Berger, Shlomo

Zutot 2003

Berger, Shlomo - Zutot 2003, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Synagogue as a Stage for Magic
L Mock

2. Baba Bathra 73A-B
Howard Jacobson

3. The Poetical Qualities of The Apostle Peter in Jewish Folktale
Wout Bekkum

4. A Judaeo-Arabic Paraphrase of Ibn Gagibrol’s Ketter Malkhut
Y.Tzvi Lngermann

5. On the Use of Hebrew Words in Parenthesis in a Yiddish Text: The Case of Keter Malkhut (Amsterdam 1673)
Shlomo Berger

6. The Philosophical Background of the Andalusian Hebrew Grammar (10th Century)
José Martínez Delgado

7. Some Remarks on the Source of Maimonides’ Plato in Guide of the Perplexed I.17
James T. Robinson

8. On Naphtali Herz Ulman’S Biography and the Reception of His Works in the Netherlands
Fred Lieburg

9. New Light on the Physician Aaron Salomon Gumpertz: Medicine, Science and Early Haskalah in Berlin
Gad Freudenthal

10. El eskribano grande: Traces of Linguistic Shift among Sephardic Jews in Sevenieenth-Century Italy and the Netherlands
Rafael Arnold

11. A Catalan Speaker at Esnoga: Nicolau D’Oliver I Fullana (Majorca CA, 1620-the Dutch Netherlands [?] CA, 1698)
Kenneth Brown

12. A Mid-Seventeenth-Century Manuscript of the (Unpublished) Hebrew Grammars of Menasseh ben Israel and Isaac Aboab da Fonseca Recovered
Adri K. Offenberg

13. The Jews of Ancient Cyprus
Pieter W. Horst

14. Jewish Legal Autonomy in the Middle Ages: An Unchallenged Institution?
Birgit E. Klein

15. Yiddish Vilna: A Virtual Capital of a Virtual Land?
Gennady Estraikh

16. Second City: On Jewish Culture in Chicago
Jan Schwarz

17. ‘I Know This Book of Mine Will Cause Offence?’: A Yiddish Adaptation of Boccaccio’s Decameron (Amsterdam 1710)
Marion Aptroot

18. The Earliest Regulations of the Ashkenazi Community of the Hague from 1723
Stefan Litt

19. An Entertaining mayse from Amsterdam 1746
Evi Butzer

20. Political Participation of Dutch Jews in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century, 1814–1848
Bart Wallet

21. Modern Auction Catalogues of Jewish Books: Commerce Meeting Scholarship. Some Methodological Reflections
Emile G.L. Schrijver


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