Gruber, Bruno J.

Symmetries in Science XI

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Table of contents

1. Why Symmetry?
P. Roman

2. J-Pairing Interractions of Fermions in a Single-J Shell
A. Arima

3. Supersymmetry in Nuclei
F. Iachello

4. The Relativistic Many Body Problem in Quantum Mechanics
M. Moshinsky

5. Gauge Invariance and the E1 Sum Rule in Nuclei
W. Bentz, A. Arima

6. The Heisenberg Group in Classical and Quantum Information Transmission
E. Binz, S. Pods

7. Quantum Field Theory of Particle Mixing and Oscillations
M. Blasone, G. Vitiello

8. Two-Photon Interactions in Cavity QED
S. K. Bose, M. Alexanian

9. Low-Dimensional Spin Systems: Hidden Symmetries, Conformal Field Theories and Numerical Checks
C. Degli Esposti Boschi, E. Ercolessi, G. Morandi

10. Quantum Tomography, Wave Packets and Solitons
S. Nicola, R. Fedele, M. A. Man’ko, V. I. Man’ko

11. Borel Quantization and Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
H. -D. Doebner, J. Tolar

12. Seeing Science through Symmetry
L. I. Gould

13. Space-Time Symmetries on Clifford Algebra C4 Based Representation Spaces of su(4) ~ so(6)
B. J. Gruber

14. Fermionic O(8) and Bosonic U(36) Symmetry Schemes for Heavy N=Z Nuclei
V. K. B. Kota

15. Interaction and Fusion of Elementary Systems
P. Kramer

16. Propagation in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields: The Quantum Source Approach
T. Kramer, C. Bracher

17. On Group Theoretical Aspects, Hypergeometric Transformations and Symmetries of Angular Momentum Coefficients
C. Krattenthaler, K. Srinivasa Rao

18. Tensor and Spin Representations of SO(4) and Discrete Quantum Gravity
M. Lorente, P. Kramer

19. The Geometry of Density States, Positive Maps and Tomograms
V. I. Man’ko, G. Marmo, E. C. G. Sudarshan, F. Zaccaria

20. Objective Existence and Relativity Groups
G. Marmo, B. Preziosi

21. Survival of Quasi-Spin Structure in Isomers of N ~ 82 Nuclei
H. Nakada, T. Matsuzawa, K. Ogawa

22. Irreversible Wave Packet Dynamics in a Magnetic Field
D. Schuch

23. From Quantum Groups to Genetic Mutations
A. Sciarrino

24. Noncompact Quantum Algebra Uq(2,1): Positive Discrete Series of Irreducible Representations
Yu. F. Smirnov, Yu. I. Kharitonov

25. Combinatorial Physics, Normal Order and Model Feynman Graphs
A. I. Solomon, P. Blasiak, G. Duchamp, A. Horzela, K.A. Penson

26. Bohr’s Symmetry and the Quantum Numbers for the Triaxially Superdeformed Bands in Odd Mass Nuclei
K. Tanabe, K. Sugawara-Tanabe

27. Understanding Brain and Consciousness?
G. Vitiello

28. Beta-Decay in Odd-A Cs to Xe in the Interacting Boson-Fermion Model
N. Yoshida, L. Zuffi, S. Brant

29. Triaxiality and Chirality in Nuclei Around Mass 130
N. Yoshinaga, K. Higashiyama


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