Larkum, Anthony W. D.

Seagrasses: Biology, Ecology and Conservation

Seagrasses: Biology, Ecology and Conservation


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Table of contents

1. Taxonomy and Biogeography of Seagrasses
C. Hartog, John Kuo

2. Seagrass Evolution, Ecology and Conservation: A Genetic Perspective
Michelle Waycott, Gabriele Procaccini, Donald H. Les, Thorsten B. H. Reusch

3. Seagrass Morphology, Anatomy, and Ultrastructure
J. Kuo, C. Hartog

4. Sexual Reproduction of Seagrasses: Pollination in the Marine Context
Josef Daniel Ackerman

5. Ecology of Seagrass Seeds and Seagrass Dispersal Processes
Robert J. Orth, Matthew C. Harwell, Graeme J. Inglis

6. Seagrass Beds and Coastal Biogeochemistry
Núria Marbà, Marianne Holmer, Esperança Gacia, Christina Barrón

7. Carbon Flux in Seagrass Ecosystems
Miguel A. Mateo, Just Cebrián, Kenneth Dunton, Troy Mutchler

8. Fluid Dynamics in Seagrass Ecology—from Molecules to Ecosystems
Evamaria W. Koch, Joseph D. Ackerman, Jennifer Verduin, Michael Keulen

9. Nutrient Dynamics in Seagrass Ecosystems
Javier Romero, Kun-Seop Lee, Marta Pérez, Miguel A. Mateo, Teresa Alcoverro

10. Oxygen Movement in Seagrasses
Jens Borum, Kaj Sand-Jensen, Thomas Binzer, Ole Pedersen, Tina Maria Greve

11. Dynamics of Seagrass Stability and Change
Carlos M. Duarte, James W. Fourqurean, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Birgit Olesen

12. Aquatic Optics: Basic Concepts for Understanding How Light Affects Seagrasses and Makes them Measurable from Space
Richard C. Zimmerman, Arnold G. Dekker

13. Light and Photosynthesis in Seagrass Meadows
Richard C. Zimmerman

14. Photosynthesis and Metabolism in Seagrasses at the Cellular Level
Anthony W. D. Larkum, Edward A. Drew, Peter J. Ralph

15. Remote Sensing of Seagrass Ecosystems: Use of Spaceborne and Airborne Sensors
Arnold Dekker, Vittorio Brando, Janet Anstee, Suzanne Fyfe, Timothy Malthus, Evanthia Karpouzli

16. Zostera: Biology, Ecology, and Management
Kenneth A. Moore, Frederick T. Short

17. Biology of Posidonia
Sylvie Gobert, Marion L. Cambridge, Branco Velimirov, Gérard Pergent, Gilles Lepoint, Jean-Marie Bouquegneau, Patrick Dauby, Christine Pergent-Martini, Diana I. Walker

18. The Biology of Thalassia: Paradigms and Recent Advances in Research
Brigitta I. Tussenbroek, Jan A. Vonk, Johan Stapel, Paul L. A. Erftemeijer, Jack J. Middelburg, Jay C. Zieman

19. Epiphytes of Seagrasses
Michael A. Borowitzka, Paul S. Lavery, Mike Keulen

20. The Central Role of Grazing in Seagrass Ecology
John F. Valentine, J. Emmett Duffy

21. Seagrasses, Fish, and Fisheries
Bronwyn M. Gillanders

22. Predation in Seagrass Beds
Kenneth L. Heck, Robert J. Orth

23. Decline and Recovery of Seagrass Ecosystems—The Dynamics of Change
Diana I. Walker, Gary A. Kendrick, Arthur J. McComb

24. Human Impacts on Seagrasses: Eutrophication, Sedimentation, and Contamination
Peter J. Ralph, David Tomasko, Kenneth Moore, Stephanie Seddon, Catrionà M. O. Macinnis-Ng

25. Seagrass Conservation Biology: An Interdisciplinary Science for Protection of the Seagrass Biome
W. Judson Kenworthy, Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria, Robert G. Coles, Gérard Pergent, Christine Pergent-Martini

26. Seagrass Ecology: New Contributions from a Landscape Perspective
Susan S. Bell, Mark S. Fonseca, Nathaniel B. Stafford


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