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Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research

Glänzel, Wolfgang - Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Editors’ Introduction
Henk F. Moed, Wolfgang Glänzel, Ulrich Schmoch

Part 1. Disciplinary Approaches

2. Measuring Science
Anthony F.J. Raan

3. Econometric Approaches to the Analysis of Productivity of R&D Systems
Andrea Bonaccorsi, Cinzia Daraio

4. Indicators for National Science and Technology Policy
Hariolf Grupp, Mary Ellen Mogee

5. Keeping the Gates of Science Journals
Tibor Braun

6. S&T Indicators for Policy Making in a Changing Science-Society Relationship
Rémi Barré

7. Paradigms and Trajectories of Technological Opportunities 1890–1990
Birgitte Andersen

8. Science on the Periphery: Bridging the Information Divide
Subbiah Arunachalam

Part 2. General Methodology

9. Data Mining and Text Mining for Science & Technology Research
Edda Leopold, Michael May, Gerhard Paaß

10. Opening the Black Box
Sybille Hinze, Ulrich Schmoch

11. Science Maps Within a Science Policy Context
C. M. Noyons

12. Analysing Scientific Networks Through Co-Authorship
Wolfgang Glänzel, András Schubert

13. Patent Citations and the Economic Value of Patents
Bhaven N. Sampat, Arvids A. Ziedonis

14. Scientific and Technological Performance by Gender
Fulvio Naldi, Daniela Luzi, Adriana Valente, Ilaria Vannini Parenti

15. The Use of Input Data in the Performance Analysis of R&D Systems
Marc Luwel

16. Methodological Issues of Webometric Studies
Peter Ingwersen, Lennart Björneborn

Part 3. The Science System

17. Descriptive Versus Evaluative Bibliometrics
Thed Leeuwen

18. What Happens When Funding is Linked to Publication Counts?
Linda Butler

19. Internationalisation in Science in the Prism of Bibliometric Indicators
Michel Zitt, Elise Bassecoulard

20. Analysis of Cross-Disciplinary Research Through Bibliometric Tools
María Bordons, Fernanda Morillo, Isabel Gómez

21. Citations to Papers from Other Documents
Grant Lewison

22. The Four Literatures of Social Science
Diana Hicks

23. Evaluation of Research Performance and Scientometric Indicators in China
Bihui Jin, Ronald Rousseau

24. Decomposing National Trends in Activity and Impact
Olle Persson, Rickard Danell

Part 4. The Technology System

25. National Patterns of Technology Accumulation: Use of Patent Statistics
Lionel Nesta, Pari Patel

26. Using Patent Citation Indicators to Manage a Stock Portfolio
Francis Narin, Anthony Breitzman, Patrick Thomas

27. Patent Data for Monitoring S&T Portfolios
Koenraad Debackere, Marc Luwel

28. Patent Profiling for Competitive Advantage
Alan L. Porter, Nils C. Newman

29. Knowledge Networks from Patent Data
Stefano Breschi, Francesco Lissoni

30. Measuring the Internationalisation of the Generation of Knowledge
Dominique Guellec, Bruno Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

Part 5. Science-Technology Interface

31. Patents and Publications
Elise Bassecoulard, Michel Zitt

32. Measuring and Evaluating Science—Technology Connections and Interactions
Robert J.W. Tijssen

33. The Technological Output of Scientific Institutions
Ulrich Schmoch

34. Specialisation and Integration
Stefano Brusoni, Aldo Geuna

35. Science and Technology Systems in Less Developed Countries
Eduardo Motta e Albuquerque


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