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Table of contents

Section One. Theories and Concepts

1. Introduction to Section 1

2. Let’s Make Things Engaging
Kees Overbeeke, Tom Djajadiningrat, Caroline Hummels, Stephan Wensveen, Joep Prens

3. The Engineering of Experience
Phoebe Sengers

4. The Thing and I: Understanding the Relationship Between User and Product
Marc Hassenzahl

5. Making Sense of Experience
Peter Wright, John McCarthy, Lisa Meekison

6. Enjoyment: Lessons from Karasek
Petter Bae Brandtzæg, Asbjørn Følstad, Jan Heim

7. Fun on the Phone: The Situated Experience of Recreational Telephone Conferences
Darren J. Reed

8. The Enchantments of Technology
John C. McCarthy, Peter C. Wright

9. The Semantics of Fun: Differentiating Enjoyable Eeperiences
Mark Blythe, Marc Hassenzahl

Section Two. Methods and Techniques

10. User Empowerment and the Fun Factor
Jakob Nielsen

11. Introduction to Section 2

12. Measuring Emotion: Development and Application of an Instrument to Measure Emotional Responses to Products
Pieter Desmet

13. That’s Entertainment!
John Karat, Clare-Marie Karat

14. Designing for Fun: User-Testing Case Studies
Randy J. Pagulayan, Keith R. Steury, Bill Fulton, Ramon L. Romero

15. Playing Games in the Emotional Space
Kristina Andersen, Margot Jacobs, Laura Polazzi

16. Deconstructing Experience: Pulling Crackers Apart
Alan Dix

17. Designing Engaging Experiences with Children and Artists
Richard Hull, Jo Reid

18. Building Narrative Experiences for Children Through Real Time Media Manipulation: Pogo World
Antonio Rizzo, Patrizia Marti, Françoise Decortis, Job Rutgers, Paul Thursfield

Section Three. Case Studies in Design

19. Introduction to Section 3

20. The Joy of Telephony: Designing Appealing Interactions
Hubertus Hohl, Klaus Wissmann, Manfred Burger

21. From Usable to Enjoyable Information Displays
Sara Ljungblad, Tobias Skog, Lars Erik Holmquist

22. Fun for All: Promoting Engagement and Paraticipation in Community Programming Projects
Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll

23. Storytelling & Conversation to Improve the Fun Factor in Software Applications
Norbert Braun

24. Deconstructing Ghosts
Jonathan Sykes, Richard Wiseman

25. Interfacing the Narrative Experience
Jennica Falk

26. Whose Line is It Anyway? Enabling Creative Appropriation of Television
Erik Blankinship, Pilapa Esara

27. The Interactive Installation ISH: In Search of Resonant Human Product Interaction
Caroline Hummels, Kees Overbeeke, Aadjan Helm

28. Fun with Your Alarm Clock: Designing for Engaging Experiences Through Emotionally Rich Interaction
Stephan Wensveen, Kees Overbeeke


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