Bernet, Rudolf

Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory (1898–1925)

Bernet, Rudolf - Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory (1898–1925), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Phantasy and Image Consciousness

2. <From the Theory of Re-Presentation in Phantasy and Memory to the Introduction of the Doctrine of Reproduction or Double Re-Presentation>

3. Phantasy and Re-Presentation (Memory). &lgt;The Question of the Relationship between Apprehension and Belief Quality>

4. Belief as Impression. <Interpretation of the Oppositions between Perception and Phantasy, of the Relationships between Memory and Phantasy, of Illusion, Image Presentation, Empty Presentation>

5. <Memory and Iterations of Memory. Modal Characteristics and Apparencies>

6. Memory and Phantasy. <Modification of Belief Fundamentally Different from Modification of Impression in Reproduction. Aporia: What Kind of Modification Does Memory Undergo by Shifting into “Mere Phantasy”?>

7. <Perception, Memory, Phantasy, and Intentions Directed Toward the Temporal Nexus>

8. <Phantasy as “Modification Through and Through.” On the Revision of the Content-Apprehension Schema>

9. Immanent and Internal Phantasy (In the Double Sense). Phantasy and Perception. <Perception as Presentation, Phantasy as Modification of Presentation>

10. The Modifications of Believing: Belief (Certainty), Inclination, Doubt, and so on, in the Sphere of Simple Intuition. <Extension in Imaginative Modification to Phantasy>

11. <Memory as Consciousness “Once Again” in Contrast to Perception and Pure Phantasy>

12. <“Sensation,” Memory, Expectation, and Phantasy as Modes of Time Consciousness. Consciousness as Nexus>

13. <Perceptual Series, Memorial Modification, Phantasy Modification, Presentation — Re-presentation, Actuality and Inactuality as Intersecting Differences. Two Fundamentally Different Concepts of Phantasy: 1) Inactuality, 2) Re-presentation>

14. <Vitality and Suitability in Re-presentation; Empty Re-presentation. Internal Consciousness, Internal Reflection. The Strict Concept of Reproduction>

15. Modes of Reproduction and Phantasy Image Consciousness

16. <Reproduction and Image Consciousness. Separating the Apprehension of an Image Object from the Consciousness of a Perceptual Illusion. Universalization of the Concept of Phantasy (re-presentation): 1) Reproductive Re-presentation, 2) Perceptual Re-presentation; that is, Re-presentation in Image, in Pictorial Exhibiting>

17. On the Theory of Image Consciousness and Figment Consciousness

18. <On the Theory of Intuitions and their Modes>

19. Pure Possibility and Phantasy

20. Phantasy — Neutrality


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