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Enterprise Information Systems V

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Table of contents

1. Evolution of Enterprise Information Systems in the Internet Era
Leszek A. Maciaszek, Albert M. K. Cheng, Pierre Sabloniere

2. Managing Change — Evolving the EIS Vision
Thomas J. Greene

3. Automatic Speech Recognition: A Review
Jean-Paul Haton

4. Reasoning with Goals to Engineer Requirements
Colette Rolland

5. Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems for Enterprise Decision Support and Systems Analysis
Albert M. K. Cheng

6. Is Engineering Getting Out of Classical System Engineering
Michel Léonard

Part 1. Databases and Information Systems Integration

7. On Operations to Conform Object-Oriented Schemas
Alberto Abelló, Elena Rodríguez, Fèlix Saltor, Marta Oliva, Cecilia Delgado, Eladio Garví, José Samos

8. ERP Implementation, Cross-Functionality and Critical Change Factors
Redouane Amrani, Bénédicte Geffroy-Maronnat, Frantz Rowe, Rolande Marciniak, Marc Bidan

9. A Model-Driven Approach for Item Synchronization and Uccnet Integration in Large E-Commerce Enterprise Systems
Simon Cheng, Mathews Thomas, Santhosh Kumaran, Amaresh Rajasekharan, Frederick Wu, Yiming Ye, Ying Huang

10. Extending Groupware for OLAP
Stefan Edlund, Daniel Ford, Vikas Krishna, Sunitha Kambhampati

11. XML-Based OLAP Query Processing in a Federated Data Warehouses
Oscar Mangisengi, Wolfgang Essmayr, Johannes Huber, Edgar Weippl

12. Empirical Validation of Metrics for UML Statechart Diagrams
David Miranda, Marcela Genero, Mario Piattini

13. ERP Systems Implementation Determinants and Success Measures in China: A Case Study Approach
Liang Zhang, Matthew K. O. Lee, Zhe Zhang, Christy M. K. Cheung

14. Global Query Optimization Based on Multistate Cost Models for a Dynamic Multidatabase System
Qiang Zhu, Jaidev Haridas, Wen-Chi Hou

Part 2. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems

15. Building Intelligent Credit Scoring Systems Using Decision Tables
Bart Baesens, Christophe Mues, Manu Backer, Jan Vanthienen, Rudy Setiono

16. Structural Hidden Markov Model and Its Application in Automotive Industry
D. Bouchaffra, J. Tan

17. Partial Abductive Inference in Bayesian Networks by Using Probability Trees
Luis M. Campos, José A. Gámez, Serafín Moral

18. Evaluation of an Agent-Mediated Collaborative Production Protocol in an Instructional Design Scenario
Juan Manuel Dodero, Paloma Díaz Pérez, Ignacio Aedo Cuevas

19. Symbolic Management of Imprecision
Mazen Sayed, Daniel Pacholczyk

20. A Web-Based Decision Support System for Tendering Processes
N. M. Mohamad Noor, K.N. Papamichail, B. Warboys

21. Mining Very Large Datasets with Support Vector Machine Algorithms
François Poulet, Thanh-Nghi Do

22. The Design and Implementation of Improved Intelligent Answering Model
Ruimin Shen, Qun Su

Part 3. Information Systems Analysis and Specification

23. The Relevance of a Global Accounting Model in Multi-Site ERP Implementations
Ksenca Bokovec, Talib Damij

24. Towards the Enterprise Engineering Approach for Information System Modelling Across Organisational and Technical Boundaries
Remigijus Gustas, Prima Gustiené

25. Structural Conflict Avoidance in Collaborative Ontology Engineering
Ziv Hellman, Amit Gal

26. Towards Adaptive User Interfaces Generation
Vìctor López-Jaquero, Francisco Montero, Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Marìa D. Lozano

27. Analysing Requirements for Content Mangement
Virpi Lyytikäinen

28. Reusing a Time Ontology
Duarte Nuno Peralta, H. Sofia Pinto, Nuno J. Mamede

29. Deriving Use Cases from Business Processes
Boris Shishkov, Jan L.G. Dietz

30. How Digital is Communication in Your Organization?
Pasi Tyrväinen, Tero Päivärinta

Part 4. Software Agents and Internet Computing

31. SoMeONe
Layda Agosto, Michel Plu, Laurence Vignollet, Pascal Bellec

32. Engineering Multiagent Systems Based on Interaction Protocols: A Compositional Petri Net Approach
Sea Ling, Seng Wai Loke

33. Non-Repudiation and Fairness in Electronic Data Exchange
Aleksandra Nenadi, Ning Zhang

34. Implementing an Internet-Based Voting System for Public Elections
Alexander Prosser, Robert Krimmer, Robert Kofler

35. The Resource Framework for Mobile Applications
Jörg Roth

36. Knowledge Construction in E-Learning: Designing an E-Learning Environment
Lily Sun, Shirley Williams, Kecheng Liu

37. A Survey of Knowledge Base Grid for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jiefeng Xu, Zhaohui Wu

38. Membership Portal and Service Provisioning System for an Infrastructure of Hubs
Jing Min Xu, Ying Nan Zuo, Shun Xiang Yang, Zhong Tian, Henry Chang, Liang-jie Zhang, Tian Chao


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