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Table of contents

Part 1. Eco-Design

1. The Design for Environmental Compliance Workbench Tool
T. Roche

2. Eco-Impact Anticipation by Parametric Screening of Machine System Components
J. R. Duflou, W. Dewulf

3. Man Machine Interaction and Man Machine Interface — Critical Issues for the Human Environment
Ph. Coiffet

4. Integrating Eco-Design Into Business Environments
W. Dewulf, J. R. Duflou

5. Virtual Environments — the Eco-Friendly Approach to Product Design?
J. Ritchie

6. A TRIZ Approach to Design for Environment
D. Serban, E. Man, N. Ionescu, T. Roche

7. Eco-Design Approach for the Tripode Type Coupling
M. Lates, A. Jula

8. Natural Shapes — A Source of Inspiration for Eco-Design
V. Podborschi, M. Vaculenco

Part 2. Computer Aided Design

9. On some Crucial Issues of Computer Support of Conceptual Design
I. Horváth

10. Expert System for the Total Design of Mechanical Systems with Gears
G. Mogan, E. V. Butila

11. Virtual Design Prototyping Utilizing Haptic Immersion
U. Künzler, M. Iseli

12. A New Geometry Representation for Multipurpose Modeling in Conceptual Design
Z. Rusák, I. Horváth

Part 3. Simulation Technologies

13. An Overview of Several Formulations for Multibody Dynamics
P. E. Nikravesh

14. Dynamic Models in Multi-Body Systems
D. Talaba, Cs. Antonya

15. Real-Time MBS Formulations: Towards Virtual Engineering
J. Cuadrado, M. Gonzalez, R. Gutierrez, M. A. Naya

16. Multi-Body Dynamics: An Evolution from Constrained Dynamics to a Multi-Psysics Interactive Framework
M. Teodorescu, S. Theodossiades, H. Rahnejat

17. A Collaborative Simulation Environment for Multibody System Analysis
M. Gonz00E1;lez, J. Cuadrado

18. Desing Evaluation of Multibody Systems in Virtual Environment
Cs. Antonya, D. Talab

19. Spiral Elevator Modelling and Analysis Using ADAMS Software
I. Batog

20. A New Model to Estimate Friction Torque in a Ball Screw System
D. Olaru, G. C. Puiu, L. C. Balan, V. Puiu

Part 4. Robotics and Manufacturing

21. Translational Parallel Robots with Uncoupled Motions
G. Gogu

22. Design of New High Speed Machining Machines
P. Ray

23. High Degree Accuracy Modelling and Calibration of Serial Robots with Large Errors
M. Neagoe, G. Gogu, D. Diaconescu

24. Application of Image Analysis for the Study of Structural Modifications in Flowing Emulsions
A. G. Pocola, D. O. Pop

25. The Manufacture Technology of Tube Models by Selective Laser Sintering
C. Petra

26. Mobile Robot System Controlled Through Mobile Communications
T. Butnaru, F. Gîrbacia, F. Tîrziu, D. Talaba

Part 5. Green Energy

27. Optimization of the Wind Generation: Comparison Between Two Algorithms
G. Tapia, A. Tapia Otaegui

28. Design and Determination of the Most Cost Effective PV Configuration Systems to Meet the Loads of a Household
S. N. Kaplanis

29. The Spanish Electric Power Generation Sector and Its Positioning Before Kyoto Protocol
S. Cabezudo Maeso, C. Ochoa Laburu

30. Helical Turbine for Aeolian Systems and Micro-Hydrostation
I. Bostan, V. Dulgheru, R. Ciuperca

31. Dynamic Modelling of Wind Farms: A Comparative Study Between Two Modelling Approaches
I. Zubia, S. K. Salman, X. Ostolaza, G. Tapia, A. Tapia


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