Halilov, Samed

Physics of Spin in Solids: Materials, Methods and Applications

Halilov, Samed - Physics of Spin in Solids: Materials, Methods and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov-Like State in Ferromagnet-Superconductor Proximity System
B. L. Györffy, M. Krawiec, J. F. Annett

2. Exchange Force Image of Magnetic Surfaces
Hiroyoshi Momida, Tamio Oguchi

3. Spin-Dependent Tunnel Currents for Metals or Superconductors With Charge-Density Waves
A. M. Gabovich, A. I. Voitenko, Mai Suan Li, M. Pekala

4. Electronic Structure of Strongly Correlated Materials: Towards a First Principles Scheme
Silke Biermann, Ferdi Aryasetiawan, Antoine Georges

5. Spin-Density Wave and Short-Range Oscillations in Photoemission from Films of CR Metal
S. L. Molodtsov

6. The Role of Hydration and Magnetic Fluctuations in The Superconducting Cobaltate
M. D. Johannes, D. J. Singh

7. Holstein-Primakoff Representation for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Siyavush Azakov

8. Tuning the Magnetism of Ordered and Disordered Strongly-Correlated Electron Nanoclusters
Nicholas Kioussis, Yan Luo, Claudio Verdozzi

9. Density Functional Calculations Near Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Points
I. I. Mazin, D. J. Singh, A. Aguayo

10. Interplay Between Helicoidal Magnetic Ordering and Superconductivity on the Differential Conductance in HoNi2B2C/Ag Junctions
I. N. Askerzade

11. Ab Initio Calculations of the Optical and Magneto-Optical Properties of Moderately Correlated Systems: Accounting for Correlation Effects
A. Perlov, S. Chadov, H. Ebert, L. Chioncel, A. Lichtenstein, M. Katsnelson

12. Spin-Dependent Transport in Phase-Separated Manganites
K. I. Kugel, A. L. Rakhmanov, A. O. Sboychakov, M. Yu. Kagan, I. V. Brodsky, A. V. Klaptsov

13. New Magnetic Semiconductors on the Base of TlBVI-MeBVI Systems (ME-FE, CO, NI, MN; B-S, SE, TE)
E. M. Kerimova, S. N. Mustafaeva, A. I. Jabbarly, G. Sultanov, A. I. Gasanov, R. N. Kerimov

14. Localized Magnetic Polaritons in the Magnetic Superlattice with Magnetic Impurity
R. T. Tagiyeva

15. Spin Stability and Low-Lying Excitations in Sr2RuO4
S. V. Halilov, D. J. Singh, A. Y. Perlov


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