Rzoska, Sylwester J.

Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena in Complex Liquids

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Table of contents

Part I. Basics for nonlinear dielectric and related studies in liquids

1. Anomalous Expressions for The Nonlinear Harmonic Components of the Electric Polarization
J. -L. Déjardin

2. Theory of Anomalous Dielectric Relaxation
W. T. Coffey

3. Rotational Brownian Motion and Nonlinear Dielectric Relaxation of Asymmetric Top Molecules in Strong Electric Fields: The Langevin Equation Approach
Yu. P. Kalmykov

4. Experimental Solutions for Nonlinear Dielectric Studies in Complex Liquids
Michal Górny, Sylwester J. Rzoska

5. Comments on Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Measurements in Liquids
Sylwester J. Rzoska, Aleksandra Drozd-Rzoska

6. Effect of Constraints on Electrostriction
C. M. Roland, J. T. Garrett

7. Douglas Kell Comments on ‘Methodology’ During the Workshop
Douglas B. Kell

8. A New Technique of Dielectric Characterization of Liquids
N. T. Cherpak, A. A. Barannik, Yu. V. Prokopenko, T. A. Smirnova, Yu. F. Filipov

9. Nonlinear Dielectric Losses and Dynamics of Intrinsic Conductivity of Dielectrics
J. A. Malecki

Part II. Nonlinear dielectric and related problems in critical liquids

10. Dielectric Properties of Critical Conducting Mixtures
K. Orzechowski, M. Kosmowska

11. Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Behavior in a Critical and Near-Critical Binary Mixture
Aleksandra Drozd-Rzoska

12. Electric Field Effects Near Critical Points
Akira Onuki

13. Critical Phenomena in Confined Binary Liquid Mixtures
A. V. Chalyi, K. A. Chalyi, L. M. Chernenko, A. N. Vasilev

14. Model of The Critical Behavior of Real Systems
D. Yu. Ivanov

15. The Methods of Prediction of the Properties for Substances on the Coexistence Curve Including Vicinity of the Critical Point
Viatly P. Zhelezny

16. Phase Equilibrium in Complex Liquids under Negative Pressure
Attila R. Imre, Alexandra Drozd-Rzoska, Thomas Kraska, Katalin MartinÁs, Luis P. N. Rebelo, Sylwester J. Rzoska, Zoran P. Visak, Leonid V. Yelash

17. New Approaches to the Investigation of the Matastable and Reacting Fluids
P. V. Skripow, S. E. Puchindkis, A. A. Starostin, D. V. Volosnikov

Part III. Nonlinear dielectric results for liquid crystalline materials

18. The Discontinuity of the Isotropic — Masophase Transition in N-Cyanobiphenyls Homologous Series from 4CB to 14CB. Nonlinear Dielectric Effect (NDE) Studies
Aleksandra Drozd-Rzoska

19. Influence of Pressure on the Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystals
S. Urban, A. Wurflinger

20. Frequency-Domain Nonlinear Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
Yasuyuki Kimura

21. Phase Behavior of Perturbed Liquid Crystals
S. Kralj, Z. Kutnjak, G. Lahajnar, M. Svetec

22. Edge Dislocations in Smectic-A Liquid Crystals
M. Ambrožic, M. Slavinec, S. Kralj

Part IV. Nonlinear dielectric and related studies for supercooled/superpressed and polymeric liquids

23. A Schematic Description of the Dynamics of Glass Transition by the Coupling Model
K. L. Ngai

24. Transient Grating Experiments in Supercooled Liquids
A. Taschin, M. Ricci, R. Torre, A. Azzimani, C. Dreyfus, R. M. Pick

25. Medium-Range Ordering in Liquids Appearing in Nonlinear Dielectric Effect Studies
Jerzy Ziolo, Sylwester J. Rzoska, Aleksandra Drozd-Rzoska

26. The Cooperative Molecular Dynamics and Nonlinear Phenomena
C. A. Solunov

27. Annihilation Response of the Ortho — Positronium Probe from Positron Annihilation Lifeteme Spectroscopy and Its Relationships to the Free Volume and Dynamics of Glass — Forming Systems
J. Bartoš, O. šauŠa, J. KriŠtiak

28. Influence of Molecular Structure on Dynamics of Secondary Relaxation in Phthalates
Stella Hensel-Bielowka, Monika Sekula, Sebastian Pawlus, Tatiana Psurek, Marian Paluch

29. Electrostriction and Crystalline Phase Transformations in a Vinylidene Flouride Terpolymer
C. M. Roland, J.T Garrett, S. B. Qadri

Part V. Nonlinear dielectric studies for biologically and environment relevant materials

30. Self-Assembly and the Associated Dynamics in PBLG-PEG-PBLG Triblock Copolymers
P. Papadopoulos, G. Floudas

31. Nonlinear Dielectric Spectroscopy of Biological Systems: Principles ans Applications
Douglas B. Kell, Andrew M. Woodward, Elizabeth A. Davies, Robert W. Todd, Michael F. Evans, Jem J. Rowland

32. Measurement Method of Electric Birefringence Spectrum in Frequency Domain
T. Shimomura, Y. Kimura, K. Ito, R. Hayakawa

33. Melting/Freezing in Narrow Pores; Dielectric and EPR Studies
M. Sliwnska-Bartkowiak, G. Dudziak, M. Kempinki, W. Kempinki, R. Radhakrishnan, F. Hung, K.E. Gubbins

34. Electrodilatometry of Liquids, Binary Liquids, and Surfactants
Manit Rappon, Richard M. Johns, Shih-Wei Lin

35. Influence of Strong Electric Field on Dielectric Permittivity of Polycrystalline Ice Doped by Small Amounts of NAOH
A. Szala, K. Orzechowski

36. Host?Guest Interaction in ACF: EPR Study
M. Kempinski, M. Sliwinska-Bartkowiak, W. Kempinski


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