the Music Curriculum
Janet R. Barrett

11. Experiencing the Visual and Visualizing Experiences
Rita L. Irwin, F. Graeme Chalmers

12. Interlude: On Learning to Draw and Paint as an Adult
Decker Walker

13. Proteus, the Giant at the Door: Drama and Theater in the Curriculum
John O'Toole, Jo O'Mara

14. Narrative as Artful Curriculum Making
Lynn Butler-Kisber, Yi Li, D. Jean Clandinin, Pamela Markus

15. Interlude: Imagining Ms. Eddy Alive; or, the Return of the Arts Teacher and her Personalized Curriculum
Tom Barone

16. Dance Curriculum Research
Donald Blumenfeld-Jones, Sheaun-Yann Liang

17. Music (and Arts) Education from the Point of View of Didaktik and Bildung
Frede V. Nielsen

18. Arts Integration in the Curriculum: A Review of Research and Implications for Teaching and Learning
Joan Russell, Michalinos Zembylas

19. Artists in the Academy: Curriculum and Instruction
Eve Harwood

Section 3. Assessment and Evaluation

20. Prelude: Making Connections in Assessment and Evaluation in Arts Education
Regina Murphy, Magne Espeland

21. To See and to Share: Evaluating the Dance Experience in Education
Barry Oreck

22. Harmonizing Assessment and Music in the Classroom
Regina Murphy

23. Interlude: Reflections on a Line from Dewey
Chris Higgins

24. Assessing English within the Arts
Kathy Hall, Jonathan Rix, Ian Eyres

25. Wrestling with Assessment in Drama Education
Shifra Schonmann

26. Interlude: Assessment and Evaluation in Education and the Arts
Elliot Eisner

27. Evaluation Research in Visual Arts Education
Folkert Haanstra, Diederik W. Schönau

Section 4. Composition

28. Prelude: The Composition Section Composing as Metaphor and Process
Sarah J. McCarthey

29. Compositional Process in Music
Jackie Wiggins

30. Four Metaphors of the Composing Process
Sarah J. McCarthey

31. Interlude: Metaphor and the Mission of the Arts
Keith Swanwick

32. Composition in Theater: Writing and Devising Performance
Barbara McKean

33. Research in Choreography
Thomas K. Hagood, Luke C. Kahlich

34. Interlude: Art and Metaphor, Body and Mind
Michael Parsons

35. Composing in Visual Arts
Anna M. Kindler

Section 5. Appreciation

36. Prelude: Locating the Heart of Experience
Margaret S. Barrett

37. Moving into Dance: Dance Appreciation as Dance Literacy
Ann Dils

38. Appreciation: The Weakest Link in Drama/Theater Education
Shifra Schonmann

39. Music Appreciation: Exploring Similarity and Difference
Margaret S. Barrett

40. Later “In the Early World”: The Changing Role of Poetry and Creative Writing in the K-12 Classroom
Stuart D. Lishan, Terry Hermsen

41. Teaching Toward Appreciation in the Visual Arts
Terry Barrett

42. Interlude: The Arches of Experience
Maxine Greene

43. Interlude: On Reading Maxine's Interlude
Robert Stake

44. Postcards from “A World Made Possible”: Excerpts from Virtual Conversations
Jerome S. Bruner, Liora Bresler

Section 6. Museums and Cultural Centers

45. Prelude: Museums, Cultural Centers, and What We Don't Know
Elizabeth Vallance

46. The Role of Theater in Museums and Historic Sites: Visitors, Audiences, and Learners
Catherine Hughes, Anthony Jackson, Jenny Kidd

47. Questions Asked in Art-museum Education Research
Elizabeth Vallance

48. Interlude: Art Information, Arts Learners: The Role of Libraries
David Carr

49. “Private Teaching, Private Learning”: An Exploration of Music Instrument Learning in the Private Studio, Junior and Senior Conservatories
Jane W. Davidson, Nicole Jordan

50. Interlude: Cultural Centers and Strategies of Being: Creativity, Sanctuary, the Public Square, and Contexts for Exchange
Mike Ross

