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Plant Hormones

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Table of contents

A. Introduction

1. The Plant Hormones: Their Nature, Occurrence, and Functions
Peter J. Davies

2. Regulatory Factors in Hormone Action: Level, Location and Signal Transduction
Peter J. Davies

B. Hormone Biosynthesis, Metabolism and its Regulation

3. Auxin Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Jennifer Normanly, Janet P. Slovin, Jerry D. Cohen

4. Gibberellin Biosynthesis and Inactivation
Valerie M. Sponsel, Peter Hedden

5. Cytokinin Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Hitoshi Sakakibara

6. Ethylene Biosynthesis
Jean-Claude Pech, Alain Latché, Mondher Bouzayen

7. Abscisic Acid Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Steven H. Schwartz, Jan A.D. Zeevaart

8. Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Sunghwa Choe

9. Regulation of Gibberellin and Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis by Genetic, Environmental and Hormonal Factors
James B. Reid, Gregory M. Symons, John J. Ross

C. The Final Action of Hormones

10. Auxin and Cell Elongation
Robert E. Cleland

11. Gibberellin Action in Germinated Cereal Grains
Fiona Woodger, John V. Jacobsen, Frank Gubler

12. Cytokinin Regulation of the Cell Division Cycle
Luc Roef, Harry Onckelen

13. Expansins as Agents in Hormone Action
Hyung-Taeg Choe, Daniel J. Cosgrove

D. Hormone Signal Transduction

14. Auxin Signal Transduction
Gretchen Hagen, Tom J. Guilfoyle, William M. Gray

15. Gibberellin Signal Transduction in Stem Elongation & Leaf Growth
Tai-ping Sun

16. Cytokinin Signal Transduction
Bridey B. Maxwell, Joseph J. Kieber

17. Ethylene Responses in Seedling Growth and Development
Ramlah B. Nehring, Joseph R. Ecker

18. Ethylene Signal Transduction in Fruits and Flowers
Harry J. Klee, David G. Clark

19. Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction in Stomatal Responses
Sarah M. Assmann

20. Brassinosteroid Signal Transduction and Action
Steven D. Clouse

E. The Functioning of Hormones in Plant Growth and Development

21. The Transport of Auxins
David A. Morris, Jiří Friml, Eva Zažímalová

22. The Induction of Vascular Tissues by Auxin
Roni Aloni

23. Hormones and the Regulation of Water Balance
Ian C. Dodd, William J. Davies

24. The Role of Hormones during Seed Development and Germination
Ruth R. Finkelstein

25. Hormonal and Daylength Control of Potato Tuberization
Salomé Prat

26. The Hormonal Regulation of Senescence
Susheng Gan

27. Genetic and Transgenic Approaches to Improving Crop Performance
Andy L. Phillips

F. The Roles of Hormones in Defense Against Insects and Disease

28. Jasmonates
Gregg A. Howe

29. Salicylic Acid
Terrence P. Delaney

30. Peptide Hormones for Defense, Growth, Development and Reproduction
Clarence A. Ryan, Gregory Pearce

G. Hormone Analysis

31. Methods of Plant Hormone Analysis
Karin Ljung, Göran Sandberg, Thomas Moritz

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences

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