Collet, P.

Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical and Quantum Systems

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Table of contents

Part I:. Theory

1. A Short Ergodic Theory Refresher
P. Collet

2. Notes on Spectral Theory, Mixing and Transport
Maurice Courbage

3. Complexity, Fractal Dimensions and Topological Entropy in Dynamical Systems
Valentin Affraimovich, Lev Glebsky

4. Working with Complexity Functions
G. M. Zaslavsky, V. Afraimovich

5. SRB distribution for Anosov maps
Giovanni Gallavotti

6. Dynamical Systems Theory of Irreversibility
Pierre Gaspard

7. Aspects of Open Quantum System Dynamics
Walter T. Strunz

8. Energy Surfaces and Hierarchies of Bifurcations
Eli Shlizerman, Vered Rom-Kedar

9. Phase-Space Semiclassical Analysis. Around Semiclassical Trace Formulae
Monique Combescure

Part II:. Applications

10. Atom-Optics Billiards
Ariel Kaplan, Mikkel Andersen, Nir Friedman, Nir Davidson

11. Control of Chaos and Separation of Particles in Inertia Ratchets
Fereydoon Family, C. Miguel Arizmendi, Hilda A. Larrondo

12. Fractal Time Random Walk and Subrecoil Laser Cooling Considered as Renewal Processes with Infinite Mean Waiting Times
F. Bardou

13. Anomalous Transport in Two-Dimensional Plasma Turbulence
Xavier Leoncini, Olivier Agullo, Sadruddin Benkadda, George M. Zaslavsky

14. The Onset of Synchronism in Globally Coupled Ensembles of Chaotic and Periodic Dynamical Units
Edward Ott, Paul So, Ernest Barreto, Thomas Antonsen

15. Quantum Breaking Time for Chaotic Systems with Phase Space Structures
A. Iomin, G.M. Zaslavsky

16. Hamiltonian Chaos and Fractals in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
S.V. Prants

17. Inert and Reacting Transport
M. Cencini, D. Vergni, A. Vulpiani

18. Anomalous Transport in Steady Plane Flows of Viscous Fluids
Michael A. Zaks

19. Tracer Transport During the Geostrophic Adjustment in the Equatorial Ocean
J. Sommer, V. Zeitlin

20. The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem in the Thermodynamic Limit
Antonio Ponno

Keywords: Physics, Physics, general, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Complexity, Statistical Physics, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics

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NATO Science Series
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469 pages
Natural Sciences

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