51. Music Beyond School: Learning through Participation
Stephanie E. Pitts

Section 7. Informal Learning

52. Prelude: Framing Informality
Minette Mans

53. In the Beginning: Pleistocene and Infant Aesthetics and 21st-century Education in the Arts
Ellen Dissanayake

54. Interlude: Two or More Forms of Music
Tia DeNora

55. Learning Aesthetic Values in African Musical Worlds
Minette Mans

56. Interlude: An Ethnomusicological Perspective
Bruno Nettl

57. Creative Media Cultures: Making and Learning Beyond the School
Julian Sefton-Green, Elisabeth Soep

Section 8. Child Culture

58. Prelude: The Arts and Children's Culture
Christine Marmé Thompson

59. Children as Agents in Dance: Implications of the Notion of Child Culture for Research and Practice in Dance Education
Eeva Anttila

60. Musical Meaning in Children's Cultures
Patricia Shehan Campbell

61. The Culture of Childhood and the Visual Arts
Christine Marmé Thompson

62. Interlude: A Story of Visual Cultural and Pedagogical Webs
Brent Wilson

63. Children's Culture and Mimesis: Representations, Rubrics, and Research
Stephani Etheridge Woodson

Section 9. Social and Cultural Issues

64. Prelude: Social and Cultural Perspectives in Arts Education Research
Doug Risner, Tracie E. Costantino

65. Research on Drama and Theater for Social Change
Laura A. McCammon

66. Critical Social Issues in Dance Education Research
Doug Risner

67. Interlude: The Pulse of Art: What is and What Might be
Madeleine Grumet

68. Social Issues in Music Education
Bengt Olsson

69. Master Narratives and Oppositional Texts: Aesthetics and Black Literature for Youth
Violet J. Harris

70. Interlude: War, Violence, and Peace in the Arts
Nel Noddings

71. Conflict and Peace: Challenges for Arts Educators
Nurit Cohen Evron

72. Social Issues in Art and Visual/Material Culture Education
Elizabeth Garber, Tracie E. Costantino

Section 10. The Body

73. Prelude: Moving from Still Life: Emerging Conceptions of the Body in Arts Education
Kimberly Powell

74. The Body in a State of Music
Wayne Bowman, Kimberly Powell

75. Drama Education and the Body: ”I Am, Therefore I Think”
Christopher R. Osmond

76. Student Bodies: Dance Pedagogy and the Soma
Jill Green

77. Interlude: Astonished by a Stone: Art and the Eloquence of Matter
David Abram

78. Extreme Bodies: The Body as Represented and Experienced through Critical and Popular Visual Culture
Paul Duncum, Stephanie Springgay

79. The Body also has a History: A Critical Aesthetics for Arts Education
Michael A. Peters

Section 11. Creativity

80. Prelude: Provocations in Creativity Research
Pamela Burnard

81. Creativity as Research Practice in the Visual Arts
Graeme Sullivan

82. Routes to Understanding Musical Creativity
Pamela Burnard

83. Artistic Creativity, Ethics, and the Authentic Self
Bennett Reimer

84. Conceptions of Creativity in Drama Education
Kathleen Gallagher

85. Interlude: The Art of Creativity
Peter Abbs

86. Human Music
Rishma Dunlop

87. Creativity Research in Dance
Carol M. Press, Edward C. Warburton

Section 12. Technology

88. Prelude: Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Values: Technology and its Role in Arts Education
Peter R. Webster

89. Digital Literacy: What it Means for Arts Education
Ilana Snyder, Scott Bulfin

90. Computer-based Technology and Music Teaching and Learning: 2000–2005
Peter R. Webster

91. Understanding the Message of the Medium: Media Technologies as an Aesthetic
Karen Ferneding

92. Interlude: Technology and Arts Education
Bertram C. Bruce

93. Art Education Avatars in Cyberspace: Research in Computer-based Technology and Visual Arts Education
Mary Stokrocki

94. Technology in Dance Education
Mila Parrish

Section 13. Spirituality

95. Prelude: Plumbing the Depths of Being Fully Alive
Rita L. Irwin

96. Spirituality in the Musical Experience
June Boyce-Tillman

97. Japanese Spirituality and Music Practice: Art as Self-cultivation
Koji Matsunobu

98. Interlude: The Force that Rides the Sound
Meki Nzewi

99. The Soul Moves: Dance and Spirituality in Educative Practice
Celeste N. Snowber

100. Interlude: Astonishing Wonder: Spirituality and Poetry in Educational Research
Monica Prendergast, Carl Leggo

101. Concerning the Spiritual in Art Education
Peter London

102. Interlude: Education, Spirituality, and the Arts
Kieran Egan

103. Spiritual Ecology in Art Education: A Re-vision of Meaning
Sally Gradle


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