Schwarz, Stefanie

Accreditation and Evaluation in the European Higher Education Area

Schwarz, Stefanie - Accreditation and Evaluation in the European Higher Education Area, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Accreditation in the Framework of Evaluation Activities: A Comparative Study in the European Higher Education Area
Stefanie Schwarz, Don F. Westerheijden

2. Accreditation and Differentiation: A Policy to Establish New Sectors in Austrian Higher Education
Hans Pechar, Cornelia Klepp

3. Czech Quality Assurance: The Tasks and Responsibilities of Accreditation and Evaluation
Helena Šebková

4. Ministerial Approval and Improvement-Oriented Evaluation in Denmark: An Alternative to Accreditation?
Dorte Kristoffersen

5. Three Rounds of Evaluation and the Idea of Accreditation in Finnish Higher Education
Jussi VäLimaa

6. Quality Assurance and Accreditation in the Flemish Community of Belgium
Dirk Damme

7. The Changing Role of the State in French Higher Education: From Curriculum Control to Programme Accreditation
Thierry Chevaillier

8. Shift of Paradigm in Quality Assurance in Germany: More Autonomy but Multiple Quality Assessment?
Angelika Schade

9. The National System of Higher Education in Greece: Waiting for a Systematic Quality Assurance System
Harilaos Biliiris

10. Quality Assurance in Motion. Higher Education in Hungary after the Change of Regime and the First Cycle of Accreditation
Christina Rozsnyai

11. Practice and Procedures Regarding Accreditation and Evaluation in the Irish Republic
Maureen Killeavy

12. Italy: Accreditation in Progress. Autonomy, Minimum Standards, Quality Assurance
Carlo Finocchietti, Silvia Capucci

13. Latvia: Completion of the First Accreditation Round — What Next?
Ansrejs Rauhvargers

14. Multipurpose Accreditation in Lithuania: Facilitating Quality Improvement, and Heading Towards a Binary System of Higher Education
Birut Victoria Mockien

15. The Netherlands: A Leader in Quality Assurance Follows the Accreditation Trend
Matgarita Jeliazkova, Don F. Westerheijden

16. The Blurring Boundaries Between Accreditation and Audit: The Case of Norway
Bjørn Stensaker

17. Accreditation and Evaluation in Poland: Concepts, Developments and Trends
Ewa Chmielecka, Marcin DABrowski

18. Portugal: Professional and Academic Accreditation — The Impossible Marriage?
Alberto Amaral, Maria João Rosa

19. A Decade of Quality Assurance in Spanish Universities
José-Ginés Mora

20. From Audit to Accreditation-Like Processes: The Case of Sweden
Staffan Wahlén

21. Accreditation and Related Regulatory Matters in the United Kingdom
John Brennan, Ruth Williams


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