Freeman, Kassie

International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research

Freeman, Kassie - International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Globalisation, Education and Policy: Changing Paradigms
Joseph Zajda

2. Policy Borrowing in Education: Frameworks for Analysis
David Phillips

3. Comparative Education in the Era of Globalisation: Evolution, Missions and Roles
Mark Bray

4. The Education and Training of Knowledge Workers
David Wilson

5. Tacit Skills and Occupational Mobility in a Global Culture
Karen Evans

6. Development, Globalisation and Decentralisation: Comparative Research Towards a Theory for Managing Diversity
David Turner

7. Globalisation and the Governance of National Education Systems
Holger Daun

8. Rethinking Globalisation and the Future of Education in Africa
Macleans Geo-Jaja, Joseph Zajda

9. Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and Latin American Higher Education: The Challenge to National Universities
Robert A. Rhoads, Carlos A. Torres, Andrea Brewster

10. Globalisation and Higher Education Policy Changes
Kingsley Banya

11. Globalisation and Education Reforms in Hong Kong: Paradigm Shifts
Yin Cheong Cheng

12. The Impact of Globalisation on the Mission of the University
M’hammed Sabour

13. Globalisation Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism: Australia
Jerzy Smolicz, Margaret Secombe

14. Globalisation and Higher Education in Chile and Romania: The Roles of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization
Mark Ginsburg, Oscar Espinoza, Simona Popa, Mayumi Terano

15. Globalisation and Educational Policy Shifts
Val D. Rust, W. James Jacob

16. Convergence or Divergences? Comparing Education Reforms in Hong Kong and Singapore
Michael H. Lee, S. Gopinathan

17. Globalisation and its Effects on Educational Leadership, Higher Education and Educational Policy
Duncan Waite, Lejf Moos, Chulsub Lew

18. The New Partnership for African Development: Implications for Skills Development
Leon Tikly

19. Globalisation and Pre-Service Teacher Education in Australia: A New Dimension
Diane Cullen

20. Pisa in Germany: A Search for Causes and Evolving Answers
Hans Lingens

21. Globalisations, Research and Policies Regarding Gender Issues
Margaret B. Sutherland

22. Employment Equity and Higher Education: Policy Borrowing and the Politics of Language
Laura Portnoi

23. Minorities and Indigenous Groups in Education
Joseph Zajda

24. Islamic Education
Holger Daun, Reza Arjmand

25. National Initiatives in Human Rights Education: The Implementation of Human Rights Education Policy Reform in Schools
Yvette Lapayese

Part 2. Globalisation, Education and Policy Research: Changing Schools

26. The Educational Reform and Transformation in Russia
Joseph Zajda

27. Globalisation and Public Education Policies in Latin America: Challenges to and Contributions of Teachers and Higher Education Institutions
Robert F. Arnove

28. Educational Reform: Who are the Radicals?
Val D. Rust

29. The Gats and Trade in Educational Services: Issues for Canada in the Panamerican Context
Daniel Schugurensky, Adam Davidson-Harden

30. Education and Globalisation
Dan O’Brien

31. Inside but Below: The Puzzle of Education in the Global Order
Crain Soudien

32. Globalisation, Education Reforms and Policy Change in Africa: The Case of Nigeria
Macleans A. Geo-Jaja

33. The Interaction of Human Development, Economic Development and Nation-Building on the Industrial Staircase
Garth Mangum

34. Language-in-Education Policies and Practices in Africa with a Special Focus on Tanzania and South Africa — Insights from Research in Progress
Birgit Brock-Utne

35. Reinventing English: Text Lists and Curriculum Change in Ireland and Australia
Donna Gibbs, Tom Mullins, Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan

36. Decentralisation of Education Policies in a Global Perspective
Alberto Arenas

37. Educational Decentralisation: Rhetoric or Reality? — The Case of Ontario, Cananda
Suzanne Majhanovich

38. Education as a Fault Line in Assessing Democratisation: Ignoring the Globalising Influence of Schools
Erwin H. Epstein

39. The Edge of Chaos: Explorations in Education and Conflict
Lynn Davies

40. Current Reforms in Special Education: Delusion or Solution?
Margaret Winzer, Kas Mazurek

41. School and University Partnerships in Australia : Tentative Beginnings
Laurie Brady

42. Addressing the Challenge of Principalship in Australian Catholic Schools
Paul Carlin, Helga Neidhart

43. Education for Democracy: Some Basic Definitions, Concepts, and Clarifications
Laura B. Perry

44. The Politics of Rewriting History: New School History Textbooks in Russia
Joseph Zajda, Rea Zajda

45. Change and the “Lapsed Reforms”: Senior Secondary Education in Italy
John Polesel

46. Globalisation and Policy Reforms: Science Education Research
Lyn Carter

47. Cultural and Social Capital in Global Perspective
Lawrence J. Saha


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